Alternative Business – Outlaws, Crime and Culture with Martin Parker

What can we learn from alternative businesses such as outlaws and criminal gangs when it comes to doing good business today? Why do we admire charismatic villains while mistrusting organizations and political leaders? What can this teach us about the way we should do business today? My guest Martin Parker is the Professor of Organisation and Culture at the University of Leicester School of Management whose literary works include ‘Alternative Business – Outlaws, Crime and Culture’. Join us for a fascinating journey into a different world and what we can take from alternative businesses that can enhance good business today?

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Martin Parker

Martin Parker is the Professor of Organisation and Culture at the University of Leicester School of Management. He has held posts at Staffordshire, Keele and Warwick universities, and has a background in anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. From 2008 – 2012, he was joint Editor in Chief of the journal Organization: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society. His literary works include ‘Alternative Business – Outlaws, Crime and Culture’ and he has co-written ’The Companion to Alternative Organization’ and ‘Key Concepts in Critical Management Studies’. At the moment, he is working on various topics in culture and organization (secret societies, spies and detectives and tower cranes) as well as a book on Daniel Defoe and the Bank of England (with Valerie Hamilton, Zero Books).


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“It was a pleasure to be a guest on Chris´s Voice America show; I hope I was
able to share a few nuggets from my experience in business. Chris – you are
a natural communicator and connector.Chris kindly accepted an invitation to spend a couple of days with me after
the show, to rekindle his connection with the Yorkshire Dales.  It was a
pleasure to get to know Chris more and understand even more of what he
offers his clients and, potentially, clients I work with too.It was a great investment of my time, understanding the dynamic and
breadth of Chris’s range of skills. Chris is a ‘people’ person; he has an ability
to get the heart of issues and help people work through these, both
individually and as teams. I am really excited about exploring ways to work
more closely with Chris in the future. I am also looking forward to reading his
forthcoming book ‘The Power to Get Things Done’.If you want to ‘be more and achieve more’ you need to talk to Chris; he will
make a difference in so many ways.”
Roger Masterson – Owner of Celtic Castles More Testimonials

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