Special Encore Show: ‘Charisma’ with Nikki Owen – 2nd January 2015

Did you know that charismatic people are more successful, happier and healthier? Have you ever wondered what it is and how you can develop your own charisma? Whatever your views prepare to hear a rather controversial perspective from Nikki Owen, Charisma Expert who adopts an ‘alternative’ perspective to enhancing authentic charisma. Harvard Business Review and University of Lausanne research shows that charisma boosts leadership performance by 60%. Charisma is seen as an intangible concept that often attracts a negative reaction in the world of business. There is a stereotypical image that a charismatic individual is a confident extrovert with a big personality. Even if charisma can be taught (and many research papers indicate that it can’t) the question is; how important is charisma for leaders, entrepreneurs, emerging talent and high potentials? Join us on this show to find out the difference Charisma your natural charisma.

To listen to the show now from the free archives please click here or visit http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/82297/special-encore-presentation-charisma-with-guest-nikki-owen

More about Nikki Owen:

Nikki Owen

Nikki Owen, International and award winning speaker on charisma, devoted 5 years testing her charisma blueprint at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London with hundreds of Leaders and entrepreneurs from both large and small organisations. Nikki is Positivity Advisor to The Expotel Group and an Executive Faculty for Henley Business School. As an official Political Commentator for an international television network she has an ability to ‘see the person behind the mask’. Her inspirational and thought-provoking message earned her the Rising Star Award 2012 from Academy for Chief Executives and Best New Speaker 2013,Vistage International.  Nikki is the creator of The Big Apple Experiment that powerful demonstrates that ‘thoughts become things’ and she is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

To listen to the show now from the free archives please click here or visit http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/82297/special-encore-presentation-charisma-with-guest-nikki-owen

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Chris Cooper brings insight, energy, dynamism and warmth to every interaction. I recently had the great pleasure of being his guest on The Business Elevation Show on Voice America and the experience was superb. This came as no surprise to me in that Chris is a leader in his field of developing engaging cultures, engaged leaders and teams. I recently invited Chris to speak at a meeting at the Fides Network in London and his engagement and impact with the audience left everyone feeling charged and positive, with the most fantastic written and verbal feedback from our members. Not only does Chris have an understanding of the dynamics of business, it is also his understanding of human nature and the key role this plays in driving business success that sets him apart. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris to others, looking to elevate levels of engagement both internally and externally.

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