Elevate Your Business – lessons from online Radio Part 1




Would you like to elevate yourself or your business to a new level? I recently had the pleasure to speak at the Professional Speaking Association’s Mega Convention in London about ‘How to Elevate Yourself via on-line radio’. It was a real honour to be amongst an incredible line up of top international speakers. In a series of posts over the next few weeks I will share some of the lessons from the speech which I think are relevant, whether it is radio or any other marketing medium you are using to elevate yourself or your business.

For some quick background. I began my weekly show back in September 2011 and have since created 140 hours of radio content. The show is on the Voice America network and goes out live weekly at 8am Pacific (4pm UK). It takes place usually over Skype (so I can host from my own office) while connected with an engineer in Phoenix.

Here are 6 lessons that could help you decide what you could do to elevate yourself or your business:

1. Focus: Small businesses often try to be good at lots of marketing activities.  I would recommend to focus and get really good at one; by improving week to week you will eventually have a unique selling point. In 3 years my show has added value to as many as 100,000 people in a month from over 50 countries.

2. Do what you are drawn towards: For you it may not be a radio show. It might be that you love blogging, writing newsletters, perhaps even being interviewed yourself on radio or maybe you might want to create your own magazine. Do what you are drawn toward and that way you will be more likely stick at it. If you are a larger company find out what your team are drawn towards and perhaps that might give you a clue as to where you may be most successful.

3. Do it for love:  I just love finding out about people and how they have become successful. The radio show gives me the freedom and the reason to connect with people all over the world. I even love it when things go wrong! I remember one particular time when Skype failed whilst I was interviewing my friend John Hotowka a magician and speaker. I was able to say ‘Hey the magician has made himself disappear’!

4. Really engage with people: An important aspect of radio is connecting well with the guests. If you connect with guest then the audience will enjoy the experience more. If you get on well with your guest then it is a wonderful way to get to know people and perhaps you will find an opportunity to work together. Take the time to build great relationships and this way you can help each other out again in the future. Some of my guests have become wonderful friends. My children get to meet some of the most amazing people who drop by and stay over sometimes.

5. Stick at it (winners never quit): After 15 months and over 65 shows I had spent a lot of money and given lots of time to my radio show. I almost gave in… However, I took advice from a trusted adviser and stuck with it. Since then the benefits have been enormous in terms of new connections, new consultancy and coaching projects, joint ventures, a publishing deal, speaking engagements etc. You must persevere. So many people give up when they are so near to reaping benefit. Just like the story in Napolean Hills ‘Think and Grow Rich’ – ‘3 feet from gold’. I am so pleased I stuck with it!

6. Look to give rather than focusing on what you can get: When you give generously eventually you receive. It is often when people look first at what they wish to get that they lose their authenticity and people see right through them. I have seen this so many times when training salespeople on the road. ‘I think this client will be worth x they tell me before the call..’. If you give more and focus on the connection sometimes y results which is far more than x! I started the show because I really wanted to help more people beyond my client base. Little did I know how many people would benefit. And the more people I have helped the more friends I have who want to help me. Do the same and I am sure more will want to help you!

I will share more thoughts in Part 2.



  • TDecember 1 2023
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We have had enormous value. The team found talent 
dynamics really powerful individually and as a
 team. Building on top of this were two away days in which 
we also looked at collaboration and resilience. The feedback was absolutely amazing, people 
not only enjoyed and contributed but gained a
real sense of team and the desire and commitment to tacking our big challenges. We could not have asked 
for more. 

Ian Potter, Chief Operating Officer, West
Leicestershire CCG (NHS)

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 Leicestershire CCG (NHS) More Testimonials