Be Remarkable! And Profit!

This month, I want to talk about elevating your business, your people and yourself by doing things that can label you and your business as remarkable.

1. Choose to be REMARKABLE  – Why not make a choice to get better and better such that you ultimately become remarkable and stand out against your competition, rather than playing it safe? Last night, I had the pleasure to spend a couple of hours talking with Patricia Fripp who was in San Francisco. Patricia did not become one of the world’s top speakers through choosing to be the same as everyone else. Neither did her brother, the King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. In fact, she said neither of them were born with their talents but learned them. ‘I got really focused and specific about getting better and better at what I do’. Today Patricia and Robert stand out from the crowd. I am also delighted Patricia will be on my show on the 20th February sharing her expertise on Sales Presentations. For me, remarkable that 6 months ago I was sharing her videos with clients as examples of the highest pinnacle of professional speaking and now, through my radio show network, I am privileged to have friends like Patricia.

2. If remarkable isn’t enough be AWESOME – I was so inspired by hearing a tremendous example coming out of the Public Sector of elevation at work. Leatham Green from East Sussex County Council talked to me about how they are creating an AWESOME culture in times of massive budget cuts. Within the authority, this initiative includes 40 Awsomators who are driving the agenda across a 15,000 person organization. Listen to Leatham.

3. Being Remarkable could be as simple as a Book Club – David Long reminded me of how powerful and financially beneficial leading or being part of book clubs can be for you and your business. David told me that his book club, which he runs for all employees in his organization, has not only helped his employees improve their personal lives but the ideas generated have delivered $millions of dollars to the bottom line of his business. A great book my Elevation Programme group are studying with me right now is Purple Cow by Seth Godin. If you need some ideas this is a great source as is the interview with David Long.

4. Be careful that others don’t dilute remarkable – It has been said that a Camel is a horse designed by committee. On the point of being remarkable or awesome, it is so easy for ideas to get diluted by committees. I am involved with a wonderful and very significant client project. As we work towards an exciting and complex solution with a series of weekly senior meetings, it is interesting how as a team we could so easily remove elements of being remarkable and head towards conformity. As we work in teams, we have to continuously sense check that we are not failing to be brave and compromising on the essence of our vision. If we work on our own, we have to be careful at who we take advice from so as not to have great ideas crushed by others.

5. Remarkable and Awesome takes courage – I met with the Managing Director of a major coffee brand last week and he was thrilled when he arrived for our meeting at the performance of one of his franchises. Stopping for a coffee on his journey, the person serving was engaging everyone in the queue, entertaining them with a sense of fun, charm and creating a memorable experience that will have people coming back for more. Playful and engaging customer service can also stand us out as remarkable but it takes courage!

Being remarkable can be based on standing out positively in big ways and small ways. Through a conscious strategy, engaging initiatives, your marketing, your customer service etc. A decision to lead your people towards a new more remarkable future and back it up with action can spread like wildfire. It can be as a simple as a book club which you run every week like clock work or in my case a radio show. Or being playful and giving a memorable experience. It takes courage to keep being remarkable so you have to take care of committees and make sure if you are an individual you work with people who don’t take away the shine. It takes courage to stand up and entertain people in a queue and give them a memorable experience. But ultimately do it well and you may find the effort rewarded in many ways!

  • TDecember 1 2023
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