Employee Engagement

Are you seeking a solution to any of the following? The ability to recruit and retain the best staff? The need to increase customer retention? Higher levels of employee wellbeing? Greater productivity? Reduced absenteeism? Lower workplace accidents? A welcome boost to your profits? Higher share holder value? If so a consistent focus on employee engagement is essential. Indeed many of our clients would describe making engagement a significant part of your cultural development a no brainer. The results speak for themselves.

We help you to fully understand and embrace engagement. Also, introduce if there is a need for an improved survey we introduce you to the most exceptional and value for money survey we have come across in many years of operation. You can survey your entire staff the first time to experience the process at no cost and together we interpret the quarterly survey data and help you to put action plans in place.

Here is a link to Engagement Multiplier to find out more

We decided to adopt Engagement Multiplier as a positive alternative to a staff  survey. The questions are really well thought through and give our employees a voice by providing valuable anonymous feedback.  As a leadership team this forced us into making a valuable shift by becoming
more vulnerable and open to receiving honest feedback. This has really helped 
us to understand how people are genuinely feeling and to connect better with them. In the first survey, communication was a theme as people felt they were not kept informed.This has now significantly improved as has the overall office atmosphere after we took it as a key action to become more discipline. We have now undertaken our second survey and engagement levels have gone up.  The system is also really easy to use and sends reminders for our next quarterly survey. In fact, I really look forward to this survey now – it is one the best things we have discovered.

I would also like to highlight that it has been extremely helpful to have Chris Cooper involved who each month supports our leadership team and people development and has added huge value in enabling us to implement this effectively. This has led to us setting up an engagement steering group and team huddles for example.

We would absolutely recommend the survey and the combination of support we have received to others.

Christopher Edwards – Director Edwards Insurance

  • Engagement Strategy Development

    We work with leaders to help them to understand and develop their engagement strategies. When research implies that only about 18% of people are fully engaged in their roles and an engaged employee delivers on average 43% more revenue than a disengaged employee this is a great area to develop a return on people investment. Or as we call it ‘Return On Engagement’.

    With many clients who do not have an engagement diagnostic we recommend to first start with employing a great survey. Engagement Multiplier is the best survey that we know of.

    The information from the survey is then invaluable as your employees literally help you set the strategy. This way you also gain tremendous buy in. With one of the key pillars of engagement being giving your employees a voice many people love to complete the survey particularly when they know that their anonymous feedback will be acted upon.

  • Engagement Starts With You - How to be an engaging Leader

    Engagement Starts With You!

    Today the best organizational leaders appreciate how essential ‘Employee Engagement’ is to productivity. In fact, research has concluded that highly engaged people generate 43% more revenue. During this event, Chris will share how in order to achieve greater employee engagement and personal success, we must all take responsibility for becoming more engaging as leaders and managers. We must all become more to achieve more! His belief is that an essential place to look for greater engagement and productivity is to take a very good look at where we can improve ourselves. By increasing our personal engagement we are more able to build engagement amongst others, even in the most challenging situations.

    During this inspirational and good humoured session, Chris will share key principles, advice and memorable stories about increasing your personal engagement drawn from extensive research and experience with international business experts, high achievers and organizations. Information that will help you in your pursuit of greater business results!

    What Delegates will learn:

    The impact of employee engagement on business performance
    Key principles for being a highly engaging leader or employee include:
    – Importance of personal vision and mission as well as company
    – How highly engaging people get themselves engaged before work
    – Principles of engaging others including a tool to put your team in flow
    – How engaging people get things done
    – Lessons that you can take away and apply quickly

45 minute keynote
 or Masterclasses 90 minutes to 3 hours. Also, delivered as part of programmes on ‘Employee Engagement’.

    To listen to Chris talking about this subject: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/87534/engagement-starts-with-you-with-chris-cooper

    “Few presenters can connect the fate of kidnapped penguins to enhanced business performance strategies so seamlessly.  Chris works on our post-experience graduate courses and helps us to bring practitioner issues into focus for students. Articulate and considered, Chris carefully weaves anecdotes from his extensive commercial experience and stories from his personal life, to offer a critique on the state of contemporary management. Our students leave the room inspired to consider how they can play a part in elevating the importance of individual well being and the centrality of human relationships for the benefit of an organisation’s productivity.”

    Dr Matthew Higgins, University of Leicester Business School, Associate Dean of Enterprise and External Relations

  • 1:1 Engagement Coaching Support

    We coach and support a wide range of clients from senior corporate leaders to the owners of small businesses.

    Each person receives a tailored programme and we act as a mentor, coach and accountability partner to help our clients increase their performance.

    Typically this is initially 6 sessions. Meetings can also be a blend of face to face and on-line if preferred. Some clients find the process so valuable that we become trusted,invaluable partners for many years.


    Chris has supported me over 10 months to develop my professional communication as a keynote speaker. This is an important area for the growth of my business. I am also gaining value from participating in his Achiever Programme for entrepreneurs. With Chris’s professional support during this period my speaking has improved significantly and I am delighted with how Chris has encouraged and guided me during this process. The help has beans valuable that Chris now supports me 1:1 with the elevation of my business. 

    Stuart Pickles. Managing Director of Aim Higher Leadership & former CFO of Fosters.

    I am delighted to make a recommendation for Chris, as the support I have received from him over the last 6 years has been exceptional! Chris came highly recommended, which I can now also endorse. I joined Chriss Achiever Programme where he has supported me to develop my vision and strategy with great results. Chris is very authentic and a real entrepreneur, he is intuitive, honest, quickly identifies when your at your best and how to maximise your contribution. I have found Chris to be motivational, but also challenging at the right time. He is extremely personable, with a great network and someone who will maintain a long-term relationship with you. I would recommend Chris to entrepreneurs and corporate leaders for coaching, mentoring, team dynamics, stretching you and your business strategically!

    Jackie Moody McNamara. Group Franchise Director. Carewatch UK

  • Delivering Engaging Leadership Projects

    We get involved in a variety of projects that help leaders to elevate their businesses.

    For nearly 2 years we played a leadership role in the delivery of a major development for Everards Brewery that has been described as ‘the most significant development in Leicestershire for a decade’. This came through a long term trusted relationship with Everards Brewery.

    Everards Meadows is possibly the most potentially elevating project in the history of Everards, a family tenanted pub and brewery business hich has been operating since 1849. Moving locations to a new adjoining 90 acre site with the desire to create a legacy for this 5th generation business involves a new brewery, offices, visitor experience,cafe, a nature reserve,  restaurants, cycle hire etc and needed some additional trusted support. It required people skills, research, communication, project management and a breadth of wisdom to supplement existing resources and allow employees to keep focused on running the prime business.

    If you need someone to help you with a major project that could side track your people then please get in touch.

    “Chris Cooper has for the last 10 years supported me and the Everards team through personal coaching, talent development and consultancy support. He has brought great value to our business such that we are currently entrusting him to not only develop our people but also to provide leadership support for one of the most significant growth projects in our company history.”   Stephen Gould, Managing Director Everards Brewery Ltd and Leicestershire Business Executive of The Year 2013

  • The Engaging Communicator : Getting people to buy into you, your message & the work that you do

    The way we engage and communicate with people has changed and old formalities have given way to more relaxed conversations. When we’re communicating with people, what they really want is you – real, open, honest and even a little bit flawed. And sometimes, this may mean throwing off our corporate cloak and letting people see who we really are.

    We can learn a lot about engaging communication through real life observational material –well-known UK and International brands that talk and act like real people – and, through TV personalities, prominent business leaders and the people we work with. By delving into their personality traits, their successes and mistakes, we’re given an insight as to how they engage, empower and energise the people around them.


    Part One
    Delivering a more human experience through engagement

    • – There’s never been a better time to create a more human experience for our audience find out how to turn the tables on the old stereotypes and get people talking for all the right reasons.
    • – What we can learn from Human Era brands – brands that talk and act like real people and how we can incorporate these successes into our own business and teams.
    • – Why telling stories is good for business – learn how to connect emotionally with people by sharing successes, setbacks and wrong turns.


    Part Two
    ngaging people – means connecting with them on an emotional level

    • – Communication – the thing humans forgot when we invented words.
    • – How to make our communication sticky and why less is definitely more.
    • – What we can learn from real life observational material – hear how television talent shows and famous faces can help us to build our own engaging leaders and engaged teams.
    • – The raw power of emotional engagement – and how to apply it to our communications and engagement strategy.

    Part Three
    The likeability factor

    • – The likeability factor – how to get people to buy into you, your message and the work that you do.
    • – Who has the likeability factor and what makes these people so engaging to their audience.
    • – Why it’s important to show our appreciation and why we should never underestimate it.


    • Part Four
      Making a comeback after a setback
    • – Why being more lovable, makes us more forgivable when things go wrong.
    • – Mental, emotional and physical exhaustion – why taking care of ourselves, allows us to be there for the people around us.
    • – That’s dead obvious, isn’t it? Is it?


    Who is this 3-hour course aimed at?

    Anyone wanting to learn more about engaging their audience – regardless of who their audience is – from business leaders to boards and managers and their teams.

    There’s very little theory in this session – just practical, tried and tested tactics that work – based on real life observational material.

  • TApril 14 2024
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