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Being an engaging leader and having an engaged team is great but you must get the important things done whether you or your team feel like it. Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Along with the portion of your work that you feel like doing often comes a generous helping of things you’d rather not do. With many businesses failing due to not getting some of the important intentions that were necessary for it to thrive DONE then we can help give attention and support to this important area.

We provide masterclasses and keynotes based around the concepts of ‘The Power To Get Things Done – Whether You Feel Like It Or Not’ which Chris co-authored with Dr Steven Levinson and was published by Penguin Random House New York.  We also provide bespoke team development events in the UK with our partner Carnegie Great Outdoors (Leeds Beckett University) which includes integrating the principles of getting things done with a whole host of fun, engaging, rewarding and challenging team games and outdoor activities. We also provide ongoing accountability and non executive style support as well as sometimes delivering important elevatory projects for our clients.


  • The Power To Get Things Done Masterclasses and Speeches

    ‘The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) published by Penguin Random House USA in January 2016

    “This book contains a ton of practical and easy-to-implement techniques and strategies for getting yourself to do whatever needs to be done.” Jack Canfield, coauthor of The Success PrinciplesTM and the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.”

    Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Along with the portion of your work that you truly feel like doing comes a generous helping of things you’d rather not do. With many small businesses failing in their first few years, failure to do some of these things may even lead to the failure of your business.

    During this workshop or speech Chris will share with you how to consistently turn good intentions into action so that you can be as successful as possible in the work you do….whether or not you feel like filing tax forms, making follow-up calls or taking action on a myriad of different intentions.

    What delegates will learn includes:

    The correct way to think about and treat good intentions
    Why people often fail to get important things done
    Why it is not your fault
    How you need to apply manual strategies to get things done
    Simple but powerful principles and strategies for getting things done

    Workshops – Masterclass – 90 mins to 3 hours

Keynote – 30 minutes or 45 minutes


    I have known Chris for several months and have found him the consummate professional.In particular running a workshop for our business customers on the Power to Get Things Done and looking at the potential solutions available to resolve this big issue that many of us face. The feedback from the event was fabulous with a great buzz around the room both during and after the event. It was a pleasure to work with Chris – Lucy Winn, Area Director HSBC Business Banking


‘Well, it’s official. I hate Chris Cooper. I no longer have any excuses for all the different ways I procrastinate and then rationalise them. Chris’s talk was excellent – professional, engaging, thought provoking and personally challenging. He not only introduced us to sensible, actionable ideas that we can put in place straight away, he did it in a thoroughly entertaining way. A knock-out session’ David Abbot, Marketing Strategist

  • The Power To Get Things Done 2 and 3 day events (includes outdoor activites)

    The Power To Get Things Done has been designed to help leaders and managers to get those things that impact the performance of their organization DONE (whether they feel like it or not). The event is based upon the book ‘The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) published by Penguin Random House and involves co-author and Business Elevation expert Chris Cooper working in partnership with Carnegie Great Outdoors team.

    The 2-day (or 3 day) residential programme is aimed at individuals and teams who need to follow through with key initiatives. Through a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, group discussion in the classroom, self assessment and reflection; Individuals will become more knowledgeable and confident about what they need to get done, what they may need to overcome and the strategies to do so. Also, delegates with teams will think through how they can help others to get things done. The key principles can be shared in one day, however, a two day programme gives more time to come together as a team and leave on the front foot. A 3 day programme would include profiling and additional activities so that people have a map to understand the types of tasks they may naturally avoid and further strategies to overcome them.

    On completion you will be able to:

    Leave with greater clarity around your core intentions and priorities for yourself and your team (if you have one) for the next 12 months.

    Be able to identify and avoid the reasons why people
fail to follow through with what is important

    Stop blaming yourself or your team for not getting the important 
things done – instead get more done as you know the process.

    Understand the essential manual strategies that you will apply to ensure that the essential things get done.
    Apply strategies against each of your core intentions to ensure you (and if you have a team) follow through.
    Enjoy greater business and personal results in the year ahead

    The programme can be provided in a range of accomodation including Youth Hostels, Country Hotels and Castles and Country Estates.

    Contact us for more information

  • Consultancy support to get Elevation Done

    Chris Cooper has acted as a trusted project manager, coach and interviewer across a range of videos and audio aimed at elevating client business in the eyes of their stakeholders.

    SSP and Keychoice wanted to help their clients to understand their proposition better. It was decided to create a series of 15 videos to help articulate the proposition. Chris provided the project management, structure, interviewing and coaching support for the project. Also, content from our radio show was used to supplement learning for a client base of 1200 insurance brokers.

    “Chris has worked with us over the last three years to help us develop our talent as well as a programme to elevate our business proposition. We have also used his radio content to help our 1200 broker customers to grow their businesses. He has been a very valuable and trusted support”  Jonathan Davey, Managing Director SSP PURE and Keychoice

  • Non Executive and Accountability Support

    If you are looking for a Trusted Advisor for your board, are based in the UK and are seeking someone with breadth, a strong track record and a bias towards people then let’s have a chat. Chris Cooper and John Jennings provide a number of organisations with senior level support.

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“Chris is one of those rare breeds who combines being a consummate professional with being a kind and caring man. He knows his work tech-nically. But that is only the beginning. Those who work with him soon learn that he is both competent and compassionate. If you have a need for someone who can keep your group updated on the real business world, Chris Cooper is someone you want to know. I recommend this gentleman (in the truest sense of the word) for those looking to acquire skills, do more business and achieve their goals’’

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