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The best organizations make decisions and move forward. They are not constrained by negativity, naysayers, change blockers, or “perfectionitis.”According to my guest, Steven Gaffney, they move through their change plans with velocity, achieve goals and reap the benefits. In doing so, they generate a positive news cycle that helps to power their change implementation. Steven Gaffney of the Steven Gaffney Company, is the Author of five books. He is a Certified Speaking Professional™ and highly respected member of the Million Dollar Speaking Group of the National Speakers Association. During this show we are going to discuss the 10 Momentum Keys which will empower you and your organization to avoid the lows, beat the odds and make changes that last.

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More about Steven Gaffney:

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The #1 problem at work, home & around the world is not what people say, it’s what they DON’T say to each other. No one knows this better than Steven Gaffney who, for two decades, has been the leading ex-pert on the subjects of honesty & communication, helping people un-derstand the costs of withholding information both at work & home.

Steven’s inability to speak due to hearing impairments as a child forced him to learn the importance of effective communication at a very early age & is what drove the foundation of Steven GaffneyCompany.

The respected author of five books, Steven’s work has been sought out by a diverse range of leaders including top military officers & chief exec-utives of multinational organizations such as Marriott, BP, Citigroup, All-state Insurance,NASA, the U.S. Navy, American Express & many others.

Steven Gaffney is a Certified Speaking Professional™ & a highly respected member of the Million Dollar Speaking Group of the National Speakers Association.

To listen to this show from the free archives, please click here 

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