Build A Legacy That Fulfils Your Soul

When was the last time you considered the legacy you are creating, day-to-day? 

My guest Gaia Ferreira is an international entrepreneur, published personal success author, and a public speaker on personal fulfilment and leadership. From corporate executive to culinary entrepreneur to hosting her own TV Cookery Show, her career has been untraditional and exciting.  After the sudden death of a friend, she reflected on her own legacy and realized there was still so much more for her to be. She went back to school in her 40s and, for a few years, was a coach for Tony Robbins. Now, Gaia is the founder of TITANIAM Coaching where she supports executives and entrepreneurs create more impact on their terms using her Total Intelligence Method®. 

Join us as we meet Gaia Ferreira and explore how to discover your unique genius, reveal your innate purpose, and build a legacy that truly fulfils your soul.

This episode will be airing live on 7th January 2022 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

More about Gaia Ferreira:

Gaia Ferreira is an international entrepreneur, published author on creating personal success, and a public speaker on personal fulfillment. Her career includes having been a corporate executive, owning several businesses in the food industry including her own cookery school and hosting a hugely popular TV cookery show, and coaching for Tony Robbins.  
Today she specialises in self-development and business growth, focusing on personal growth, fulfillment, and leadership development. Gaia’s mission is to help others build a legacy that fulfills their souls.
As the founder of TITANIAM coaching, Gaia uses her Total Intelligence Method® to support executives and
entrepreneurs avoid breakdowns and create a more meaningful impact in their world on their terms with calm, certainty, clarity and joy.

Gaia has over 20 years of experience in leadership, both as an executive and as a business owner. She has lived and worked in 9 countries, coaching and speaking in 4 different languages, and has over 5000 hours of coaching entrepreneurs and executives worldwide.

This episode will be airing live on 7th January 2022 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

More about Chris Cooper:

Chris Cooper is a business elevation strategist, executive coach, mentor and facilitator who transforms the performance of leaders, teams and builds highly engaged workforces. He is renowned for his deep presence, experience around people and culture. facilitation of transformational conversations and extensive global network.

Chris has hosted the weekly ‘Business Elevation Show’ for 10 years and is frequently interviewed across a variety of media. A fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (UK) he speaks on topics such as ‘Elevating Leadership’, ‘Engagement’, and his co-authored book  ‘The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It or Not) published by Perigee (Penguin Random House (New York)). Chris previously held a variety of senior leadership roles at Punch, United Biscuits and Mars Inc and sold his share of a successful consultancy practice.

His latest venture ‘The Elevation Collective’ is an exclusive network for international change makers. Chris lives with his wife and two teenage boys in Leicestershire, England.

This episode will be airing live on 7th January 2022 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

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John’s expertise in coaching, leadership and employee engagement is outstanding. I have worked closely with John since 2013 to support University of Leicester School of Business MBA candidates with their personal and professional development. This includes John using his expertise in shaping ideas, creating and executing projects briefs to transform leadership capabilities. John has used his wide ranging experience from the corporate sector, professional bodies, SMEs and HE to engage the audience. Feedback for John’s sessions has been very positive, highlighting that John’s use of current issues and his wide ranging professional experience brings the subject to life and enables his audience to apply the content to practice.

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