The Business Elevation Show – September Round Up

The Sustainable Leader with Elisabet Vinberg Hearn – 2nd September 2016

Elizabet Vinberg Hearn
In today’s world, sustainability is at the forefront of many leader’s minds. But how can that be translated into the way we lead our businesses? After 13 years with American Express leading an international cultural change initiative, Elisabet Vinberg Hearn started leadership consultancy Think Solutions in 2001 specialising in Winning Teams and Future/Sustainable Leadership. She has a proven track record in building strong teams, developing exceptional leadership, driving cultural change & creating  excellent customer experience. Elisabet is also an award-winning author of “The Team Formula” & “Leading Teams – 10 Challenges: 10 Solutions. Join us as we discuss how we can become a sustainable leader by managing the environmental, human and financial resources of our business.

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Podcasting & Online Radio with Eamonn O’Brien & Chris Cooper

Eamonn O'Brien
With the technological revolution, podcast and on-line radio have become an increasingly popular way to elevate your business, add more value, build connections, communication skills, learn from experts and elevate your brand. My guest Eamonn O’Brien from Ireland has for several years hosted his own successful podcast show ‘The Reluctant Speakers Club’. Eamonn is also a highly experienced speaker and has run countless training courses about developing communication skills in the USA and Ireland. Therefore with my own Business Elevation show currently running to over 210 hours of interviews, I thought it was time to collaborate with one of my experienced podcast pals to share our top tips to creating a successful show and platform. So if you are looking to develop your own show, are running a show currently or simply want some inspiration about how to become a great guest then this will be one interview you must listen to!

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Special Encore Show: Selling with Noble Purpose with Lisa Earle McLeod

Lisa McLeod
Are you achieving exceptional sales numbers? If not, then it may well be that you are not selling with a noble sales purpose. Whether you are an executive, manager or aspirational sales or business leader this show will explain how organizations driven by a Noble Purpose have outperformed the market by over 350% and what you need to do to get it right. My guest Lisa Earle McLeod’s bestselling book ‘Selling with Noble Purpose’ has been a game changer at global firms like Flight Centre, Google, Hootsuite and Roche. Lisa is the Sales Leadership expert for She has appeared on the NBC Nightly News, the Today Show, and Good Morning America. Join us to find out how you can sell with noble purpose and drive revenue and do work that makes you proud.

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How To Get To The Top & Still Have A Life with Heather Townsend

What is the smart way to get to the top of the professional ladder? Such that you still have a life! My guest Heather Townsend is an expert at how to get to the top of the professional services industry. During this interview we will discuss Heather’s advice on getting on in your career drawn from her research for her successful book ‘How to make partner and still have a life’. Whatever your industry there will be tips and ideas in this interview that can help you. Heather Townsend is the award winning and best-selling author of 4 books including ‘The Go-To Expert’ and ’The FT Guide To Business Networking’. Her books have sold over 20,000 copies and been translated into at least 6 different foreign languages. Over the last 12 months she has helped her clients add at least £1 million in fees to their client portfolio.

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Building Engaging Cultures with Cathy Brown

Are your people really giving their best? Possibly the most fundamental issue impacting productivity today is a lack of engagement. This is such an issue that within my own business we are determined to help address the problem. I am therefore absolutely delighted to welcome ‘Engage For Success’ who have created the voluntary movement promoting employee engagement in the UK. Their aim is that everyone working in the UK should want, and be able, to give their best each day, so that each day is a great day at work, and that workplaces in the UK are thriving, growing and developing through the commitment, energy, and creativity of the people that work in them. My guest Cathy Brown is Executive director for Engage for Success, and passionately believes that helping people find a better way to work can make a big difference to people’s lives, their organisations and ultimately to the country. If you lead, teach, manage or influence people then this interview is one you must listen to with a notepad.

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