The Business of Rumi Part 2 – A Turkish Adventure

In part 1 of the Business of Rumi we introduced Rumi the 13th century philosopher, poet, author and now 21st century bestselling poet and heard from the head of the whirling dervishes Fahri Ozcakil and Hz Esin Celibi Bayru a 22nd generation relative of Rumi and Vice President of the International Mevlana foundation. In this episode, Part 2, you will hear from Murat Peksomlu the General Manager of the Novotel and Ibis in Konya on how they use Rumi principles to build exceptional customer service. Also founder and Chairman of the Diplomatic Business Club London and Dubai, Dr Mansour Malik, whose love of Rumi helps engage and attract his royal household, senior diplomat & business executive club members to his incredible organization. I also share some of my very favourite Rumi quotes and poems and provide a bridge to how they help in our quest to elevate ourselves as business people and human beings. Join us as we help bring the business of Rumi into your life and organization.

This episode will be airing live on 21st February 2020 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

Murat Peksomlu is the General Manager of the Novotel and Ibis hotels in Konya in Turkey. Described as the ‘hotel that makes every moment matter’ the hotels he manages offer a unique experience within the hospitality of the city of Mevlana. Why? Because Murat adopts the principles of Rumi (Mevlana as he is known in the East) to offer exceptional customer experience. With over 20 years in the international hotel group industry he now works as part of the Accor hotels extensive group of hotel brands.


Dr Mansour Malik is an international lawyer who once practiced law in London. Currently Legal Consultant and Owner of Diplomat magazine , Diplomatic business club London and Dubai.  Associate with SM Law Office Dubai UAE. He has extensive experience consulting international corporate and business clients in the UAE and Bahrain about acquiring commercial licenses and company set ups. He enjoys an extensive network of highly proficient, professional and influential contacts worldwide. He strongly believes and places paramount importance on integrity, reputation and professionalism. He gives great value to moral and ethical practices in private and professional life. He is influenced by the great master Rumi and his message of universal love and peace within oneself and for the human family.

This episode will be airing live on 21st February 2020 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

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