The Regenerative Leader with Giles Hutchins

Join us for an illuminating conversation with Giles Hutchins, a visionary thought leader and author, as we delve into the heart of regenerative leadership.

In today’s world, where businesses and societies face multifaceted challenges, the conventional leadership paradigm is rapidly becoming obsolete. At the forefront is ‘Regenerative Leadership’ – a transformative approach that transcends traditional business norms, fostering innovation, resilience, and harmony with nature.

With an impressive tapestry of experience spanning organizational development, systems thinking, and nature-inspired practices, Giles Hutchins sheds light on the essence of this essential leadership dimension.

We will discuss the insights that enable leaders to understand the paradigm we live in and access the potential of their organizations to contribute, cultivate adaptability, and create a lasting impact. More than just sustainability; we will be talking about thriving in synergy with the world around us.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, an emerging leader, or simply passionate about creating positive change, this conversation promises profound takeaways

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and take a better path forward that harmonizes humanity’s requirements. with the critical rhythms and needs of our planet and helps you fulfill your potential as a business leader wholst contributing to the survival of the human race.

This episode will be airing live on 1st September 2023 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

More about guest Giles Hutchins:

Giles Hutchins is a pioneering practitioner and senior adviser at the forefront of the revolution in organisational and leadership consciousness and developmental approaches that enhance personal, organisational and systemic agility and vitality.

He is author and co-author of several leadership and organisational development papers, and the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014), Future Fit (2016), Regenerative Leadership (2019) and Leading by Nature. Chair of The Future Fit Leadership Academy and Founder of Leadership Immersions, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and Regenerators, he runs a 60 acre leadership centre at Springwood Farm, an area of outstanding natural beauty near London, UK.

Previously held corporate roles – Head of Transformation Practice for KPMG, Global Director and Head of Sustainability for Atos (150,000 employees, over 40 countries). He provides coaching at individual and organizational levels for those seeking to transform their personal and/or work lives.

Giles is a keynote speaker on the future of business and regenerative leadership. He is also a certified advanced coach, and trained/experienced in advanced Integral Solonics leadership development, Spiral Dynamics, Action Logics and other modalities and advanced adult developmental models.

This episode will be airing live on 1st September 2023 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

More about host Chris Cooper:

Chris Cooper has over a 30 year career worked with major global brands to small entrepreneurial ventures developing exceptional leaders, teams and highly engaged workforces. Chris has hosted since 2011 the Business Elevation show which in 2019 was the most accessed business show on the world’s leading on-line radio platform ‘Voice America’ .

He is co-Author of The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) published by Penguin Random House New York and in 2021 contributed to multiple international best seller ‘Play The Game’.

Chris has a reputation as an exceptional coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker. Chris also founded the Elevation Collective where exceptional people are connected to contribute to a better world. He is a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, lives in Leicestershire in the UK with his wife and two teenage boys and loves adventure and the natural world.

In 2019, during a mid-life crisis, he competed in Scotland’s toughest one day endurance event.

This episode will be airing live on 1st September 2023 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

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