Elevate Your People, Elevate Your Results

I am often asked ‘What Do You Do’ and how do you help in elevating business performance? Within Chris Cooper Business Elevation we break this down into three core components:


1. We assist in Developing Engaging Leaders:
Why? Because Leaders who are both engaging and engaged will be more capable at delivering quality business results.
We define engaging down into several components. These include Clarity of vision and strategy, Curiosity to investigate and discover more. The ability to engage with people and to put them into their Flow in roles that meet their interests and desires. Vulnerable and Confident Communication where a leader can engage an audience with stories that connect the head and the heart (and not necessarily ones where the leader has succeeded). Emotional Intelligence including an appreciation of E+R = O as Jack Canfield once shared with me, where a leader appreciates that how they React to an Event will determine the Outcome.

Underpinning all of this is knowledge around the areas that are essential to successful business such as Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Operations, Productivity and Finance. So is being an engaging leader simple? No! This is why we offer leadership and engagement programmes and workshops as well as one to one coaching.

‘’Chris Cooper has for the last 10 years, supported me and the Everards team through personal coaching, talent development and consultancy support. He has brought great value to our business not only developing our people but also providing leadership for one of the most significant growth projects in our company history. If you want to increase the profitability of your business, Chris is a man to work with”  Stephen Gould, Managing Director Everards Brewery Ltd and Leicestershire Business Executive of the Year

2. Engaged Teams


Engaged people deliver more revenue than disengaged people. Research suggests 43% more!  Building teams that are highly engaged and intelligent is essential to high performance. To build an engaged team requires Leadership intelligence, ensuring people are happy in the right roles that match their interests, allowing innovation and setting standards and effective ways of working. Also, building appropriate skills and knowledge within the team. For 10 years now we have been assisting leaders with bespoke solutions to build great teams.

“Chris developed and ran a two day Executive Board Team Build for us. The event was a real success, not only did everyone really enjoy the event but Chris’s expert facilitation enabled us to make real and lasting progress. Did the effect last? Yes it did, the event really did improve team dynamics , team behaviours, and consequently team performance” Helen Davis – Group Development Director – Jelf Group


3.The Power To Get Things Done


Engaging Leaders with Engaged Teams must be able to get the right things done to be successful. This is why we invest so much time in ensuring people have the tools and techniques to think through their intentions and priorities and get those important things done whether they actually feel like it or not. Unless those tasks essential to your vision or strategy are complete, how will you receive the results you desire?

If you would like a Power To Get Things Done event created for your team then just let us know. We are currently collaborating with a well known University and Outdoor Leadership Company to offer programmes designed around this concept in venues ranging from small hotels and Conference Centres to Castles and beautiful Country Estates.

Just wanted to say that whilst I was away on holiday earlier in the month, I read this book, & it’s the first time ever I’ve read a book cover to cover without putting it down. Full of practical hints & tips it’s one of the best & most relevant business books I’ve read, & as someone whose relatively recently started their own business, I found that it included some great advice to keep me focused on understanding & following through on my intentions. I’ve already started putting some of the insight into practice. A great read, which I thoroughly recommend to anyone. Derek Findlayson (Amazon Customer)

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  • TFebruary 25 2024
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In advance of my first ever public speaking gig, at a high profile event, I booked one to one coaching sessions with Chris Cooper.  They were invaluable.  Through working with Chris I learned so much in such a short space of time that I was able to pull together a well-structured and powerful PowerPoint presentation and deliver my talk with confidence.  It clearly paid dividends as I received some fabulous feedback.  This is a direct quote from one of the delegates:

“First time?!  Thought you created a clear, engaging and informative talk.  Have to say that, today, no other speakers I have seen have actually got the audience to interact with our own thoughts (rather than simply talking to us and asking rhetorical questions only) 😊 “

YAY!  Thank you Chris for your encouragement, support and for believing in me.  Sarah J Naylor

Sarah Naylor – Naylor George Recruitment More Testimonials