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Do you truly draw upon the very best of yourself when leading? As I talk with many leaders and thought leaders, I am becoming inspired by how many deep conversations I am having about elevating leadership. By adopting greater humility, drawing upon the good within ourselves and doing what is right (even if it means going against norms) some leaders are making a big difference.

I recently interviewed Dr Mansour Malik founder of the International Diplomatic Society about ‘Leading with Love’. The Society having gained recognition from no less than Buckingham Palace for their contribution. Here senior business people and diplomats meet together in a multi-national environment to talk about what is truly important and help to initiate change.

I was, I admit, initially a little apprehensive about interviewing Mansour as he is probably the most spiritual man I have ever interviewed. However, from our very first conversation we connected at a very deep level and with great ease. There is great energy that comes from drawing upon the very best of yourself. Aiming to make each conversation as special as possible.

The interview itself astonished me by the sheer volume of feedback. We were simply inundated. Here are just a few comments which I will share as I think there is a theme and appetite that change is needed when it comes to leadership thinking. We need to elevate our thinking and draw upon the best version of ourselves to unite and solve some of the world’s critical problems. With politics in turmoil, tension in the world and fear that we are approaching a climate change precipice as we consume and pollute the world’s resources, elevating leadership into behavioural change is essential.

In a world that measures success with growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and when consumption the world is perceived as having a gloomy outlook, I can’t help feeling that perhaps reduced consumption and purchase of the world’s resources is actually a good thing.

‘The whole interview being based around love being the power force that business leaders need to embrace, was indeed food for thought and I hope and pray that it will continue to be enforced amongst business leaders, politicians, and all educators. The world would be a far better place if as Mansour said, greed was less and compassion was the force that guided us.’ Misti Debonno, Literary Agent, MDMLA

‘Thank you so much for this great interview. I’m so impressed. God bless you both. Dr. Malik is our best friend in the whole world. His sentences are very inspiring. All of us must listen to this interview many times. I wish some people could understand these important issues and stop fighting with the whole world. We, the Iranian, are really tired of this matter. Life becomes very hard for most of us these days after the sanctions. Dr. Malik’s speech came from the heart and it’s really sweet. I hope we can learn more and more about him. Thank you so much for everything.’ Mona

‘I wanted to thank you for hosting Dr Mansour Malik on your recent show. His message of leading business with love was exactly what needs to be heard, as we currently live in what is akin to the animal kingdom- where life has become the survival of the fittest, in which those who control us have insatiable greed and love for power, devoid of any love for humanity. The starting point for peace and harmony in the world is for each individual to rectify his heart, so that  peace can eventually prevail.’ Donald Wade.

‘Congratulations, Dr. Mansour Ahmed Malik In my opinion, it is one of the most wise interviews I have ever heard in my life….’ Alina Sztankovits

Following the interview Mansour (below right in the photo) kindly flew into London from Dubai and generously bought me a beautiful lunch that I won’t forget. Hence the smart suits :). I admire leaders who take the time to say thanks and create special moments!

Is it time to review your leadership approach?

To Listen to the interview with Dr Mansour Malik

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