Step Up and Be an Angel: Impact with Kindness – with Molly Bedingfield

Join us as we explore the heart of kindness as we discuss by stepping up and being an angel with Molly Bedingfield, Founder and CEO of the Global Angels Foundation.

Molly exemplifies how leading with kindness can revolutionise our approach to personal growth, stakeholder engagement, and community support.

With her extensive background in business management, leadership development and charitable contribution, we will discuss invaluable insights into practicing kindness and its ripple effect on creating transformative change.

As a mother to four, talented singer/songwriters, including globally recognised talents Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield, Molly understands the importance of love and kindness.

This episode will delve into Molly’s philosophy that fostering kindness within can extend outwards, enhancing relationships with stakeholders and fostering strong community change which all contribute to a better world where all can flourish.

Join us for a conversation that promises not just to inspire but also to provide practical guidance on how kindness can be the most potent tool in your arsenal for positive impact.

Don’t miss the chance to learn from a leader who’s living a life dedicated to empowering others with kindness, compassion, and care.

This episode will be airing live on 2nd February 2024 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

More about guest Molly Bedingfield:

Molly is the Founder and CEO of Global Angels Foundation and their International Project Director, founding Global Angels in 2004.

Over the course of a career spanning more than 35 years, Molly has been involved in business management, leadership development and mentoring; experiences that enable her to tailor her business-critical messages in a relevant way which can be practically applied by any organisation.

Molly is also a social entrepreneur, executive coach and inspirational speaker, who helps audiences to practically navigate periods of transition and transformation in order to improve their personal and professional lives, create greater levels of impact and access their game-changing potential. Her perspective on transformational leadership and talent development is based firmly on real-life, practical experience, and communicated with charisma, passion and immense warmth through her inspirational keynote speeches.

For many years she was practicing as a professional counsellor, psychotherapist and executive coach, working within the business and charity sectors. In the 1990’s she was head teacher of two inner city schools working on pilot programs, reproducible in any culture. She worked closely with children, parents and teachers, experimenting with new models of education.

Molly is the mother of four, talented singer/songwriters. International pop stars Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield have established successful solo careers, Nikola is an EMI Award nominee.

This episode will be airing live on 2nd February 2024 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

More about host Chris Cooper:

Chris Cooper is a leadership and business elevation strategist, speaker, broadcaster, and author, with a career spanning over three decades, where he’s made a significant mark both in the UK and globally. 

Chris has a rich history of collaborating with many organisations, from prominent international brands to dynamic start-ups. He’s renowned for his ability to develop top-tier leaders, cohesive teams, and business cultures buzzing with engagement.

Since 2011, Chris has hosted The Business Elevation Show on Voice America.  By 2019, his show earned the accolade of being the most accessed business programme on the platform.

Chris is co-author of “The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)”, published by Perigee (Penguin Random House New York). He also lent his insights to the 2021 international bestseller “Play The Game”.

As a seasoned coach, consultant, facilitator, and speaker, Chris stands out for his engaging approach and profound wisdom. He founded the Elevation Collective, an international community bringing together extraordinary individuals for the greater good.

Based in Leicestershire, UK with his wife and two teenage sons, Chris loves the great outdoors, adventure and music. In 2019 he tackled Scotland’s most challenging one-day endurance event for charity.

Today he is supporting Siobhan’s Trust which provides meals and support to the people of Ukraine.

This episode will be airing live on 2nd February 2024 at 8am(PT)/11am(EST)/4pm(GMT). To listen live or later from the archive please visit

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