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  • Million Dollar Web Presence with Chad Barr

    Hidden among the chaos and hype, there are secrets to success on the web. Globally renowned internet expert Chad Barr is joining me to reveal them – and show you how to use them to amplify your web presence and profits. Using the unmatched reach of the web, entrepreneurs are empowered to take a more […]

  • Special Encore Show: From ‘stupid’ to The Castle Man with Roger Masterson

    Have you ever convinced yourself that your opportunities are limited when in reality anything is possible! My guest on this show Roger Masterson once believed he was ‘stupid’, How wrong could he be? Today he is a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of Celtic Castles, the award winning online castle-booking company, based in the […]

  • Restless Executive to Courageous Leader with Jo Simpson

    Are you a Restless Executive? During this show I will be talking to Jo Simpson about the lessons from her new book ‘The Restless Executive – Reclaim your values, Love what you do & Lead with purpose’; A must for anyone wishing to join the enlightened leaders of today’s new business paradigm.  Jo is a […]

  • Elevation Corner – Ideas to Elevate You and Your Business – June 2015 by Chris Cooper

      This is the post where I share some of the key elevating ideas from my interviews, conversations and thoughts each month. 1. Don’t get sucked into thinking you are getting too old! I recently had a wonderful conversation with Patty Aubrey the inspirational President of Jack Canfield’s organization. You may remember, I interviewed Jack […]

  • Social Entrepreneurship – leading businesses for good with Liam Black

    What is social entrepreneurship and how do you best lead a socially responsible business? My guest Liam Black would say be Visionary, be bold, take risks, stay humble, get clear teams and mentors round you, gather evidence, get clear about money, look after yourself, work hard and Get plenty of sleep! In this show we […]

  • Meeting Magic – Leveraging the power of meetings with Katherine Woods

    How much of your time is spent meeting with people? How effective are these meetings? What business impact is driven from people meeting in your organisation? During this show we will explore how to leverage the power of meeting in your organisation. My guest Katherine Woods, co-founded Meeting Magic in 1999. Since then she has […]

  • Non-Stop Sales Boom with guest Colleen Francis

    Feast or famine, boom or bust – it’s a pattern that too many sales organizations regard as a necessary evil. And that is wrong. If you want a long-term career, you need to get off the roller-coaster of inconsistent results. Instead of frantic scrambles to meet quotas, you can create a strong year round record […]

  • Special Encore Show: Fearless at work with guest Michael Carroll

    Does this resonate with you? “Work is such a critical part of our life and yet we often struggle with – and feel overwhelmed by – the numerous challenges it presents us. Whether it’s job insecurity, making peace with or leaving an unfulfilling job, or dealing with office conflicts, we often experience fear and a […]

  • Business Elevation Ideas For You (May 2015)

    Since my ‘Elevatory ideas for the Spring’ article I have interviewed Janet Switzer (How to Build a Business Empire), Laura Ellis (Decision Making), Patrick Rettig (Turnaround), Martin Parker (Alternative Organizations) and Geoff Ramm (Celebrity Service). During these interviews there have been a lot of insights and personal reflection. So let me share some of them […]

  • Connection and Influence – Lessons from Politics, Hostage Negotiation and Speaking

    Do you agree that the ability to connect, engage and influence are essential skills to thriving in today’s business environment? However, if you want to fine tune your skills there a few better to learn from than those who have done it at the highest level.  Some arena’s such as political campaigning, professional speaking and […]

  • Celebrity Service – from Good to Amazing with Geoff Ramm

    Want to stand out from your competitors? You know your customer service is good, but then along comes Celebrity Service. During this show we are going to be discussing the unseen gap between Good and Amazing. From room service in South Africa, visiting a toy shop in London, to trying on clothes in New York, […]

  • Alternative Business – Outlaws, Crime and Culture with Martin Parker

    What can we learn from alternative businesses such as outlaws and criminal gangs when it comes to doing good business today? Why do we admire charismatic villains while mistrusting organizations and political leaders? What can this teach us about the way we should do business today? My guest Martin Parker is the Professor of Organisation […]

  • News Update: Neil Laughton and Deri Llewellyn-Davies from Everest

      I introduced two adventurous friends and former radio show guests  Neil Laughton and Deri Llewellyn-Davies in 2013. The consequence was a very elevating attempt to break a World Record for the Highest Dinner Party to raise funds for Community Action Nepal.Their timing, however, proved to be unfortunate and they are currently safe but as […]

  • Turnaround Your Business, Turnaround Your Life with Patrick Rettig

    It is a fact that many businesses fail and the consequences can include an extraordinary amount of pressure for those involved. So what must we be aware of to avoid it happening to us? And what are the keys to turning your business around when it is struggling? My guest Patrick Rettig has, for over […]

  • Better Decisions, Better Business with Laura Ellis

    I recently interviewed my guest and client Laura Ellis on her very first Voice America radio show “Because There’s More” and realised that she was on to something. A short notice postponement occurred and I jumped at the chance for her share her message with you. When you fully appreciate the consequences of decision making […]

  • How Experts Build Empires with Janet Switzer

    Ever wondered why some entrepreneurs become leading experts in their field with all the fame, fortune and opportunity that goes with it — while others struggle to get by?  Why some CEOs and business-people get book deals, and speaking tours, and spokesperson contracts — while others wait – perhaps years – just to get recognized? […]

  • Encore Show – Own the stage: Secrets from a world champion coach with Darren Lacroix

    How well do you speak under pressure? What if it was easier – What if you knew the secrets of the World Champion Speakers? On August 25th, out of 25,000 contestants from 14 countries, Darren LaCroix was crowned the 2001 World Champion of Public speaking. As a result of winning Darren has presented to Toastmasters […]

  • Encore Show: How To Sell In Business Today with Frank Furness

    With advances in neuroscience, technology, globalization and shifts in attitudes the way we sell must move with the times.  During this special Encore Show we will look at how you need to adapt your traditional selling approach, how to get your non sales teams to also sell for you and look at key areas to […]

  • 10 Business Elevating Ideas for the Spring

    Here are 10 elevating business Ideas from my shows, reading and Elevation group during March. 1. Are You Multiplying? There are Subtractors, Adders and Multipliers in business. Multipliers do things which have a ripple effect. Which are you and if the latter should you be multiplying more? (Roger Masterson) 2. Business By Walking About – […]

  • 10 Leadership Behaviours from Best In Class Organisations with Adrian Simpson

    What are the 10 key behaviours that top Leaders in best in class organisations demonstrate? We have talked about leadership on this show many times but I am not sure we have had anyone who has talked to more leaders from the highest performing companies in the world than my guest Adrian Simpson. Adrian has […]

  • ‘The Elevation Programme’ (make 2015/16 your best business year)

        Would you like to raise the performance of your business or take the steps to transform a new vision into a reality in 2015/16? If so, would you like Chris to help you and hold you accountable for your progress while providing a wealth of resources and potentially connections to help you flourish? […]

  • Empowerment with Rob Holcroft

    How empowered are you and your people? During this show we are going to explore empowerment and some of the key elements that can make a difference between success and failure in business and in life. My guest this week is Rob Holcroft, a leadership development coach, author and a qualified teacher with an MA […]

  • The Success Principles with Jack Canfield & Amanda Brown

    Do you want to embody the principles of success and see extraordinary results as a consequence? If so this show is essential listening. My guests include the legendary Jack Canfield the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul®series, who is also affectionately known as America’s #1 Success Coach. Also, business pioneer Amanda Brown […]

  • Mastering Your Market with Paul Charity – 6th March 2015

    Pinpointing your target market can be a challenge, let alone learning how to master it! I personally invited my guest Paul Charity to join me on this show as I am an impressed recipient of his work. I first found out about Paul when a highly respected industry professional forwarded his newsletter and said ‘this […]

  • From ‘stupid’ to The Castle Man with Roger Masterson – 27th February 2015

    Have you ever convinced yourself that your opportunities are limited when in reality anything is possible! My guest on this show Roger Masterson once believed he was ‘stupid’, How wrong could he be? Today he is a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of Celtic Castles, the award winning online castle-booking company, based in the […]

  • 7 Elevating Ideas

      Here are 7 elevating ideas picked up from my activities over the last month. 1. Increase your engagement with people by adding more appropriate stories into your communication. Use stories and avoid jokes as people are expecting the latter to be funny and they can fall flat! There is less expectation from a story. […]

  • Powerful Sales Presentations with Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE

    Would you like to improve the results from your sales Presentations? In this show, I am delighted to welcome Patricia Fripp CSP,CPAE to help us learn the mistakes made in sales presentations and how to avoid them. Also how to improve your conversational presentation outline, the quality of your questions, the power of your client […]

  • The Diversity Advantage with Lenora Billings-Harris – Friday 13th February 2015

    Do you really understand how to make diversity an advantage in your workplace? As my guest Lenora Billings-Harris says ‘a diverse workforce can assist organizations in their efforts to penetrate emerging markets, attract and retain the best talent, improve customer relations, and reduce employee complaints and grievances. All of these challenges and opportunities have strong […]

  • How to Entertain and Engage More in Business with Jeremy Nicholas

    Business can be a serious matter, but it shouldn’t be dull! To be successful and to inspire others you need to engage well and discover your inner spark! Jeremy Nicholas is an award winning TV and radio presenter who’s been broadcasting since 1986.  He now works as a keynote speaker, compere and speaker coach. Having […]

  • What my dog taught me about leadership!

      I wrote a short article this month on what I had learned from being a dog owner. It was for a book called ’50 Shades of Leadership’ to be published by Lesley Hunter.  Hope you can guess which one is Barney :). Here is my article: A leadership tip inspired by my dog Barney […]

  • Be Remarkable! And Profit!

    This month, I want to talk about elevating your business, your people and yourself by doing things that can label you and your business as remarkable. 1. Choose to be REMARKABLE  – Why not make a choice to get better and better such that you ultimately become remarkable and stand out against your competition, rather […]

  • Succeed on the Phone with Telephone Assassin Anthony Stears – 23rd January 2015

    Would you like to get even better at communicating over the telephone? Anthony Stears, AKA ‘The Telephone Assassin’ is on a mission to get businesses talking again and to stop people from hiding behind their emails and social media! On this week’s show, Anthony will help us to learn the importance of telephone etiquette, how […]

  • Built to lead: Become a top 10% manager with David Long – 9th January 2015

    We’ve always heard “Work hard, watch your numbers & you’ll be a successful manager”. But is that actually the way to get to the top? Expert David Long says that if you follow that advice you’ll get fired! David Long is Founder/CEO of MyEmployees, a 25 year-old firm in the Top 1% Worldwide in the […]

  • Insights for Elevating Your Relationships (and Results) in 2015

      Inspired this month by interviews with  Matt Bird, Nigel Risner and Shawn Casemore, lunch with Adrienne Lawler today and studying ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell with my ‘TEP’ Group, I thought I would summarise some key relationship ideas to help you elevate your business and opportunities in 2015. And perhaps one in particular might […]

  • Special Encore Show: ‘Charisma’ with Nikki Owen – 2nd January 2015

    Did you know that charismatic people are more successful, happier and healthier? Have you ever wondered what it is and how you can develop your own charisma? Whatever your views prepare to hear a rather controversial perspective from Nikki Owen, Charisma Expert who adopts an ‘alternative’ perspective to enhancing authentic charisma. Harvard Business Review and […]

  • Special Encore Show – Career Success with Hilary Wilson – 26th December 2014

    Are you wishing to advance your career? Or help others advance their careers? Perhaps you have children or family members who could also benefit from some words of wisdom? I remember when I was building my career in the corporate world. I don’t think I ever had clear guidance on exactly how to do it. I […]

  • The Impact Code with Nigel Risner – 5th December 2014

    Are you looking to make a greater impact in business and life? If so there are few people better to make you sit up and listen with their compelling and exciting philosophy than my guest on this show Nigel Risner. During this interview we will be discussing some of the key principles of his very […]

  • Stephen Sutton Awarded Posthumous MBE (and Interview Link)

    The Queen showed today that she is no procrastinator by awarding Stephen Sutton a posthumous MBE. So deserved! I will never forget getting to know and then interviewing Stephen Sutton with friend Mike Pagan. Stephen only lived a few more days and went on to elevate the Teenage Cancer Trust’s funds by over £5m. To […]

  • The Global Impact Summit Nov 2014

    I just had to let you know about an incredible way to help you elevate your business to a new level in 2015. I’ll be speaking as one of the thought leaders for the Global Impact Summit kicking off 10 November 2014 over 15 inspiring days, live and online, delivered to you on mobile, on […]

  • How To Sell In Business Today with Frank Furness – 7th November 2014

    With advances in neuroscience, technology, globalization and shifts in attitudes the way we sell must move with the times.  During this show we will look at how you need to adapt your traditional selling approach, how to get your non sales teams to also sell for you and look at key areas to improve your […]

  • Elevate Your Business – lessons from online Radio Part 1

        Would you like to elevate yourself or your business to a new level? I recently had the pleasure to speak at the Professional Speaking Association’s Mega Convention in London about ‘How to Elevate Yourself via on-line radio’. It was a real honour to be amongst an incredible line up of top international speakers. In […]

  • WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business with Roger Harrop

    PLEASE NOTE THIS WEEK’S SHOW WILL AIR AT 3PM GMT/8AM PST THIS SHOW IS NOW AVAILABLE TO LISTEN TO FROM THE FREE ARCHIVES. JUST CLICK HERE! These really are the most exciting times for business! Nothing is a given anymore. Technology is moving at an incredible speed & the winners are keeping it simple – […]

  • Mega Convention Professional Speaking Association 12th Oct, London

      ”Elevating Your Business through Podcast and Radio with Chris Cooper”. Taking your business to the next level can be tough. It wasn’t until Chris discovered weekly radio hosting and stuck at it through thick and thin that his business elevated to a completely new level.  During this 30 minute talk Chris will share how […]

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