Who is Chris Cooper?

With 25 years of multi-functional business experience including 7 years with Mars Confectionery, Chris supports the elevation of businesses, people and personal performance through consultancy, facilitation, training coaching, interviewing and speaking. A broadcaster, his Business Elevation show on Voice America adds value to business people in over 50 countries each month. He is co-author of ‘The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)’ published by Penguin Random House USA and a Fellow of The Professional Speaking Association. Based in Leicestershire, England Chris and his team work on business projects in the UK and sometimes globally.

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Originating from Scunthorpe (a steel town in the North of England) Chris found out what hard work was all about while labouring in the Scunthorpe steel works during his student holidays. Today,  he still believes in hard work though is thankful never to have had to do that kind of work again!

His first business experience was with Rank Xerox in the UK and then Australia followed by the motor industry in marketing. His attempts to extend the life of the old Leyland DAF van inevitably failed and he became one of 3000 redundancies! Ouch! Keeping the faith he joined Mars Confectionery for 7 years of tremendous experience working with a wonderfully elevated global brand and are alot of chocolate. 12 months to the day of leaving the unemployment register he won the Mars Sales Achievement Award and went to the World Cup in Florida (all expenses paid). Next he went on to work in marketing, became a sales trainer and then moved to negotiating marketing licensing deals and managing large pitches and marketing agency suppliers. He also avoided putting on weight by running the New York and London marathons.

The Turning Point:

At age 28, Chris went on a self development course which changed his thinking forever. ‘At that point I made a commitment to life long learning. I was so amazed by the transformation in myself and others that I wanted to be able to help others elevate their circumstances’. He has since studied a phenomenal volume of books, invested in an unusual level of training, seminars and keynotes and taken every opportunity to get to know leading experts along the way. With a change in mindset his career and fortunes flourished.

United Biscuits followed, where Chris set up and led an international marketing services function and then ran a large ingredients buying portfolio for 15 European factories. Working with different cultures and leading international teams was hugely rewarding. Finally, the hospitality industry with Punch and Spirit Pub Groups responsible for Services Buying and then Logistics, Quality and Forecasting for over 5500 pubs. The unusual breadth of experience helped him to understand businesses more holistically than being confined within silos in an organization. Going from chocolate to biscuits and crisps and then pubs and food has also led to Chris taking better care of his consumption habits in later life!

First Entrepreneurial Venture:

In 2004, Chris set up a procurement consultancy with partners. Within 3 years it turned over £2.5m with 25 employees/associates. It  grew fast but also became relentless and major lessons were learned about being congruent with personal values. Recently married to Ruth a GP and and a new son called for a re-evaluation.  ‘What I realized was that I needed to create a business that matched my values and it had to add far more value to people than stripping out company costs. It had to elevate business and lives’. Another turning point!

Living according to Purpose and Values

At this point CC1 Consulting Ltd was born and later a brand called ‘Be More. Achieve More’. Any doubts of going it alone ended when a leader thanked him publicly for ‘giving me my confidence back’ and a CEO described a board development programme as ‘the third most significant event of my life’. You don’t get that sort of feedback stripping out company costs for a %!

Chris was able to create a lifestyle where he could work on his own terms and be around to see his family growing by consulting, coaching and training mostly in the UK while engaging with high quality business partners. Over the first 6 years, he focused primarily on people development projects with major brands like Diageo, Carlsberg and Barclays but also medium sized businesses like Everards Brewery, Jelf, Primary General, SSP the insurance IT provider and Keychoice. He also set up his own mentoring group for start ups ‘The Achiever Programme’ now rebranded ‘The Elevation Programme’.


The concept of elevation came from a desire to leave a positive legacy and play a bigger game. It came through through becoming a speaker and creating a successful on-line radio show with the realization that he had helped to elevate the success of many people and businesses. ‘I invested 5 years to learn how to become a keynote speaker, established my own radio show which grew extensively and is accessed globally and fulfilled an ambition to write a great book’. His dream to be a keynote speaker was crowned in 2013 when he became the closing speaker out of 7 top UK speakers at a the ‘BGI Supercongress’ and walked off stage to thunderous applause having surprised the audience by making the subject of ‘Accountability’ engaging and fun. Sometimes he is also called upon to bring his electric guitar. To quote Jean Nooney from PRS Guitars (Chris’s favourite guitar brand) it’s not everyday that a speaker rips on a Van Halen tune’!

Host of The Business Elevation Show on Voice America

Since 2011, Chris has hosted 200 hours of unique interviews and learned from some amazing guests. Incredibly, in one month nearly 100,000 people accessed the show and archive. This has proved to be a tremendous way to build an incredible global network, learn leading edge information of great value to clients and media skills. The experience and wisdom from the show has proved to be a significant point of difference when it comes to helping clients to elevate their business. There is also a treasure trove of content for clients to access. Chris also loves the fact that his children now get to meet and be inspired by some incredible people who come to visit. Chris now counts former world champions, international speakers and famous adventurers among his good friends.

Published Author

His book ‘The Power to Get Things Done (Whether Your Feel Like It or Not)’ co-authored with Dr Stephen Levinson was published by Penguin Random House USA in Dec 2015. Chris and Stephen were offered a major publishing deal within 3 weeks of sending in their very first letter! The submission letter so engaged the top US publishing agent that he requested to use it in a revision of his best selling book on ‘How to Get a Publishing Deal’. The book is also becoming very popular in Asia and the UK and a deal with a Korean publisher was confirmed in March 2016.

With a desire to add more value and reflect the true nature of his business it was time for a re-brand and to formally use the term ‘Business Elevation’. This felt right as companies were asking Chris to not just develop their people but also to lead major elevatory projects. At this point he made a reluctant call to re-brand as ‘Chris Cooper’ based on his clients kindly saying ‘’it is you we buy into rather than ‘CC1 Consulting’ or ‘Be More. Achieve More’!

Talent Dynamics

Chris utilises some great tools within his work and a favourite is ‘Talent Dynamics’ which has proved incredibly helpful for his clients whether consulting, facilitating workshops or coaching. He tested the model fully on his own business with a mentor 6 years ago and the learning led to the radio show and becoming a professional speaker. Today, many of his clients are now benefiting including one business who refused to feature in a press article because it had given them such a competitive advantage in their market place.

Who we work with

Today a key focus is helping medium sized businesses that share common values and want to step up. Why? Because in these organisations people are still close enough to the heart of their business and at a stage where the destiny of their business can still be shaped – transformed even – with the right interactions. Some businesses Chris has supported for many years. This included Leicestershire’s Everards Brewery. Chris has supported them for 10 years from senior coaching to Talent Develpment. This has included playing a Leadership role in their most significant elevation project in their history and in Leicestershire for a decade. Chris also loves working with startups who have a strong desire for self development, accountability and growth as well as large companies who need to understand SME’s better.

Chris has also been joined by John Jennings (ex Institute of Director Regional Chairman) and Nick Wain as well as a team of high calibre associates and network connections to deliver larger projects.  Over the next few years it is envisaged that the business will grow beyond ‘Chris Cooper’ and become ‘Business Elevation’.


Besides keeping fit, his family, rock music and playing the electric guitar, Chris has a big passion for Leicester City Football Club, rarely missing a home match with his son Matthew. He is absolutely fascinated by Leicester’s inspiring performance and their incredible elevatory transition to top of the Premier League! One current ambition of his would be to work with the club to write a book and develop business elevatory training based around ‘The King Power Way To Get Things Done’.

Let’s Talk

This has been a bit about Chris’s journey and we know a bit self indulgent but please forgive us as it means when we speak we have more time to focus the conversation on your business, your people or you. We look forward to getting to know you and when the time is right supporting you to make your elevation a great success.


Working Together


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