Elevate Leadership and Team Performance

Are you seeking to elevate your leadership, management or team capability? There is no doubt that the global pandemic has highlighted the need for a new level of leadership to solve the world's complex man made issues.



We work alongside your leaders to help them step up their capability to more effectively handle the many challenges and opportunities in this accelerating world. This involves greater personal insight around vision, goals, sustainable business as well as increasing humility to deal with emotional people challenges. Help regarding effective decision making, building wisdom and effectively taking action. The future of the world is in our hands as is our need to put our ego’s aside and our limiting beliefs to raise our personal consciousness and inspire those around us to do the same. We often move from helping leaders to helping their teams. One tool we use prolifically is Talent Dynamics and as of June 2020 Chris had undertaken in the region of 900 individual coaching profiles with clients wishing to understand themselves, their ideal roles, behaviour with others and teams gaps.

With the attitude of Elevation we are passionate about raising leadership consciousness and delivering sustained change – transformation – for your company, and individuals within it.

We provide bespoke leadership support linked to overall company strategy including leadership training programmes, 1:1 coaching, engagement strategy support, masterclasses and keynotes.  All aimed at shifting leadership skills to the next level. We do what is required and often support our clients growth for many years.

We possess an unusual network through our radio and media involvement that can also contribute to helping take leadership thinking to the next level. Having interviewed over 380 leaders via the Business Elevation Show we are more committed to ensuring that we have the latest information and ideas from the world of business and leadership development to share within our support packages. We also have enormous resources at our fingertips for client learning as well as an extensive international network.

  • 1. Leadership Coaching

    Are you considering executive coaching for your people?

    Professional coaching services are designed for senior executives who may require support in a range of areas. From understanding their purpose and motivation, to re-evaluating work values and priorities, confidence, impact, work/life balance, effective team management, personal organisation and the need to deliver results quickly.

    As trained professional coaches we will bring a blend of coaching and mentoring to suit the requirements of the engagement.

    Typically engagements begin as 6 sessions with an upfront agreed set of desired outcomes and a structure.

    For more information please do get in touch.

    ’If you are in a leadership position, one of the big challenges is getting more from less. What Chris has brought to me personally and to Everards is to be efficient in my thinking, to ensure I prioritise with my team, evaluate very clearly what we are doing and as a result continuously grow. In these economic times, it would be easy to look at an engagement with Chris as a cost. I would encourage anybody to look upon it as an investment in that you will achieve more from less and will only understand what that means for you personally and your business more broadly via that engagement. For anyone out there looking to achieve more for less, looking to increase their profitability and value of their business, then Chris is a man to work with. He will deliver huge added value to your business.

    ‘Stephen Gould, Managing Director of Everards Brewery Ltd and Leicestershire Business Executive of the Year 2013 after an initial 6 session engagement with Chris which grew to 14 sessions over 3 years.

  • 2. Leadership , Management and Team Development Programmes

    Over the years we have provided many successful leadership, team and management development programmes.

    We create and deliver  programmes each for senior teams to help them to develop their results. These often include utilising diagnostic tools such as Talent Dynamics to hold up a mirror to individuals and teams with the learning acting as a catalyst for positive change. Programmes will also be closely linked to your desired outcomes. You may be seeking greater sales results, team bonding, more collaboration between departments. Whatever the need we will work with you to create an experience that brings people together and results within reach.

    To take leadership development further since early 2019 Chris has also been developing a new leadership coaching programme in collaboration with Gene Early aimed at helping to develop a new generation of consciously aware leaders who can step up to the challenges of our current world. To be part of the solution and not the problem. Gene is a partner of Leaders Quest and was responsible in his past for introducing and leading the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) movement in Europe. This provides the rare opportunity for co-coaching with two highly experienced and industry respected leadership coaches.Having trusted coaches and advisers who can help leaders in their journey is an essential short cut approach to success.

    Chris developed and ran a two day Executive Team Build for us. The event was a real success, not only did everyone really enjoy the event but Chris’s expert facilitation enabled us to make real and lasting progress. Did the effect last? Yes it did, the event really did improve team dynamics , team behaviours, and consequently team performance. Helen Davis Group Development Director, Jelf plc

  • 3. Training and development interventions e.g. sales, coaching, influencing…

    Do you have the expertise and time available to really develop your people?

    We develop and deliver bespoke programmes on areas such as employee engagement, team leadership, coaching for leaders, collaborative selling. These are based upon an assessment of your needs gathered through an orientation process. This may mean interviews with key members of your team, days out with for example sales teams and surveys.

    During programmes we will often act as an independent third party giving confidential feedback to each of the delegates. We also often build in conference calls following events to share best practice from the learning. It is our view that this provides far more value than just the programme event itself.

    On top of that we have many hours of audio for self development that can be used by executives to reinforce the learning and continue to build knowledge, attitude and skills.

    “Chris provided an incredible emotional intelligence program for my business. Chris delivered a series of eye opening sessions which enhanced the approach and style of our customer engagement. He also introduced a new positive and motivational language that empowered our people into making a difference. Relationships fostered after Chris’s guidance resulted in significant and measurable competitive advantage. Many of the team wished they had received Chris’s input much earlier in their career. As a result of Chris’s contribution our business results improved significantly over the short and long term. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to others.” Richard Pitt, Sales and Marketing Director , Broker Services Network, Towergate Insurance (talking about work completed at Primary General Insurance while Managing Director)


    ‘The influencing programme was a fantastic experience and motivational for us all to learn and take value from this course’. The programme was given an unprecedented 95% approval rate. Alison Cassidy – Learning and Development Partner Barclays Wealth.

    ‘The CC1 training (executive board) has been a great step forward in focusing effort and energy, creating a common understanding and a common language. There are already clear signs that it has been performance enhancing at an organizational level’. Tim Rolfe currently Chief Executive, UK Retail Canopius Group.

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