As a professional Speaker Chris provides full conference speeches, masterclasses and engaging Educational lectures. Chris is a former Regional President of The Professional Speaking Association and delivers inspirational and thought provoking events across the UK and occasionally globally. If you’d like to discuss a forthcoming event then just get in touch with chris@chriscooper.co.uk.


Chris speaks about:

1.  ‘The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) published by Penguin Random House USA in January 2016

“This book contains a ton of practical and easy-to-implement techniques and strategies for getting yourself to do whatever needs to be done.” Jack Canfield, coauthor of The Success PrinciplesTM and the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.”

Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Along with the portion of your work that you truly feel like doing comes a generous helping of things you’d rather not do. With many small businesses failing in their first few years, failure to do some of these things may even lead to the failure of your business.

During this session Chris will share with you how to consistently turn good intentions into action so that you can be as successful as possible in the work you do….whether or not you feel like filing tax forms, making follow-up calls or taking action on a myriad of different intentions.

What delegates will learn includes:

The correct way to think about and treat good intentions
Why people often fail to get important things done
Why it is not your fault
How you need to apply manual strategies to get things done
Simple but powerful principles and strategies for getting things done


Keynote – 30 minutes or 45 minutes
Masterclass – 90 mins to 3 hours.

I have known Chris for several months and have found him the consummate professional.In particular running a workshop for our business customers on the Power to Get Things Done and looking at the potential solutions available to resolve this big issue that many of us face. The feedback from the event was fabulous with a great buzz around the room both during and after the event. It was a pleasure to work with Chris – Lucy Winn, Area Director HSBC Business Banking

‘Well, it’s official. I hate Chris Cooper. I no longer have any excuses for all the different ways I procrastinate and then rationalise them. Chris’s talk was excellent – professional, engaging, thought provoking and personally challenging. He not only introduced us to sensible, actionable ideas that we can put in place straight away, he did it in a thoroughly entertaining way. A knock-out session’ David Abbot, Marketing Strategist


2. Engagement Starts With You!

Today the best organizational leaders appreciate how essential ‘Employee Engagement’ is to productivity. In fact, research has concluded that highly engaged people generate 43% more revenue. During this event, Chris will share how in order to achieve greater employee engagement and personal success, we must all take responsibility for becoming more engaging as leaders and managers. We must all become more to achieve more! His belief is that an essential place to look for greater engagement and productivity is to take a very good look at where we can improve ourselves. By increasing our personal engagement we are more able to build engagement amongst others, even in the most challenging situations. During this inspirational and good humoured session, Chris will share key principles, advice and memorable stories about increasing your personal engagement drawn from extensive research and experience with international business experts, high achievers and organizations. Information that will help you in your pursuit of greater business results!

What Delegates will learn:

The impact of employee engagement on business performance
Key principles for being a highly engaging leader or employee including:
– Importance of personal vision and mission as well as company
– How highly engaging people get themselves engaged before work
– Principles of engaging others including a tool to put your team in flow
– How engaging people get things done
– Lessons that you can take away and apply quickly


45 minute keynote
Masterclasses 90 minutes to 3 hours. Also, delivered as part of a 2 day Masterclass on ‘Employee Engagement’.

“Few presenters can connect the fate of kidnapped penguins to enhanced business performance strategies so seamlessly.  Chris works on our post-experience graduate courses and helps us to bring practitioner issues into focus for students. Articulate and considered, Chris carefully weaves anecdotes from his extensive commercial experience and stories from his personal life, to offer a critique on the state of contemporary management. Our students leave the room inspired to consider how they can play a part in elevating the importance of individual well being and the centrality of human relationships for the benefit of an organisation’s productivity.” Dr Matthew Higgins, University of Leicester Business School.

To listen to Chris talking about this subject: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/87534/engagement-starts-with-you-with-chris-cooper

 3. ‘Elevate Your Business with Podcast and on-line Radio’

How would you like to elevate your business by positively impacting thousands more people each year? One way is via establishing your own Podcast or on-line radio show. During this session Chris shares his top lessons from over 4 years of weekly on-line radio hosting to bring you greater success interviewing or being interviewed on-line. This includes how best to leverage the opportunity to benefit your own business as well as your guests. As probably the most experienced on-line business radio host operating from the UK today this will be of value to anyone interested in hosting or being a guest on podcast or radio or within to explore a potential marketing channel to elevate themselves or their business.

What Delegates will learn:

What is elevating your business?
What is the ideal channel for you to do so (it may not be podcast or radio)
The challenges and the benefits of creating and hosting a show
How to leverage the platform financially
Best practice on how to host your own show and interview effectively
Best practice on how to become a great guest on radio

This session can be delivered in a 30 or 45 minute speech or a 90 minute to 3 hour Masterclass.

‘If you are looking to start hosting regular podcasting or want to expand what you are already doing then hunt Chris out. As a practitioner via his weekly online radio business show he has great insights into getting the best out of this medium’. Highly recommended.  Rob Warlow, Business Finance




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Speaker Coaching



For speaker booking enquiries email chris@chriscooper.co.uk or call on 01455 824233


  • Testimonials

    I recently shared a stage with Chris, speaking at a Business Growth Conference in Mayfair, London.Chris had a tough job as the final speaker at the end of the afternoon, following a series of speeches from highly experienced conference speakers.The organisers were delighted with Chris – he did a splendid job reminding the audience that they only had themselves to blame if they left that conference and failed to take appropriate action. Using humour and pathos, Chris engaged with the audience and left everyone feeling upbeat and raring to go at the end of the day.

    I highly commend Chris to you as a speaker.

    Mike Ogilvie – National President Professional Speaking Association 2014/15

    I saw Chris Cooper here today, absolutely fantastic. I came away with a book full of notes. The bit that stood out was about who is to blame when it comes to not following your intentions when you are self employed.  I just want to see him again.

    Karen Asemper Media Commentator & MD of The Dream Alchemist

    Chris spoke recently at the www.BGIStrategy.com supercongress which was a stage full of the leading speakers in the UK. Chris was brilliant to work with, his subject matter fresh and his stage performance was incredibly well crafted, right down to one of the best matrix impressions I have seen on stage 😉

    Deri Llewellyn-Davis – CEO and Founder of Strategy on a Page

    Chris is a fabulous presenter, speaker and all round great guy. He truly cares about you as a person and what you believe in and immediately puts you at ease. I was recently a guest on his Be More, Achieve More Radio Show and rather than feeling like I was being interviewed, Chris created an atmosphere that allowed us to have a very natural 2-way conversation and what’s more, it was fun. I have also heard Chris as a Professional Speaker – he is impactful, inspiring and engages his audience with his very warm and natural manner. If you haven’t yet tuned in or heard him speak, do so – you are missing a treat.  Jo Simpson, Managing Director, Executive and Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker

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I have known Chris for several months and have found him the consummate professional. In particular running a workshop for our business customers on the Power to Get Things Done and looking at the potential solutions available to resolve this big issue that many of us face. The feedback from the event was fabulous with a great buzz around the room both during and after the event. It was a pleasure to work with Chris – Lucy Winn, Area Director HSBC Business Banking

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