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  • Reciprocity and Collaboration: A New Paradigm for Business and Humanity – with Jyoti Ma

    Join us for an enlightening conversation with Jyoti Ma, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and visionary leader. With a deep commitment to honoring the Earth and all peoples, Jyoti Ma has spearheaded transformative projects that embody sacred wisdom and foster interconnectedness. As the Grandmother Vision Keeper of the Center for Sacred Studies, co-founder of Kayumari, […]

  • Special Encore Show: Step Up and Be an Angel: Impact with Kindness – with Molly Bedingfield

    Join us for this special encore episode as we explore the heart of kindness as we discuss by stepping up and being an angel with Molly Bedingfield, Founder and CEO of the Global Angels Foundation. Molly exemplifies how leading with kindness can revolutionise our approach to personal growth, stakeholder engagement, and community support. With her […]

  • Neuroscience Unveiled: Insights for Understanding Yourself and Others – with Chantel Prat

    Join us on a captivating journey into the depths of the human mind as we delve into the fascinating world of neuroscience. In this enlightening episode, renowned cognitive neuroscientist Chantel Prat, alongside host Chris Cooper, takes us on an exploration of what neuroscience reveals about understanding ourselves and others. From unravelling the intricate neural mechanisms […]

  • Blueprint for a Magnificent Personal Brand with Kraig Kleeman

    Join us for an insightful conversation with Kraig Kleeman, a mastermind of personal branding and innovative corporate entertainment. With the digital age redefining the landscape of personal branding, Kraig knows exactly how to excel and stand out. As the creator of Kraig Kleeman Live! and Rock The C-Suite, he has revolutionized corporate events by infusing […]

  • Go For Stupid with Steve Sims

    Join us for a fascinating conversation with Steve Sims, dubbed “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Ever wondered how to transform your wildest dreams into reality? Look no further. As the bestselling author of “BLUEFISHING – the art of making things happen” and “Go For Stupid – The Art of […]

  • The Evolutionary Leadership of Men – with Sergio Montiel & Manuel Manga

    Tune into a captivating exploration of leadership with my guests Sergio Montiel and Manuel Manga, two trailblazers in the realm of evolutionary leadership. With over two decades of experience, Sergio Montiel has not only led top Latin American operations for a Canadian firm but also dedicated his life to nurturing leaders and movements that envision […]

  • Harness Your Energy, Grow Your Business – with Chris Cooper and Neil Laughton

    Join Chris Cooper, Business Elevation Show host and a leader in business transformation through people, as he engages in a fascinating conversation with Neil Laughton, a master of adventurous entrepreneurship, on ‘Harness Your Energy, Grow Your Business’. Neil will lead the conversation today as they discuss the essence of harnessing inner vitality and cultivating a […]

  • Special Encore Show: Make Changes Not Excuses – with guest Molly Harvey

    Don’t miss this week’s special encore episode of the Business Elevation Show, where we’ll be hosting Molly Harvey, the author of the groundbreaking book “Make Changes Not Excuses”. Molly  is a revered author, speaker, and change management expert known for her unyielding commitment to helping businesses innovate and thrive with a combination of deep and […]

  • The Future Normal with Henry Coutinho-Mason

    Join us for an engaging conversation with Henry Coutinho-Mason, the forward-thinking author behind “The Future Normal: How We Will Live, Work, & Thrive In The Next Decade”. Henry’s work illuminates the transformative ideas likely to redefine our society in the years to come. Through his insights, gleaned from a career spent analysing trends and innovation, […]

  • Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent -with Ben Wolf

    Join us for an illuminating interview with Ben Wolf, the trailblazing founder of Wolf’s Edge Integrators – the world’s premier Fractional COO firm. We will discuss how Ben tackled a common but daunting challenge faced by numerous entrepreneurs: the complexity of scaling a business without the capital for a full-time, elite Chief Operating Officer (COO). […]

  • Conflict Resolution in Challenging Times – with Jane Gunn

    Join us on the Business Elevation Show for an enlightening conversation with Jane Gunn, renowned as “The Barefoot Mediator.” A distinguished figure in conflict resolution, Jane brings her expertise as a trained mediator, facilitator, and the Past President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Recognised in Who’s Who Mediation and the Legal 500 Hall of […]

  • Becoming Coachable – with Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman

    Join us for a compelling interview with Jacquelyn Lane and Scott Osman, leaders in executive coaching, discussing their new book, “Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership and Life”. Jacquelyn Lane, President of 100 Coaches Agency, brings her expertise in leadership curation and a strong advocacy for conscious capitalism, rooted […]

  • Awaken: The Path to Purpose, Inner Peace, and Healing – with Raj Sisodia

    In this episode of The Business Elevation Show, we will dive into a world of profound transformation and healing with Raj Sisodia, the distinguished author of “Awaken: The Path to Purpose, Inner Peace, and Healing”. Together, we will unravel the principles of LIST (Love, Innocence, Simplicity, Truth) and discover how they can revolutionise our understanding […]

  • Journey to Healing – with Tony McAleer

    In this fascinating interview, I will be talking with Tony McAleer, a transformative figure who has journeyed from being a leader in Canada’s Neo-Nazi movement to becoming an international speaker and author dedicated to combatting hate. Tony co-founded the organisation Life After Hate, which assists individuals in leaving White Supremacist movements, drawing from his own […]

  • Special Encore Show – Run Wild for Rhinos with Sharon Jessop

    Are you exploring your limits in the pursuit of something you truly believe in? My guest Sharon Jessop has not only completed the most consecutive half marathons for a female (102), she has also completed 4 extreme running expeditions since 2017. Passionate about rhinos, I will interview Sharon as she nears the finish line after […]

  • Embracing Indigenous Wisdom for a Heart-Centred World with Shobana Kataria

    Join us for an enlightening conversation with Shobana Kataria, a visionary entrepreneur and a bridge between modern business acumen and ancient indigenous wisdom. With over 25 years in the IT industry, Shobana has embarked on a transformative journey, intertwining her rich Indian heritage with her roles as a naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, and energy healer. Her […]

  • Leading with the Earth in Mind with Simon Bailey

    Join us in an enlightening conversation with Simon Bailey, an expert in the realm of leadership and systemic change, as we delve into the pressing need for a shift in the leadership narrative to avoid environmental disaster. With over three decades of experience, initially with the British Army leading operations and training across Asia, Europe, […]

  • Come Up for Air with Nick Sonnenberg

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the tidal wave of work? Discover the lifebuoy to stay afloat in today’s demanding workplace in our next episode, featuring Nick Sonnenberg, the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of “Come Up for Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work.” Nick is a renowned entrepreneur, […]

  • Mastering Your Voice: Leadership Presence with Arthur Samuel Joseph

    Join us for a remarkable conversation with Arthur Samuel Joseph, the founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute. Widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost communication strategists and authorities on the human voice, Arthur has devoted his life to the transformative power of voice. Through his pioneering Vocal Awareness® program, he empowers individuals […]

  • The Howard Behar Story: A Starbucks Blend of Service and Leadership – with Howard Behar

    Join us for an inspiring conversation on servant leadership and life with Howard Behar, a visionary leader whose illustrious career with Starbucks as President of North America and founding President of Starbucks International, saw the company grow from 28 stores to over 15,000 across five continents. With over 50 years in consumer-centric businesses, Mr. Behar’s […]

  • Reawakening the Human Spirit – with Lance Secretan

    In a world fraught with disillusionment, despair, and a pervasive sense of loss, Dr. Lance Secretan’s latest book, “Reawakening the Human Spirit,” delves into the profound question: How can one reclaim lost inspiration and inner peace? During this important discussion we will be exploring the intuitive approach required to revitalize our connection with ourselves and […]

  • Impossible Unless… Decoding Decision Making with Dr Alan Barnard

    Why do even the best of us sometimes make poor decisions? Why do we often repeat these mistakes? Delve into the science of decision-making with our esteemed guest, Dr. Alan Barnard. An entrepreneur, strategist, and CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, Dr. Barnard’s multifaceted career spans roles as a research scientist, app developer, author, coach, philanthropist, […]

  • Special Encore: Adventureholic – Bringing adventure into your life with Neil Laughton

    How much more adventure could you add to your life and also the lives of those you connect with?   Neil Laughton is a former Royal Marine Commando, helicopter pilot and Special Forces Officer. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founding director of the OPL Group (which was sold to a FTSE100), the Penny […]

  • Beyond the Comfort Zone – with Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, John Jennings

    Have you ever felt the pull to venture into uncharted territory with your business or found yourself faced with an enormous challenge, but felt anchored by self-doubt? Dive into this enlightening conversation where I chat with Elisabet Vinberg-Hearn, a three-time best-selling author on leadership and teams, and John Jennings, leadership, engagement and cultural business expert. […]

  • Special Encore Show: Great Mentorship – with Scott Jeffrey Miller

    What can we learn from great mentors to help us with our mentorship journey? My guest SCOTT JEFFREY MILLER is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and podcast host. He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and currently serves as FranklinCovey’s senior advisor on thought leadership. Prior to his advisor role, Scott was a twenty-five-year […]

  • The Overview Effect with Space Philosopher Frank White

    What does viewing the Earth from space teach us about life, leadership, and innovation? Join us in a mind-expanding conversation with Frank White, a leading expert in space philosophy and highly acclaimed voice in guiding leadership perspectives, including growth, sustainability, and foresight through space exploration insights. Author of the ground-breaking The Overview Effect: Space Exploration […]

  • The Reputation Gap with Peter Roper

    How do you best plan, promote and protect your reputation? Peter Roper, also known as “The Family Businessman,” joins me to share his 45 years of experience in managing and aiding the reputation of family businesses. Having managed a business with a turnover of £38 million, Peter went on to set up six family businesses […]

  • The Dark Triad with Dannielle Haig

    Join us for a riveting discussion with business psychology expert Dannielle Haig, as we explore the intriguing and shadowy world of the “Dark Triad” – a set of personality traits often found influencing corridors of power. Drawing from her extensive research and direct experience with global leaders, Dannielle (PhD candidate, MSc, MSc, BA, PG Cert, […]

  • Lessons from The Battle for Kyiv with John Spencer

    What can we learn from the most decisive battle in the modern era – The 2022 Battle for Kyiv – and what lessons can we learn about leadership, planning, human ingenuity, resilience, courage, collaboration and technology that can impact how we elevate the way we do business and live our lives? My guest John Spencer is […]

  • The Regenerative Leader with Giles Hutchins

    Join us for an illuminating conversation with Giles Hutchins, a visionary thought leader and author, as we delve into the heart of regenerative leadership. In today’s world, where businesses and societies face multifaceted challenges, the conventional leadership paradigm is rapidly becoming obsolete. At the forefront is ‘Regenerative Leadership’ – a transformative approach that transcends traditional […]

  • Elevate Your Communication with Podcasts with Tom Schwab

    In an era where meaningful communication is more important than ever, how can your business voice rise above all the noise? Today, podcasting is the transformative platform that is reshaping our communication.  Join us as we celebrate 12 years of the Business Elevation Show with my guest Tom Schwab, CEO of Interview Valet, a Military […]

  • Emotions with Dr Jayne Gardner

    Our emotions serve as catalysts for both individual well-being and professional achievement. Given their profound impact, the pressing question is: How can we skillfully steer and utilise emotions to shape the outcomes we aspire to? Enter Dr. Jayne Gardner, a distinguished psychology and counselling expert with state licensure as both an LPC and LMFT. With […]

  • Overcoming bottlenecks in your life and business with Leah Fisch

    Ever had the feeling of being the bottleneck, or felt stuck when overcoming obstacles in your life and business? My guest Leah Fisch has been helping her clients to achieve their dreams and overcome resistance for over twenty years. Specializing in helping high-level executives to overcome bottlenecks in their lives and businesses this has included […]

  • The Race to Inspire with Shay Hoelscher

    In today’s world the race is on to inspire us to step up and contribute to a better world. One of my intentions is to introduce you to caring business people who are truly contributing to a better world. If we could all do that, what a difference we could make! My guest Shay Hoelscher […]

  • Survive to Thrive with Paul Davis

    Like myself, have you had moments over the last few years when you realised you needed to take care of your mental wellbeing? Maintaining and building great mental health for most of us needs to be a lifelong pursuit. My guest Paul William Davis is a renowned business growth consultant, speaker, and personal advisor, with […]

  • Lead from the Heart – with Mark C. Crowley

    Human beings have evolved in what they need and want in exchange for work. Today employees are seeking purpose, meaning and feelings of significance in their work. What drives their engagement is feeling valued, respected, developed and cared for. My guest Mark C Crowley in his book “Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The […]

  • Special Encore Show: It Starts With Us – with guest Deke Copenhaver

    Are you stepping up, challenging conventions and becoming a catalyst for transformative change? If you would like to contribute to a better world and make your life count, then you must join us for a profound conversation with  Deke Copenhaver. Deke had an exceptional reputation  as Mayor of Augusta, Georgia (2005-2014) for bridge-building leadership, a […]

  • What it Takes to Make It – with Paul Meehan

    Get ready for a fascinating conversation with business transformation expert and philanthropist, Paul Meehan about ‘What It Takes to Make It’. With 45 years of senior experience, Paul is someone I would consider to be a perfect guide to discuss  navigating the business world. I personally know Paul from his exceptional reputation in the insurance […]

  • Delusional Altruism with guest Kris Putnam-Walkerly

    Are you or your business philanthropic or would you like to be? If yes, how do you overcome the deceptive and illogical thoughts that unnecessarily hinder your impact and disrupt your giving? Kris Putnam-Walkerly is a trusted advisor to the world’s leading philanthropists. For over 20 years, ultra-high net worth donors, foundations, Fortune 500 companies, […]

  • Chat GPT – Transforming Your Life and Business with Chad Barr

    Join us on the Business Elevation Show, as we embark on an extraordinary discussion with renowned internet strategist Chad Barr about Chat GPT and its potential to transform your life and business success. With over 25 years of experience, Chad has been at the forefront of transforming businesses through technology innovation. Born and raised in […]

  • Your Company Is Your Castle – with guest Sandeep Chennakeshu

    Companies emerge from smart people with clever ideas. However, it takes a systematic approach to making a company sustainably successful.  My guest Sandeep Chennakeshu is the author of Your Company Is Your Castle and compares building a company to that of a medieval castle that has withstood the test of time, having weathered nature’s elements […]

  • Scale Without Losing Your Soul with Simon D’Arcy

    Company culture is really important; not getting it right when scaling your business costs in the long run. My guest Simon D’Arcy is a speaker, author, executive coach, Founder/CEO advisor, and partner at Evolution, a coaching, consulting and investment firm, where he focuses on helping companies scale without losing their soul. For more than 25 […]

  • The Power of Mindset with Ceil Stanford

    How do you adapt your mindset to deliver the results that you want in life? Back in 2021, I interviewed Ceil Stanford about ‘How to Be Your Best Self’ and thoroughly enjoyed her presence and insights. Recently, I discovered that Ceil had been recognised by the Global Woman Awards as the Global Woman of the […]

  • The Death of Demographics with David Allison

    Is judging human behaviour based upon demographics dead? My guest David Allison realised that people simply don’t act their age anymore; the wealthy often prefer to shop in Walmart, and you might have more behaviourally in common with someone of a completely ethnic background, age, or nation than your peer group.  David is a human […]

  • Succeed with Neurodiversity with Charlotte Valeur

    With so many people being classified today as neurodivergent, our awareness and understanding is rising. Yet common beliefs still exist that not fitting into a so called ‘norm’ is an affliction rather than potentially a real strength. Why is it that so many successful people in life are neurodivergent?  Yet 40% of the prison population […]

  • Unspoken Truths for Career Success – with guest Tessa White

    How do you best navigate your career or the complex relationship between individuals and the workplace, today? My guest Tessa White, known as the Job Doctor, exploded on social media with her expertise on careers and how to navigate the complicated relationship between individuals and the workplace in late 2020, after 20 years leading human […]

  • Elevate Your Impact – The 500 Business Elevation Episode

    Chris Cooper created and has hosted the Business Elevation Show on Voice America since September 2011. This week he celebrates 500 episodes of one of the longest running and most internationally accessed business radio shows in the world. His extensive archive represents the thoughts and wisdom of an enormous cast of exceptional guests. In this […]

  • Energy At Work – with Rebecca Ahmed

    According to my guest this week, being happy at work is an inside job. So how do you help every employee to lift their energy and in turn lift the energy of the entire company? I am excited about this interview as this topic is so close to my own heart and experiences in elevating […]

  • Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace – with guest Paul Graham

    As a leader how do you embrace neurodiversity in your workplace? Or as an employee, do you feel the psychological safety to be open about your own neurodiversity? My guest Paul Graham has been the Great Britain Managing Director of soft drinks company, Britvic since July 2013. With over 25 years’ experience working with major […]

  • Timeless Youth – with Dr Jeff Crippen

    Would you like to unlock your inner ability to be well? My guest, Dr Jeff Crippen, is a chiropractor, nutritionist, and coach. At age 6 he began suffering from migraines. For the next seven years, his headaches continued to worsen despite the best medical care he and his family could find. At his lowest point, […]

  • Franchise Your Freedom -with David Weaver

    Have you considered franchising your business or buying into a franchise? Would you know how to start and do this effectively? My guest, David Weaver, got his first taste of business ownership by watching both parents build and operate successful businesses. His career allowed him to develop unique skills and expertise in sales, project management, […]

  • Special Encore Show: Forces for Good – with Paul Hargreaves

    A new generation of businesses has been emerging, working together to make a positive impact on the world by redefining what it means to be successful. By considering the impact of the decisions you make, you can join them in reducing poverty, injustice and environmental damage. As we emerge from pandemic this acceleration will be […]

  • Turn Your Book into a Client Generator – with Wendy Keller

    Are you planning to write a non-fiction book? If so, how do you ensure it will attract agents and publishers as well as become an excellent client generator? My guest and friend Wendy Keller the founder of Keller Media is an award-winning former journalist, a respected literary agent, an author, speaker, and acclaimed book marketing […]

  • The Soul of Family Business with Tom Hubler

    How do you build a successful family business and maintain a warm and loving family? My guest, Thomas M. Hubler, has over 35 years of experience of working with families. In his early career he was a marriage and family therapist and, after receiving a Bush Fellowship in 1977, pioneered the concept of succession planning […]

  • The Nowhere Office – with guest Julia Hobsbawm

    As remote working becomes the norm rather than exception for many businesses, what is the best way to negotiate this pivotal time in the history of work? My guest Julia Hobsbawm is the Chair of The Demos Workshift Commission and Founder of Editorial Intelligence. She is the author of six books including The Simplicity Principle […]

  • The Art of Virtual Events -with guest Liam Austin

    There is an Art to holding Virtual Events and making them really successful. So how do you do it? My guest Liam Austin, is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and a virtual event strategist, having launched over 15 virtual summits, dozens of quick workshops, and many more online events. He has hosted over 400 speakers […]

  • Special Encore Show: How Can I Become an Agent for Change? – With guest Stuart Pickles

    Are you considering the disruption in the world right now and wondering how you can contribute to meaningful change? My guest Stuart Pickles has been a much-admired client and friend for almost a decade. Stuart created a very successful coaching practice with a core premise of consistently increasing the level of meaningful contribution he makes […]

  • An Officer Not a Gentleman – with Mandy Hickson

    Flying a multi-million-pound fighter jet in hostile territory is not an everyday career and it comes with a high degree of pressure and responsibility. After last week’s interview with former lieutenant general of the US Army, Jeff Buchanan, we keep a military theme by catching up with Mandy Hickson, who joined the Royal Air Force […]

  • Special Encore Show: Energetic superpowers to heroic actions – with Nick Haines

    Do you ever feel that you could contribute in a bigger more heroic way and then have  lots of reasons and internal noise that hold you back?   During this conversation with my guest and friend Nick Haines, we will discuss the common blocks that hold people back from using their superpowers for good and […]

  • Special Encore Show: The Ultimate Guide To Platform Building with Wendy Keller

    Your business relies on you for its survival, and its life-blood is sales. Building a robust platform is the most effective and sustainable way to attract prospects and convert them into customers. Literary agent and expert platform consultant Wendy Keller won her first district-wide writing award in 4th grade and decided to become a writer. […]

  • Exactly What to Say – with Phil M Jones

    Often the decision between a customer choosing you over someone like you, is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. I am delighted to welcome back Phil M. Jones who has trained more than two million people across five continents and over 50 countries […]

  • Pole Star Leadership for a Perfect Exit – with guest Bryan Wright

    How do you keep your business focused and successfully arrive at a perfect exit? Whether that be business sale or enough funds to keep you comfortable for your next venture or retirement? My guest, Bryan Wright, founded Yellowyoyo with his wife Amanda in 1998 and the company specialises in business and brand transformation and growth […]

  • The Spirit of Business with Sandie Sedgbeer

    Are you engaging your customers, employees, and suppliers with heartfelt communication that makes them compelled to do business with you? Or give their very best when working for you? My guest Sandie Sedgbeer is a professional journalist, author, and Talk TV/Radio host who worked in the ultra-competitive world of British Newspapers and magazines and has […]

  • Adapting to the Great Resignation with Kate Thomas

    The pandemic fuelled the perfect employment storm.  Some saw it as an opportunity, a catalyst for positive change, a chance to slow down and reflect on what drives us as Individuals and what’s important to us. Others saw it as a chance to get clarity around what their next career move needed to look like.  […]

  • Vision, Planning & Philanthropy with Matthew Manos

    How do you best create a vision and plan for your business future? Also. how do you best consider philanthropy in that process? My guest Matthew Manos is the founder of verynice, a design strategy practice that gives half of its work away for free to nonprofit organizations. verynice’s clientele includes Apple, Google, UNICEF, NASA […]

  • Business & Humanity: Be a catalyst for positive change with guest Tom Eddington

    Are you passionate about averting climate catastrophe and biodiversity loss, and wondering how to best champion regenerative practices in your business? Are you concerned about the mental health crisis amongst young people, and how to bring more humanity into an increasingly dark world through your work? My guest Tom Eddington has spent the past three […]

  • The Art of Surrender with Corey Blake

    Do you hold your nerve, or do you surrender and change direction? Corey Blake is the founder of Round Table Companies, and Round Table Storytelling Academy which supports teaching a broader audience to unearth their own heroic nature through storytelling. Corey was a professional commercial and television actor in Los Angeles, starring in commercials for […]

  • 3 Keys To Succeeding Across Cultures – with Michael Landers

    How do we avoid misunderstanding each other in today’s multi-cultural world? Not only is this an issue with greater between countries but also at home as the world’s populations intermingle. In the state of California, where my guest Michael Landers presently resides, there are 35 recognised nationalities, speaking more than 55 languages. Opportunities for misunderstanding […]

  • Trust for A Better World with Mark Given

    There is much research to conclude that most people across the globe are good, kind, and trustworthy. Wherever I have travelled I have found this to be true. However, if you watch or read the media regularly you could easily become less trusting and more cynical and believe that trust and morals are in freefall. […]

  • MEANINGFUL LEADERSHIP for loyalty, better business and a better world with Blair Singer

    Viktor Frankl’s classic ‘Mans Search for Meaning’ focused on love, hope, responsibility, inner freedom, and the beauty found in both nature and art to overcome the most harrowing of experiences. Having endured the pandemic, and now in a rapidly changing world where we often don’t know what to believe, his messages are as valuable as […]

  • Funding Your Growth in Today’s Business Environment with Jennifer Jordan

    What do you need to consider if you wish to attract venture capital to grow your startup in today’s unqiue global business climate? Jennifer Jordan has spent her career helping entrepreneurs and investors build valuable enterprises and is someone I personally admire for her great wisdom and guidance.. She has extensive experience leading multiple investments […]

  • Noble Purpose: Our role in global change with Lisa Earle McLeod

    The world and our species are at a critical turning point, and it is down to us as consumers to ensure major businesses change their way of doing business in order to put people and the planet first. The business shareholder primacy model and leadership behaviours must change. Sales Leadership expert Lisa Earle McLeod created […]

  • Special Encore Show: The Fourth Bottom Line with Paul Hargreaves

    Do you want to be a leader that makes a meaningful difference, who opposes injustice and strives to make the world a better place? Are you looking for a more compassionate, caring, loving and servant led way to lead? This week I’m delighted to replay this Special Encore interview with inspirational leader Paul Hargreaves who […]

  • Special Encore: The Energy Switch with Peter Kelly-Detwiler

    Do you understand how our energy situation is switching and the impact it will have on your business and life? For many reasons, including the impact on our planet, energy has become one of the biggest topics in the world. Eager to bring to you experts on subjects that are critical, not only to the […]

  • ‘How to be relevant’ with Mark Levy

    Mark Levy interviewed me recently about ‘keeping your head when others are losing theirs’ and although a great privilege, I needed to turn the tables on Mark as he is one of the smartest people I know! Mark explained to me that he was giving a big talk on ‘Relevancy’ and during 11 years of […]

  • One Step At A Time to Ikigai with Jane Hansom

    Do your passions and talents balance perfectly with what the world needs and is prepared to pay for? My guest and good friend Jane Hansom epitomises this state of balance beautifully as summarised in the Japanese concept of Ikigai. So how do you make this happen for you or is this just an unreachable dream?  […]

  • Putting The Heart Back Into Business with Andrew Thornton

    A key premise of this show is that business can be a force for good. I am therefore always keen to interview fascinating guests who demonstrate the power of putting more heart and consciousness into the business world. My guest this week, Andrew Thornton, is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, advisor and coach to business leaders […]

  • The Long Win: The search for a better way to succeed -with Cath Bishop

    What truly is winning? Do you still win if you come second in the world, or have you lost? What if you come last or experience a business failure though learn lessons that last a lifetime? Is that a loss or winning in disguise? My guest Dr Cath Bishop is an Olympian, former diplomat, business […]

  • Special Encore Show: Giving & Receiving Feedback with Chris Cooper and John Jennings

    If you want to be exceptional and grow he ability to give and receive quality feedback is essential. Yet why do we find it so difficult? Host of The Elevation Show, Chris Cooper, will discuss the art of feedback, and how to keep it positive and elevatory with his business colleague John Jennings asking the […]

  • Do You Want More Clients? with Dan Kuschell

    How do you transform your message, offer and model so that you win more clients? I am delighted to welcome back one of my favourite past guests, Dan Kuschell, to the show. Dan describes himself as a Husband, Dad, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Business Growth Specialist. He helps Founders, CEOs and Business Owners (maybe […]

  • Special Encore Show: The Conscious Entrepreneur With Judy Piatkus

    Are you really a highly conscious entrepreneur? In my opinion, after more than 10 years of hosting the Business Elevation Show, I believe that the average quality of consciousness of the world’s entrepreneurs and business leaders must elevate in order to build organizations that solve the world’s problems not add to them. This requires being […]

  • The Unstoppable Sales Machine with Shawn Casemore

    Are you a business owner, sales executive, leader or professional with the desire to create a rapid and sustained increase in their sales, without having to invest a significant amount time or money to do so? If so join us as I talk to sales expert and key note speaker Shawn Casemore,  Shawn is the […]

  • Keeping Your Head, Whilst Other Lose Theirs with Mark Levy and Chris Cooper

    How do you keep your head when others may be losing theirs? I am delighted to have the fascinating Mark Levy on the show again. However, surprised at how he used his sleight of hand mastery to magically turn the tables on me – ‘Chris, we could talk about my experiences, however what everyone needs […]

  • Building Your Power To Get Things Done in 2022 and beyond with Dr Steven Levinson

    Getting things done is a superpower that for most of us requires learning and disciplined practice. What is more when you do you also need the ability to keep moving forward when life’s road blocks throw you off track. For example, I have had an unusually disrupted and unexpected start to my own year with […]

  • What Does Love Have to Do With It?: Innovation, Collaboration, & Acceleration to Achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

    Ian de Cruz, Global Director of P4G (Partnership for Green Growth and Global Goals by 2020) will joins guest host Gene Early this week to share vision, implementation, and successes from P4G’s contribution to creating a sustainable, global future. Ian will address the question of, “How do you lead by example to make healthy, sustainably-sourced food […]

  • Build Back Better: For a more sustainable equal world with Sarah Dusek

    How can we build a better more sustainable and equal world through business? My guest Sarah Dusek in my opinion is an extremely inspiring force for good and someone whose humility belies an immense drive for change. Sarah began her career in the non-profit world in her early twenties working in Southern Africa and Southeast […]

  • How to Pivot Your Mindset with Damian Culhane

    According to my guest this week Damian Culhane, in uncertain times where your world has changed exponentially, the quicker you can pivot and bounce back then the easier it will be for you to rise above the limitations of your unconscious mind. So how do you become the master of your own mind so that […]

  • Prepare For Tomorrow (Part 2) with Neil McCoy-Ward

    In September 2021, Neil McCoy-Ward joined me to share his thoughts on the big financial and economic changes that might impact your life and business in the next 10 years.  With such valuable insight from Neil and extreme turmoil in the world right now, I am so grateful that he is with me again to […]

  • The Sale is in the Tale: 5 Storytelling Secrets with John Livesay

    Story telling is a skill I love to explore with business leaders who wish to better engage and influence within my own leadership programmes. Yet story telling is also a hugely valuable skill when it comes to sales performance and I am therefore delighted to be joined by John Livesay aka The Pitch Whisperer. John […]

  • Mental and Financial Resilience with Alan Chambers MBE & David Howell

    Are you feeling highly resilient? Do you have the mental and financial resilience to effortlessly achieve all your endeavours or are you like so many feeling a degree of overwhelm in these strange times? My guests know all about building mental and financial resilience. Alan Chambers MBE is a Former Royal Marine, celebrated adventurer and […]

  • The Magnificence of Humanity with Michelle Mills-Porter

    Can you imagine how your perspective on life might shift if a beautiful holiday suddenly turned into fighting for life in the Boxing Day Tsunami? My guest Michelle Mills-Porter had an award-winning business which became the youngest in the UK to achieve Investors in People in the UK. Then that fateful day turned her world […]

  • Unblind The Mind with Darren Harris & Jaina Mistry

    It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut with our businesses and personal lives, living daily only viewing things via a tunnel vision. We can become blind to changes needed, holding us back from developing and growing. This week I’m joined by International Motivational Speaker, Paralympian and Founder of Unblind the Mind Darren Harris, […]

  • The 360 Within© – Applying the Arts to your Coaching Practice – with Guest Host Steven Morris & Guests Owen Ó Súilleabháin & John Schuster

    Be it coaching an executive, coaching a manager, or coaching a team, there’s no mistaking that coaching is an essential path to human and leadership growth. But not all coaching is equal, and not all coaches are alike. Whether someone is being coached for development or for performance, the need for good and diverse styles […]

  • Special Encore Show: Play The Game: How to Win in Today’s Changing Environment – with Adam Strong, Branka van der Linden, Haroon Danis & Karel Vermeulen

    Has your business plateaued or are you feeling stuck?   An inspiring new book written by 18 game changing leaders ‘Play The Game, How To Win In Today’s Changing Environment’ provides ideas and motivation to break the cycle that stunts your business growth. In the words of Marshall Goldsmith “This book will radically change the […]

  • The CEO’s Compass with guest Deborah Coviello

    Ever feel depleted at the end of the day? If so you are not alone – a recent study said that 60% of leaders feel the same way. Also if you are leading a company you are the most likely to be experiencing job frustration and burnout. During this interview with Deborah A. Coviello we […]

  • Build A Legacy That Fulfils Your Soul

    When was the last time you considered the legacy you are creating, day-to-day?  My guest Gaia Ferreira is an international entrepreneur, published personal success author, and a public speaker on personal fulfilment and leadership. From corporate executive to culinary entrepreneur to hosting her own TV Cookery Show, her career has been untraditional and exciting.  After the sudden death […]

  • Special Encore Show: Prepare For Tomorrow with Neil McCoy-Ward

    If you think the last 10 years have been disruptive then are you prepared for the big financial and economic changes that might impact your life and business in the next 10? My guest for this Special Encore Show, Neil McCoy-Ward, is the Group CEO of the Forward Thinking Group UK who has spent his life […]

  • Special Encore Show: Conscious Wealth with Brandon Hatton

    When it comes to wealth how much is enough? What impact do you want your money to have and how do you heal your relationship with money through family values? My guest for this Special Encore Show, Brandon Hatton, is an expert at portfolio creation and wealth maintenance based on Conscious Wealth practices and is […]

  • Reinventing Yourself with Rona Mackenzie

    Are you one of many people today who are reinventing their future? Perhaps it is time for a career change, a new challenge, maybe a greater sense of wellbeing. Maybe you feel stuck with what to do next or have been offered new options to consider? If any of these ring true for you then […]

  • Overcoming Resistance with Rick Maurer

    It is a part of human and business life that we will experience resistance to our ideas and initiatives and the more we put ourselves out there the more resistance we may encounter. So have you considered that there are effective strategies to understand resistance and avoid it before it even occurs? According to my […]

  • Tech Success Without Capital or Coding With Bryan Clayton

    Are you seeking success online and wondering how to do it without capital or coding experience? My guest Bryan Clayton is CEO and co-founder of GreenPal an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 100,000 active users completing thousands […]

  • Special Encore Show: Everyday Peace with Dr Dravon James

    How do you access your own Everyday Peace to empower you, to not only feel calm and whole during today’s unsettled times, but also to create the life you’ve always dreamed of? My guest Dr. Dravon James is the founder of Everyday Peace. An author & motivational speaker, Dravon’s goal is to educate, empower & […]

  • Catalyst with David Kean

    Are you a great business developer, prospector and networker who knows how to create a positive connection with the people you meet? Are you a catalyst that creates a chemical reaction between strangers, and have the ability to effortlessly convert these opportunities into new business? My guest David Kean is an expert at catalysing strangers […]

  • The Beautiful Business with Steven Morris

    Your business matters so why not make it beautiful?  My guest Steven Morris is a brand & culture advisor, author & speaker, and an acclaimed artist. Having known Steve personally for many years he is in my opinion a deeply meaningful, philosophical, caring and highly practical entrepreneur. Someone I am proud of to call a […]

  • Leaders Must Be Teachers with Blair Singer

    An essential ingredient today for being a great leader is the ability to also be an exceptional teacher and facilitator. My guest Blair Singer has earned a worldwide reputation as an expert in sales and business growth. He has also trained some of the best teachers, leaders and facilitators across 25 countries on five continents. […]

  • As A Man Soweth – Life Lessons from Mother Nature with Francois Lupien

    There is so much that mother nature can teach us about being successful in life. So how do we align ourselves with nature to become even more in life? My guest Francois Lupien is a dynamic mentor, coach, speaker, and presenter whose experience includes working with Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective […]

  • Building International Teams with Lukasz Brzyski

    How do you best set up and develop international teams in these unusual times? My guest Lukasz Brzyski is an international entrepreneur and owns companies in 4 different countries giving him a lot of exposure to different business cultures. His business ventures are spread across online marketing, business consulting and property investing. Besides developing high […]

  • Teamification with Aaron Schmookler

    I will never forget being a member of the best team that I have ever been a part of, and then the pleasure of when I had built great teams myself. They were not only places of challenge but also great warmth and exceptional results. My guest, Aaron Schmookler, also loves creating and helping his […]

  • Business Elevation 10 Year Show – Hope and Elevation

    Chris Cooper created and has hosted the Business Elevation show on Voice America for 10 years with the intention of helping over a million entrepreneurs and business people to elevate their thinking and business approach. The show has become one of the longest running and most internationally accessed on the Voice America network with over […]

  • How leaky is your Business Bucket? with Howard Shore

    As billions are lost by businesses operating like a leaky bucket how much opportunity could you be materialising if you closed the leaks in yours? My guest Howard Shore is the founder and CEO of Activate Group Inc., a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur specializing in liberating C-Suite teams from the barriers holding them back […]

  • Special Encore Show: ‘Wisdom’ with Judy Robinett

    You would probably agree that as a human being you belong to the most intelligent and dominant species on our planet. Yet as a consequence of our behaviour massive global problems of our own making exist. To solve them we need more than intelligence – we need ‘WISDOM’. Judy Robinett is one of the wisest […]

  • ‘The Smartest Person In The Room’ with Christian Espinosa

    How do you leverage the smartest minds in your company such that they also become your best leaders? My guest Christian Espinosa is an entrepreneur, a cybersecurity engineer, a certified high-performance coach, a professor, and a lover of heavy metal music and spicy food. He’s also an Air Force veteran and Ironman triathlete. We will […]

  • Hunt for Unicorns Part 2 with Paul Downs

    What is really going on in the backdrop of global business, finance  and competition today? Last year I interviewed Winston Ma, who co-authored The Hunt for Unicorns: How Sovereign Funds are Reshaping Investment in the Digital Economy with today’s guest, Paul Downs. One of the most fascinating interviews of 2020, I was delighted to have […]

  • Building New Relationships with Pat Hedley

    Are you consistently meeting enough people to effectively elevate your business or career? My guest Pat Hedley is an investor, advisor and the author of Meet 100 People. Inspired by the experiences of thousands of people she has interacted with over her own thirty-year career. Pat wrote Meet 100 People to encourage us all to […]

  • Double Your Sales In 90 Days with Simon Severino

    Would you like to double your sales in 90 days? My guest Simon Severino helps business owners do just that. His purpose in life is helping entrepreneurs realise their dreams. After 17 years of strategy execution experience from NY to Sydney, he created the Strategy Sprints® Method, a practical method to run an agile and resilient […]

  • Stop Guessing with Paul Burton

    How often as leaders and managers are we caught out when making assumptions about the needs and desires of our employees? My guest this week, Paul Burton, is an entrepreneur whose passion is having a positive impact on people. He has taken his 30 years’ of experience in turning around business performance to create a […]

  • The Power of Networks with Peter Goodman

    An effective network is essential to the efficient and profitable running of any organization. Not only this, they have completely transformed communication and business across the globe. My guest Peter Goodman is co-founder and CEO of Aventus a cloud based Platform that enables MGAs, brokers and insurers to create a seam-less buying experience for their […]

  • Present Company: The Art of Presence – with Michael Landers & Tim Dukes

    How present are you? One of the most important skills in business and life in my opinion is presence. According to my guests Michael Landers and Tim Dukes, presence enhances your creativity, productivity and performance on every front. Michael Landers, M.A. is the founder and president of Culture Crossing, Inc., a global consulting company dedicated […]

  • Employee Retention – Creating lasting loyalty with Clint Pulver

    Retaining great employees is a challenge for many organizations and particularly young talent that can be more transient. Clint Pulver is a professional keynote speaker, author, musician, pilot, and workforce expert. Known as the leading authority on employee retention, Clint has transformed how corporations like Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard create lasting loyalty through […]

  • Becoming Referable with Michael Roderick and Chris Cooper

    How do you become so highly referable that you become as popular as a Broadway show? My guest Michael Roderick is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable. His frameworks have been featured in Forbes and Business […]

  • Empowering the Hybrid Business Revolution

    How do you navigate this strange new business world when dynamics such as hybrid working and the need to embrace diversity have shifted the leadership landscape? My guests this week, Carroll Macey, Sebastian Fox and Bob Shearer are all part of Team Coaching Studio and are all highly experienced team coaching experts who are not […]

  • Empowering Leaders To Build A Better Tomorrow with Lara Stein

    How do we empower leaders to build a better tomorrow? My guest Lara Stein understands this challenge as well as anyone as the Chairman and Founder of Boma Global. Lara was the founder of the TEDx program at TED, and grew it into a global movement with more than 15,000 events and more than 1 […]

  • Smashing Through Career Glass Ceilings with Jackie Chappell

    How do you smash through perceived career glass ceilings and, if you are a woman, achieve this in male dominated workplaces?  Jackie Chappell had a successful career in the rail industry, where she rose from a part-time employee selling tickets to become the Chief Executive of the Industry’s Training and Competence Company, making her the […]

  • Be Your Great Self with Ceil Stanford

    How to become the best version of yourself is a life changing question that has the power to literally transform your life experience. So I am therefore delighted to be welcoming someone who came very highly recommended as an authority on the subject. Ceil Stanford describes herself as a coach, leader, business owner, entrepreneur, investor, mom […]

  • ‘Mark of a Man’ with Mark Sephton and Chris Cooper

    Are you a man experiencing challenges? Well I guess to some extent that is most of us males from time to time! My guest Mark Sephton in his soon to be released third book ‘Mark of a Man’ provides a blue print to help men navigate challenges such as divorce, mental health issues and life’s […]

  • Winning the Game of Business with Arnon Barnes

    How do you play the game of business in the right way and win? My guest Arnon Barnes is a master entrepreneurial coach and peak performance trainer. He has developed signature mentoring programs that help both aspiring entrepreneurs as well as established and seasoned ones build insanely successful businesses and become even more successful in […]

  • Data For Good with Jennifer Jordan

    Recently, I had the most fascinating conversation with my guest Jennifer Jordan who opened my eyes as to why data is so important when it comes to improving the world from trust and transparency to Artificial Intelligence. Jennifer, helps entrepreneurs and investors build valuable enterprises. She cold called asset managers and launched the first internet […]

  • Making Your Money Work For You with Marcus de Maria

    If you are honest with yourself, are you truly making your money work for you? Marcus de Maria is a very well-respected wealth educator, trader, investor and entrepreneur who transformed his £100,000 debt in to financial freedom using a proven formula for financial wealth.  Marcus’s passion is helping others around the world to achieve financial independence […]

  • Special Encore Show: Kindness Transforms with Stephen Gould and Chris Cooper

    As Managing Director of Everards Brewery in the UK, Stephen Gould and team are delivering an incredible family values driven legacy. As an integral part of their beautiful new office and craft brewery complex – Everards Meadows, thousands of Leicestershire people are now enjoying the freedom of walking, cycling, a picnic, café, bike hire and […]

  • Building Your Business Tribe with Adam Strong

    How do you build a loyal tribe around your business who are connected and inspired by you, your ideas and each other? This week’s guest, Adam Strong, is a corporate productivity authority, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, speaker and trainer. He has been featured on the BBC, The Guardian, People Management, HR Grapevine and Global Woman magazines, […]

  • Change Yourself, Change Your Future with Jessica Richards

    What must you change in these uncertain times to change your future? Do you have a methodology to enable you do it? Jessica Richards C.hyp MNCH (Acc) was fascinating in our first interview in 2020 so I invited her back to share her acclaimed methodology for personal transformation in more depth. Jessica has been a […]

  • Winning with Women and Diversity with Jennifer Justice

    Are you wise to how gender equality and diversity will enhance your business interests and create a better world? Jennifer Justice is an entertainment and live-experience executive known for building artists’ careers and businesses by marrying art with commerce. Whilst at Roc Nation, she was Jay-Z’s personal entertainment attorney for 17 years as well as […]

  • Special Encore Show: Crack the Funding Code with Judy Robinett

    Considering funding for your business venture(s)? If so, this special encore show is for you! My fabulous guest Judy Robinett has helped entrepreneurs find needed capital connecting them with venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, and other funding sources and then guiding them through the dealmaking and due diligence process for over 30 years. A […]

  • Growth and Gratitude with Roger Masterson and Chris Cooper

    How do you grow your business and maintain the energy needed to keep moving forward even when the going is tough? Roger Masterson is a serial entrepreneur with a big reputation for helping business owners to think differently. A disruptive thinker, he is the founder of Celtic Castles, the award-winning online castle-booking company, based in […]

  • Playing Is Not Pretending – Uncovering Your Business Voice

    Are you the face of your own business or expected to be an ambassador for the organization you work or your profession in your work? If so, how you come across to others can make the difference between success or failure. I first met Alex Owen-Hill in Edinburgh whilst attending my first Robbie Burns night […]

  • Discovering Agreement in Disagreeable Times with Glenn Meier

    Living through such turbulent times it is easy to appreciate why business professionals could find themseves in situations of disagreement. The risk though is that it is often easy to view conflict as an energy drain and the natural reaction is often to avoid it and store up potentially complicated legal issues for the future.  […]

  • The Hunt for Unicorns with Winston Ma

    Who is acquiring vast ownership in financial markets today and why is this causing a major shift in global economic power and competition? Recently I had the privilege to talk to Winston Ma about his extensive experience whilst gaining a sense of how sovereign funds are literally reshaping investment in the digital economy.  Winston is […]

  • Discovering Your Purpose with Steven Morris & Chris Cooper

    What is personal and business purpose, why are they so important and how do you discover your own? During this show my guest Steve Morris and I will discuss these important elements which can provide the fuel for enormous personal and business success. As both Steve and I have individually helped hundreds of business people […]

  • Elevating Your 2021 – MY BIG TOE Part 3 with Tom Campbell and Chris Cooper

    With monumental shifts in what we see as ‘normal life’ how do you elevate your thinking and thrive in 2021?  In 2004, working scientist and professional physicist Tom Campbell predicted that if the planet suffers much more damage then mother nature would get even! As business and the world faces huge challenges Tom’s extensive wisdom […]

  • Special Encore Show: Elevating Business Consciousness – MY BIG TOE Part 2 with Tom Campbell and Chris Cooper

    In 2004, working scientist and professional physicist Tom Campbell predicted that if the planet suffers much more damage then mother nature would get even! As business and the world faces monumental challenges Tom’s extensive wisdom and trilogy ‘My Big TOE (My Big picture Theory Of Everything)’ are providing highly acclaimed insight and solutions. Tom spent […]

  • Resonate: Zen and the Way of Making a Difference with Dr Ginny Whitelaw

    Are you wanting to make a difference in today’s vast sea of confusion? Do you want to live a life of meaning, with greater resilience, and with joy? Dr Ginny Whitelaw, a Zen Master and founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership, sharing with you how you can master the principles of resonance to live […]

  • Raising Capital and Calculating Risk with Daniel Wood

    According to Daniel Wood there are 25 ways to raise capital for your business projects or financial investments. So what are they and when is it sensible to borrow funds? Daniel started out as a property investor, investing from his home country in Sweden into the United Kingdom. Over time he and his wife Gisela […]

  • Special Encore Show: Changing The Groundhog Day

    When faced with tough times it can be hard to imagine brighter days ahead. We can feel stuck and stagnant, unable to move forward and progress… but one of the biggest things holding us back from reaching our goals can be ourselves! Jessica Richards C.hyp MNCH (Acc) has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1985 and […]

  • The Call For Positive Leadership with Karen Wilson-Starks and Chris Cooper

    We are living in a momentous period of history with great divides in ideology, high anxiety and isolation as our homes, families, networks, and livelihoods are disrupted by the global pandemic. There is a need for positive leadership to end prejudice, rebuild economics and personal and planetary wellbeing, creating unification and utilising technology and wisdom […]

  • Virtual Assistants with Michele Ibbs and Chris Cooper

    Having a team in the background to help you with time consuming tasks can make the difference between business success and failure. With more and more people now working from home, it has perhaps never been a better time to work with or even become a virtual assistant! This week’s guest Michele Ibbs originally trained […]

  • The Unstoppable Startup with Uri Adoni and Chris Cooper

    Why do Israeli start-ups have a far higher probability of success and attract more venture capital than start-ups in other parts of the world? My guest Uri Adoni says, ‘That it’s all about Chutzpah’. So, what is Chutzpah and what are its secret rules that increase success? How has it contributed to the success of […]

  • How To Sell When No One Is Buying – with Tony Morris and Chris Cooper

    How do you sell when no one seems to be buying? During this interview I will be discussing with Tony Morris his strategies for sales success when times are tough. Tony is an International sales speaker, best-selling author of 5 books and MD of an International sales training company. With his team he has helped […]

  • Choose to be Extraordinary with Saray Khumalo and Chris Cooper

    Do you feel dampened down by the world situation or energised to be your very best and play your part in contributing to the solutions? The good news is that we all have the potential to be extraordinary, This week’s guest knows exactly what it takes to overcome your own personal summit and rise to […]

  • My Big-Toe – Part 1: 15 Things We Learned From Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell is a physicist, who worked as a senior analyst in military technical intelligence, then developed high tech US missile defence systems before becoming an expert consultant generating complex risk analysis for NASA. In parallel with this, he spent over 45 years as a consciousness researcher, researching the properties, boundaries and abilities of consciousness […]

  • Leading Yourself To Be Your Best with Farren Drury and Chris Cooper

    How do you train your mind and body to consistently show up at your best? How do you reject victimhood and embrace life’s tough experiences to lead yourself more successfully? During this conversation with decorated former British Army Officer Farren Drury MBE, we will discuss his story from broken family, brittle confidence and an ‘imposter […]

  • Performance Chemistry with Celynn Morin and Chris Cooper

    My guest Celynn Morin says that you must manage your own performance chemistry by becoming your own CEO (Chief Energy Officer). So how do you do it?  Celynn Morin has been delivering workplace wellbeing programmes for almost two decades. She is a registered dietician and award-winning international speaker. Celynn has co-authored two books and developed […]

  • The Art Of Being Brilliant

    Being brilliant, successful, and happy isn’t about dramatic change, it’s about finding out what really works for you and doing more of it! Andy Cope is a qualified teacher, wellbeing expert and ‘recovering academic’. His Loughborough University PhD was 12 years in the making and he revels in the irony that his thesis on human […]

  • The Secrets of How to Dominate Your Industry

    Would you like to be the number one go-to person or company in your industry? When you potential clients contacting you to do business with you on your terms and your fees? If so, then this podcast is for you.  Ashley Latter started his business coaching career in 1993 working for the legendary Dale Carnegie […]

  • Special Encore: Living in Joy with guest Barry Shore and Chris Cooper

    My 10 year old son asked me recently ’Has God brought us the coronavirus as he is angry with us for damaging our planet?’. While the world seeks an antidote for coronavirus, and we deal with the consequences with our families, something remarkable is emerging. More and more people are reconnecting with what is truly […]

  • Subscription Models

    For decades, consumers and businesses have joined clubs, bought products and accessed services using a subscription model. But it has only been in recent years that the model has been transformed and perfected through massive changes in technology. Robbie Kellman Baxter is the founder of Peninsula Strategies LLC, a management consulting firm, as well as the […]

  • Being A Great Independent Director

    Becoming an independent director (often referred to as a non-executive director in Europe) is often deemed to be a highly aspirational role by senior executives planning their retirement. Less stress than a full-time corporate role, and a valuable extra source of income it is a way of helping companies with your many years of skills […]

  • Elevating Purpose In A Changing World

    How can I best serve others right now? This is the question many of us have been asking ourselves during this unprecedented period in history. Whilst sectors like healthcare and food supply chains have gone into overdrive, many companies have suffered the consequences of business postponement during Covid19  – how do we ensure that we […]

  • Special Encore Show: Elevating Leadership In Crisis with Gene Early and Chris Cooper

    How do you elevate your leadership in a crisis? Gene Early, Leaders’ Quest partner and co-founder of the first NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training institute in Europe and I, Chris Cooper (leadership, people and engagement specialist) have joined forces to help you elevate your performance to a next level during crisis.  In May 2019, we […]

  • Embodying a Trust Based Philosophy

    As the consequences of human behaviour are increasingly revealed through major global issues such as climate change and sustainability, the pandemic,  movements for change, social media, politics,poor business practices, online fraud and more it is clear that building trust and consciousness has rarely been more important. My guest Mark Given has spoken or taught at […]

  • Surviving to Thriving with Kate Fletcher

    Are you currently surviving or really thriving? Kate Fletcher is a highly recommended strategic advisor, board facilitator, mentor and performance coach who has led business units and divisions for major organizations. During this interview we will discuss ‘Surviving to Thriving’ and Kate’s perspectives from her many years of work with CEOs and major organizations. We […]

  • The Invisible Organization with Mitch Russo

    What happens when you don’t need a ton of Infrastructure? Profits go through the roof! That happens because of two powerful, additive forces: spending less on overhead AND increasing staff productivity! There’s an art and a science to turning the corner; it can be done – and you can do it! This week’s guest, Mitch Russo, is a […]

  • Win or Die – Lessons for Life from the Game of Thrones

    Have you ever watched the Game and Thrones and strategised about the bold moves you’d make in this bloody, volatile world—from the comfort of your living room? My guest Bruce Craven the author of Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones was so inspired he wrote a fascinating book.  And he says one […]

  • Growing Reputation and Worthiness with Mike Mooney and Chris Cooper

    In stressful times we can find our reputation placed in a vulnerable position. So what are the key ideas you must know to protect your business? Also is it time to consider pivoting your career or business into even more worthy work or ways of doing business? Mike Mooney is a reputation and brand expert […]

  • Inspiring Young People with David Hyner & Chris Cooper

    How do you inspire and help young people to lead happy and fulfilled lives whilst contributing to the demands of today’s workplaces? Often my clients talk about young people and the challenges they face in leading them at work. Many are parents, like myself to teenage children, and struggling with how to manage and best […]

  • Art Works with Georgina Heskin

    Over the centuries people have been inspired, moved emotionally and captivated by works of art. Art has the ability to help us to express complex feelings, to develop the whole brain and explore areas that we have not explored before. In light of the current circumstances can art help us make sense of our new […]

  • Breathing Space – with Nikki J Owen and Chris Cooper

    Be honest, how well are you dealing with life’s pressures right now? Would you like to perform more effortlessly in the workplace whilst enjoying home life more? Over the last 10 days, I have accessed daily Nikki J Owen’s Breathing Space, a pioneering approach anyone can learn that helps you to transform wellbeing, mindset, energy […]

  • Virtual World Communication Skills

    With the COVID-19 pandemic we are adopting a new sense of normal: gone are the days of communicating face to face daily with our loved ones, colleagues, and work connections. We are now embracing the virtual world like never before, with video calls at an all time high. But how can we learn to communicate […]

  • Influencer Marketing For Uncertain Times

    How do you build influence and develop your brand online in uncertain times? As the world in 2020 is brought to a standstill by a frightening new viral paradigm it is hard to see a positive in the word viral. Yet for many years marketers have used the concept of the multiplication of opportunity via […]

  • Engaging Leader Diary – Making the most of Family Lockdown

    ‘The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic is a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and vulnerabilities. The virus respects no borders. Combatting this pandemic calls for a transparent, robust, co-ordinated, large-scale and science-based global response in the spirit of solidarity. We are strongly committed to presenting a united front against this common threat’. (G20) Are you doing your […]

  • ‘Solved by Midnight’ – Rapid Conflict Resolution

    Conflict at work and at home can be very draining emotionally and in some cases, financially!  So which conflicts do you need to resolve in your life and how will you go about it? As my guest Jane Gunn told me, when people are in conflict it often takes 3 years or more before it […]

  • Are you Agile or Fragile?

    Who would have anticipated that a virus would put the world into a tailspin? Or that a 17 year old would bring the realities of climate change to the masses and change perspectives forever?  In an even faster instant, life can throw completely unexpected curveballs at you illness, work surprises, an accident, a heckler at […]

  • Your Role in Reversing Climate Change

    Wildfires, floods, receding glaciers, diminishing wildlife and forests, plastics in oceans, widespread pollution. Human impact is damaging our planet, yet most of us are stuck in a confusing pattern of accelerating consumption and advice. What can we each do to play our role in reversing climate change? Or is there no point? As I reflect […]

  • The Gentle Marketing Revolution

    How can you make you and your business stand out on social media, but without being pushy, salesy and in your face? This week’s guest, Sarah Santacroce, is starting a revolution! 12 years of running an Online LinkedIn Consulting business inspired a yearning in Sarah to create a global movement that encourages people to bring […]

  • The Business of Rumi Part 2 – A Turkish Adventure

    In part 1 of the Business of Rumi we introduced Rumi the 13th century philosopher, poet, author and now 21st century bestselling poet and heard from the head of the whirling dervishes Fahri Ozcakil and Hz Esin Celibi Bayru a 22nd generation relative of Rumi and Vice President of the International Mevlana foundation. In this […]

  • The Business of Rumi Part 1 – A Turkish Adventure

    Why is Rumi the 13th century philosopher, poet and author so loved today?  Admirers include Bob Dylan, Madonna and Coldplay. What can we learn from his life and work that can  elevate our lives and businesses? In Dec. 2020, business elevation, leadership and engagement specialist and show host Chris Cooper was invited to the 746th […]

  • Great Leadership Development Secrets

    Why is it that it often takes a talented external party to unlock the potential within your leaders and teams? What are the behaviours, techniques and tools they bring to do this so successfully? My passion for 30 years has been helping leaders, teams and business owners to realise more of their potential and build […]

  • 5 Drivers Shaping The Future with Jared Nichols and Chris Cooper

    Jared Nichols says “Like every story, there’s always another side to consider. This is especially true when it comes to the future, a story that is still being written. Each of us still has a role to play in this story of the future, and when that role is fulfilled, the future could look very […]

  • Think Slow to Move Fast with Bob Kulhan

    In a world that rotates at 1000mph, sometimes we feel the need to think equally as fast! However, this can often cause stressful and unproductive situations. Bob Kulhan has spent the last two decades linking improvisation to business through the behavioral sciences.  Bob is an elite improv actor as well as an Adjunct Professor at […]

  • A Hero’s Journey to Vulnerability with Tom Eddington

    Tom Eddington has worked for three decades in business as a consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor. He is a student and teacher of board, leadership, and organizational effectiveness – focusing on how companies grow, achieve, and sustain effectiveness whilst remaining stewards for their stakeholders. As a partner in a highly respected global consulting firm […]

  • Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous with Penny Haslam

    In today’s noisy marketplace, it’s crucial you find ways to get noticed. But do you shy away from the spotlight for fear of feeling like an idiot or looking like a show-off? Do you see others out there, attracting the kind of attention you wish you could get? Penny Haslam has enjoyed a successful career […]

  • Special Encore: Kindness and Connection with Leon Logothetis

    One day my 12 year old son Matthew said ‘Dad you must watch this series on Netflix. It is about a man who is living off kindness of strangers – it is brilliant – they recommended it at school’. I binge watched the entire series of the ‘The Kindness Diaries’ and felt compelled to immediately […]

  • Special Encore Show: The 3-Minute Rule with Brant Pinvidic

    When it comes to pitches, is it true that the longer, flashier and more elaborate they are, the more likely you are to be successful? This week’s guest, Brant Pinvidic, doesn’t think so! Brant Pinvidic is an award-winning film director, veteran television producer, C-level sales and presentations coach, keynote speaker, top-rated podcast host, and a […]

  • Smarter Not Harder with Simon Barrett

    If you had three extra days a month to focus on what really matters, then how much more would you achieve? What if you could ensure your people also had three extra days each to work on your business? My guest, Simon Barrett, helps his clients to do just that. He literally helps them to […]

  • Lead with Love or Lead with Fear? with Special Guest Panel

    Is it best to always use love rather than fear for personal, business or political progress? Should we be encouraging qualities such as integrity, love & peace rather than using fear to gain power at all costs as embodied in Machiavelli’s 16th century teachings ‘The Prince’? Or do we need to teach our kids and […]

  • 12 Pillars Of Business Growth with Rupert Honywood

    Knowing how to grow and build a business can be difficult – so where do you go begin? Everything has to start with, what Rupert refers to as the “12 Pillars”. The first two pillars being reflected in you as a person (your “why”) and your personal plan and these should be reflected with desired […]

  • The Power of Surveys (and blogging) with Laura McInerney and Chris Cooper

    How do you use surveys powerfully to build your business? Laura McInerney is an investigative journalist and co-founder of the daily survey platform, Teacher Tapp.  A formidable blogger, she was taken to court by the UK education secretary for asking to see documents that exposed government incompetence – three years later she walked away with […]

  • Leading and Building Creative Teams with Christopher O’Donnell

    Creativity in the workplace is an important part of building a successful business. Yet sometimes, it can be hard to know where to draw the creativity from, and how to keep it flowing throughout your teams! Christopher O’Donnell is a technologist, musician and public speaker who has built dozens of web and mobile products. His […]

  • Empowering Women in Business with Genecia Alluora and Chris Cooper

    Would you like to attract clients online, get recognition, build a brand and make a positive impact in the world? If so my guest Genecia Alluora is a renowned expert at helping women to do just that. She is a former Miss Singapore and Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence 2010. She is the Founder of […]

  • Writing and Publishing the Right Book with Sue Richardson

    Do you plan to write a book to help elevate your business? Or have written one before and wish to do an even better job next time around? How do you best write a book and what is the ideal route to get your hard work published? Sue Richardson created The Right Book Company – […]

  • The Business of Reciprocity with Cherie Concannon

    If you give generously there is the tendency that you will receive in return. Where this is done in business with great integrity and purpose it can also prove to be an exceptional growth strategy.  My guest Cherie Concannon’s greatest motivation is helping people. She believes that businesses can thrive when they act with each […]

  • Digital Working: Making The Most Of Tech with Thorsten Jekel

    Today we have incredible technology available at our finger tips… yet we tend to use only a small amount of its potential! This week’s guest, IT entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Thorsten Jekel is a leading expert on Digital Working.  He speaks from 25+ years of professional experience in sales, in project management for the service […]

  • ‘The Healing Organization’ with Raj Sisodia and Chris Cooper

    This week I am delighted to welcome a very distinguished guest, Raj Sisodia, to discuss why a workplace should also be a place of healing, whether it be for employees, their families or customers. A founding member of the groundbreaking Conscious Capitalism movement, Raj Sisodia is the FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and […]

  • New World Engagement with Maria Bourke

    The ever-changing world we live in means business is increasingly fast paced, technologically led and at times chaotic.  ‘Burn out’ is becoming so common it will soon be officially recognised as a disease! So how do we learn to engage better when immersion in often complex digital worlds combined with constant change can easily damage […]

  • Engaging Leader Diary – Raising Successful People

    Last week, marked 8 years of the Business Elevation Show on Voice America. 345 hours of interviews accessed multiple times by over 284,000 different ip addresses from over 50 countries over the last year. A labour of love that at times has required lots of resilience to keep on going. Yet the guests on the […]

  • How to Raise Successful People with Esther Wojcicki

    Esther Wojcicki is famous for three things: teaching a high school class that has changed the lives of thousands of kids, inspiring Silicon Valley legends like Steve Jobs, and raising three daughters who have each become famously successful. What do these three accomplishments have in common? They’re the result of TRICK, Esther’s secret to raising […]

  • Special Encore Show: Linkedin Sales Success with Rupert Honywood

    Are you really effective at using your Linkedin account to deliver you great new sales prospects? If not, perhaps you are like most business people and not fully utilizing this exceptional resource. I first got to know my guest Rupert Honeywood when he connected with me via Linkedin in a very engaging way. I was […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Leading with Love

    Do you truly draw upon the very best of yourself when leading? As I talk with many leaders and thought leaders, I am becoming inspired by how many deep conversations I am having about elevating leadership. By adopting greater humility, drawing upon the good within ourselves and doing what is right (even if it means […]

  • ‘Humor That Works’ with Andrew Tarvin

    How do we best use humor (or as we spell it in the UK ‘humour’) to enhance success in our work? My guest Andrew Tarvin describes himself as the world’s first humor engineer, teaching people how to get better results while having more fun. Through his company, Humor That Works, Drew has worked with more […]

  • ‘Survival of the Fittest’ with Jane Hansom, Mike Pagan and Chris Cooper

    In Autumn 2018, I committed to participate in one of the toughest endurance events in the UK. The ‘Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon’ created by inspiring former show guest, David Fox-Pitt MBE to raise vital funds for charity. With the death of my father in November this extreme journey took on even greater meaning as a […]

  • Special Encore Show: How to Select a Brand Ambassador with sports marketing expert Jane Hansom

    Creating emotional connections with your brand is an essential part of many organizations marketing plans.  Selecting brand ambassadors can be a powerful strategy but there are risks to getting it right.  Jane Hansom is a marketeer with over 25 years experience of creating integrated global brand marketing campaigns across media channels from TV and print […]

  • Transformational Thinking with Mitzi Wyman and Chris Cooper

    From my experience a business’s culture and behaviour is a mirror reflection of the thinking and behaviour of its leaders over the last 2 or 3 years. Whilst some businesses thrive others are relegated to mediocrity and sometimes failure. So how so you adopt new ways of thinking that transform? My guest Mitzi Wyman started […]

  • Office Politics with Adrian Furnham & Chris Cooper

    The phrase ‘office politics’ can often come with a negative connotation, suggesting dirty tricks and Machiavellian manipulation. But can there be a more positive benefit? This week’s guest, Adrian Furnham, has written over 1200 scientific papers and 85 books. In combination, there is no other psychologist who has written more! He is on the editorial […]

  • Stand Up for Positive Change with Tom Davis

    How do you make positive change from challenging unfair systems? Unhappy with the US Healthcare system and the impact on the health of clinicians, my guest today Dr Tom Davis has taken a stand. He is teaching clinicians about a new way to make a living in a system that taking some to breaking point. […]

  • Leading Business with Love with Dr Mansour Malik and Chris Cooper

    What would happen if love and peace were adopted as deep fundamental values of leadership and business today? When the world needs us to unite like never before, surely the time is now to end selfish ways such that together we can solve the complex problems in the world. My guest Dr Mansour Malik is […]

  • The Future of Tech and Success in Business with Vice President at Intel Rachel K Mushahwar

    Today’s guest has a huge corporate role at Intel. She comes across as calm, super intelligent, passionate about business value, technology, and innovation, is glamorous, loves her family and was named by Insight Success as “US Business Woman of the Year”.  She recently was featured in Forbes magazine sharing the “Unvarnished Truths of being an […]

  • Protecting Your Trademarks

    Have you considered the important role trademarks play in successful businesses and the ability they can provide you to leverage your brands? Prior to beginning his own practice, my guest Erik Pelton reviewed trademark applications as an Attorney for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. In law school beforehand, Erik focused on the convergence of […]

  • Special Encore Show: Strategic Change and Consultancy with Chris Cooper and John Jennings

    Effectively navigating change is today an essential skill for all leaders, employees and consultants. Gone are the days when employees can resist change. Instead we must embrace it, strategise and implement well.  So how do we most effectively navigate it and what are the key pitfalls to be mindful of? Whether you are an internal […]

  • Stakeholder Engagement with Alex Catmur, Nelly Twumasi-Mensah and Chris Cooper

    There has never been a time when it has been easier to connect with stakeholders. Yet how do we truly engage them such that we implement change initiatives effectively? My guests are Alex Catmur who has worked with clients across a wide range of sectors helping them make the most of their information assets. He […]

  • Eyes Wide Open with Isaac Lidsky and Chris Cooper

    A powerful insight inspired my guest Isaac Lidsky to achieve his most ambitious dreams despite losing his sight to a blinding disease: it isn’t external circumstances, but how we perceive and respond to them, that governs our reality. Series regular “Weasel” on Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Isaac graduated from Harvard College at […]

  • Elevating Leadership Part 2 with Chris Cooper, Gene Early and Steven Morris

    How do you truly elevate your leadership? In part 2 we take a deep dive into  our ‘Elevating Leadership Model’ sharing focus areas and ideas to make practical leadership performance shifts. Gene Early, Leaders’ Quest partner and co-founder of the first NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training institute in Europe and I, Chris Cooper, have been […]

  • The Huub Story – Innovation and Inspiration with founder Dean Jackson and Chris Cooper

    Wishing to disrupt an industry with a fresh innovative approach or wanting to be inspired by a leader who has done just that? HUUB founder and owner Dean Jackson created the company in 2011 as a new sporting brand which utilised technology and research in the design of its clothing and accessories to deliver performance […]

  • Finding The Perfect Coach – Artistry Of Coaching

    How do you find the perfect coach? In this special conversation, we will be discussing how to ensure a coach is right for you or your employees, as well as the subtle signs of coaching artistry that give coach confidence. I am joined by three friends of the show, Libby Wagner the poet, teacher, writer, […]

  • Special Encore Show: The Courage To Change – The Miracle of a Do Over

    Do you have the courage to change or help others to change? At 15, Karlyn Pipes was a Junior National swimming champion and destined for greatness. However, she slipped into a dark pattern of alcohol abuse. Despite having amazing athletic skills, she hit rock bottom at age 31. It was then that she turned her […]

  • Elevating Leadership with Chris Cooper, Gene Early and Steven Morris

    How do you truly elevate your leadership? Gene Early, Leaders’ Quest partner and co-founder of the first NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training institute in Europe and I, Chris Cooper, have been co-creating our thinking on taking leadership to the next level.  Having first begun this work reflecting by a Masai campfire in Kenya, it feels […]

  • Be Fair, Be Different with Mike Symes

    Do you and your business always treat people fairly? Do you always return calls, follow through on commitments, treat suppliers well…Is fairness at the heart of everything you do? If not, you are missing a significant point of differentiation. Mike Symes is Chief Executive of the multi award-winning Financial Marketing Group of Companies and Executive […]

  • Special Encore Show: Selling More Over The Phone with guest Anthony Stears

    Would you like your sales people or yourself to sell more over the phone? Anthony Stears is the man I trust to help my business engage effectively over the phone. Having learned so much wisdom from Anthony, I thought it would be great to discuss how to effectively build a better approach that helps avoid […]

  • Vulnerability In Business with Corey Blake

    Being vulnerable and open in business can prove engaging, while sharing our inner most thoughts and secrets can also have repercussions. Where is the sweet spot to vulnerability? My guest Corey Blake is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), the publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press, and a speaker, artist, and storyteller. He […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Selling Over The Phone

      In November, I decided that we needed some help selling over the phone. Taking a cold hard look at our business, I realised we were shying away from picking up the phone and hiding behind email. We know we are good at what we do but we were playing the avoidance game. So I appointed […]

  • Good for You, Good for the City with Scott Cain

    What would employee health, business performance and our cities be like if our employees chose to run or even cycle to work and left the car and public transport behind? One big challenge though is that the infrastructure to be able to shower and change has not been easily accessible. Most companies also have not […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – We all need Reminding!

    Do you regularly reflect and remind yourself and your team about why you really do what you do? Journaling regularly and structured team huddles are two ways to help explore and remind ourselves of what is important. By reflecting upon what is really important we develop more clarity, a deeper sense of connection, more energy […]

  • Irresistible Selling – Getting to Irresistible with guest John Livesay

    How can your sales approach become irresistible? During this interview we will explore how you can go from being invisible to irresistible including exploring the power of storytelling. My guest John Livesay, aka The Pitch Whisperer, is a sales keynote speaker and shares key lessons learned from his award-winning sales career at Conde Nast. In […]

  • So, what is all this engagement stuff about then?

    Well, that is a question I often hear when talking to business leaders about the very significant competitive advantage that can be gained by having an employee-centric culture at the heart of any business. And I really do mean any business, regardless of size, sector, country or complexity. The financial case is one that can […]

  • The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

    Do you sell ideas or advice and feel frustrated with having to part with your thinking for free whilst spending lots of time and money writing lengthy proposals? My guest Blair Enns is on a mission to change the way creative services are bought and sold the world over. He is the founder and CEO […]

  • Creating Global Digital Empires® with guest Chad Barr

    How do you turn your content into a global digital empire? Do you struggle with how to effectively manifest and leverage your thoughts, insights and wisdom? Chad Barr was a standout guest back in 2015 when we talked about creating million dollar web presence. A much listened to show and a very engaging communicator, I […]

  • Collective Leadership with Roelien Bokxem and Chris Cooper

    Would you love people in your organization to be internally and externally engaged, working enthusiastically together towards a shared vision while using their unique talents and skills to contribute to success? If you would then join us for another fascinating and thought-provoking interview. My guest Roelien Bokxem is co-founder and principal of PresenceAtWork, a collective […]

  • Managing Your Boss with Chris Ruisi

    How good is your relationship with your boss? My guest Chris Ruisi says that ‘to succeed in any organization you must get on well with your boss. Put the company first, your boss second and yourself third’. Chris is a nationally recognized US executive coach and leadership expert, professional speaker, global talk radio show host, […]

  • ‘One Year Wiser’ with Chris Cooper and Mike Pagan

    Have you fully reflected on your life and work during 2018 to build on your successes and avoid repeating the same old mistakes? In this show, I will reflect upon the many lessons from many interviews and experiences during 2018. Also encourage you to do the same. To add further insight, I have invited my […]

  • Transforming Higher Education – for the 21st century workplace

    Higher education plays an important role in life, preparing students to thrive in the workplace or entrepreneurial world. While consulting in this sector, I have been so excited by potential but often witnessed important transformative initiatives that would help meet student needs being squashed by internal politics and tradition. My guests include Tosin Adebisi who […]

  • Special Encore Show: Leading People with Chris Cooper and John Jennings

    I’m delighted to replay this special show with my colleague John Jennings: How do you best lead people? One of my clients recently described people as an enigma. However, like the story of the enigma code, there is also a code that can help when it comes to people! This week’s interview sees host Chris […]

  • The Cervelo Cycles Story – To Make Riders Faster with Phil White

    Phil White and Gerard Vroomen took their bike company, Cervelo on a 16 year roller-coaster ride from a basement workshop in Montreal to the pinnacle of triathlon and road cycling. They realised their dream of seeing their bikes win in the Tour De France,the Olympics and Ironman. Gerard and Phil built the most sought-after brand […]

  • Working Through Illness with Donia Youssef

    A recent UK study revealed that 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. So how do you best deal with the significant consequences of serious illness if it strikes you, your company employees or family and friends? As I support my own family including father with pancreatic […]

  • Human Digital Transformation with Elisabet Hearn & Steve Sharpe

    We are surrounded by non-stop change. A new digitally competitive economy is forcing technological re-imagination across the market. This is necessary, but what effect does this have on people, culture and leadership – and how do you bring a workforce with you on the journey? It’s time to humanise your digital initiatives, engaging and involving […]

  • Emotional Intelligence To Unlock Sales Performance with Simon Toy and Chris Cooper

    Do you have the awareness and ability to express your emotions and handle interpersonal relationships effectively and with empathy, such that you enjoy tremendous sales success? In other words, have you mastered emotional intelligence? Simon Toy is the MD of Performance Associates formed in 2001 specialising in developing Emotional Intelligence with a focus on Influence, […]

  • Video Marketing for Business with guest Frank Furness and Chris Cooper

    Video has quickly become one of the most important online contributors to Search Engine Optimisation, customer connection and experience as well as the best medium to demonstrate products and services. So where do you start? What equipment do you use? What platforms are best to share your videos? With so many questions around this topic, […]

  • Growth in the Reputation Economy with guest Mike Mooney

    Do you know that 60% of your companies market value is tied to reputation. Or that 84% of your employees may consider leaving your company for one with a great reputation. 100% of referrals are of course also based on reputation. Ignore reputation and it could back fire big time! Mike Mooney developed a trusted […]

  • The Business of Expertise with guest David C Baker

    Do you want to leverage your own expertise into a sustainable business? During this interview, I will be talking to David C Baker about his book ‘The Business Of Expertise’ and why experts will always rule over generalists. Also the steps to deeper expertise, greater impact and higher profit. David has a fascinating background having […]

  • Best Self Leadership – Cutting Edge Principles with guest Gene Early

    Are you a leader who deeply cares about making a difference? Do you want to be the best self leader you can be and leave a positive impact upon the world? I was first inspired by Leaders’ Quest Partner Gene Early when we met on a quest to Kenya and soon entered into deep conversation. […]

  • Executive Health and Fitness with guest ‘Digme Fitness’ CEO Geoff Bamber

    Health, fitness and happiness are very desirable goals and the desire to have them has resulted in an ever expanding health and fitness industry. With well-being regularly discussed amongst board rooms it also widely recognised that healthy, fit and happy employees deliver a competitive edge when it comes to productivity and performance at work. My […]

  • Lean Enterprises – Developing an agile business with Prasad Prabhakaran and Chris Cooper

      Lean enterprises organise their human activities to deliver greater benefits to society and value to individuals while eliminating waste. Is your business lean and agile? During this interview, I will talk to Prasad Prabhakaran who has hands-on experience building Digital, AI, Blockchain Products and Platforms and in result-oriented IT Transformation. As a result of […]

  • The Magic of Fundraising – with Emma Hallam and Chris Cooper

    Fundraising is a fantastic way of achieving remarkable life goals with the warm knowledge of giving back to charities and those in need. It is also a powerful way to help companies build employee and company engagement. Emma Hallam is Founder of charity Alex’s Wish conquering Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) – an aggressive life-limiting muscle […]

  • Special Encore Show: Positiverosity with David Fox-Pitt

    Do you believe in stepping up and doing things differently? My guest David Fox-Pitt has been inspiring people to embrace adventure, become more resourceful, build resilience and encourage a healthy attitude to fear and failure for over 30 years. During this show we will discuss his book, “Positiverosity, 7 Golden Principles” derived from his international […]

  • Empowering Women with motorsport star Annie Seel and serial entrepreneur Daniel Wood

    Are you a woman who is wanting to accomplish exceptional results in areas of life that have been typically male dominated? Or are you someone who simply cares about helping women to achieve their full potential? Annie Seel is a Swedish-born motorcyclist and enduro racer who set a world altitude record by cycling 5305 metres […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Conversational Leadership with David Whyte

      Last week my 300th show aired on Voice America and thus I want to share some of the lessons from some the interviews that have had an impact on me. Today I want to talk about David Whyte. Over many years I had heard the name  David Whyte and how his work had impacted […]

  • Sequentiality: The amazing power of finding the right sequence of steps

    Sequentiality provides a simple yet highly effective prescription for personal development. Are you willing to use sequentiality to work in your favour? JOHN VESPASIAN is the author of nine books about rational living including ‘Sequentiality: The amazing power of finding the right sequence of steps’. Join us for this latest interview on ‘The Business Elevation […]

  • How to Manifest Your Dream Job with Sarah J Naylor

    Are you fed up of just doing a job to earn money? Do you want to make your next career move a really positive one? During this interview our conversation will help you to land your dream job by focusing on your talents and passions. My guest, Sarah J Naylor, has over 30 years of […]

  • Special Encore Show: The Artistry of Engagement

    So what has poetry, music and art got to do with leadership and engagement? In this very unique interview including a live musical performance, On this special encore show I will be talking to Libby Wagner who is a poet, teacher, writer and speaker. A trusted advisor for presidents, CEOs and executive directors, and whose […]

  • FUSION: How Integrating brand and culture powers the world’s greatest companies

    When business leaders align and integrate culture and brand, they increase their competitive advantage, create measurable value for customers and employees, and future-proof their businesses. that isn’t possible by simply cultivating one or the other alone. Yet many business leaders don’t know how to build a healthy, effective, and valuable culture! Denise Lee Yohn is […]

  • The Young Entrepreneur – The Winebuyers Story with guest Ben Revell

    How important is age and experience when it comes to entrepreneurial success? This week we’ll be talking to Ben Revell, a serial entrepreneur with a background in luxury goods and a founding member in three previous startups to try and understand the qualities needed to be a successful young entrepreneur. At the age of only […]

  • Curiosity – The number one skill with guest Steven Morris

    I once asked a Global Director for a famous coffee brand and – ‘What is the number one skill your company look for when recruiting great candidates’? His answer ‘Curiosity’. I have since shared the film of this in my own speeches and for some it is a really significant insight. After a recent interview […]

  • Conversational Leadership with guest David Whyte

    Over many years I have heard the name of David Whyte and how his work has impacted the many incredible leaders he works with. To me his work is legendary. As a poet he has created a readership & listenership in three normally mutually exclusive areas: the literate world of readings that most poets inhabit, […]

  • Put a Shark In Your Tank with guest Kevin Harrington

    What are the top tips to build your dream business and why should you put a shark in your tank? Kevin Harrington has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years.  He is an Original Shark on the ABC hit, Emmy winning TV show, “Shark Tank.” The Inventor of the Infomercial, Co- Founder of […]

  • Go The Extra Mile with Shawn Anderson

    What could you achieve if you took every opportunity to go the extra mile? If you are a business owner or leader how could this philosophy if adopted within your business transform you results? My guest Shawn Anderson is a 6-time motivational author and inspiring keynote speaker. His “go the extra mile” philosophy and ability […]

  • The Engaging Leader – Mick Dawson Rowing the Pacific

    Last week at our ‘Let’s Get Engaged’ event it was great to spend time with the most accomplished Ocean rower in history Mick Dawson. Mick had us on the edge of our seats with tails of adventure not only rowing the Atlantic but one of the last great firsts – The North Pacific! Why he […]

  • Building and Investing in Rockstar Businesses with Jonathan Pfahl

    How do you build a rockstar of a business and how do you invest in growing businesses without risk? On this show my guest is Jonathan Pfahl who set up the Rockstar Group in 2007. Since then he has grown it into the largest resource bank of business services for growing companies in the UK. […]

  • Engaging Leadership, Engaging Results with Shaun Bradley – People Director of Perkbox

    Engagement is a great personal passion and helping leaders and managers to build engaging cultures and become more engaging is a prime focus for our business. Engagement impacts financial performance, staff retention, absenteeism, productivity and well being. I therefore love to talk to guests who can talk very practically about what they have done to […]

  • The Engaging Leader – Be ‘Deliberately Different’ the Nevis Way

    I recently had the pleasure to interview Greg Phillip the very inspiring CEO of the Nevis Tourism Authority with Jane Hansom of Sponge Marketing. Jane is responsible in the UK for Nevis public relations and as the world iron man champion in 2016 – incredibly inspirational too! They are also smart as their work involves […]

  • Special Encore: What Will You Do With Your 90,000 hours? with Libby Wagner

    How are you spending your precious 90,000 hours at work? I am delighted to invite you to listen as I interview The Boardroom Poet, Libby Wagner about how to become the best version of yourself by spending your time in work in a way that inspires you and makes you proud. Libby came very highly […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Where The Magic Happens

    Last week, I was at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall and went to see my friend Caspar Craven speak. Caspar really inspired me during a recent interview to produce my own set of values and vision statement with my family, just as you would for a team. This has been very valuable for […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – February/March Summary

    1. ‘Family Values’ If we want to succeed in life the success of our work will one day be measured by the impact we had on the lives of others. In this diary post, I want to share some of the lessons and ideas that we learn as leaders during the journey that is life. […]

  • How can entrepreneurs avoid self-sabotage: Tales from The Supper Club

    Have you considered whether you are self sabotaging your own business success? On this show, I will be talking to Emma-Jane Packe, Managing Director of the The Supper Club. The Supper Club is a membership club exclusively for fast-growth entrepreneurs and since 2003 has enabled thousands of founders and CEOs to realise their growth ambitions. […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – No, Can’t Afford That Attitude

    Are you looking after yourself and boosting your levels of engagement? Over the last 6 months,  I have been exercising  4- 6 times a week with a mixture of running, cycling, weights, swimming and yoga. Two incredible interview guests who have inspired me big time have been 214 FINA Masters world swimming record holder and […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Engaging leaders build movements

    Last week, I interviewed Mark Croston the Chairman of the World Dodgeball Association and Vice President of the Rugby League. When I mentioned to my colleague that there was a World Dodgeball Association he could not stop laughing. ‘Chris have you seen ‘Dodgeball’ the movie with Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller? I then did a […]

  • Making the Case for Face to Face with John Blaskey

    Stop hiding behind your screens and engage with your prospects! This is the message of my guest John Blaskey. John is an expert at helping clients to generate millions of pounds through face to face marketing. Having hired John to help me with a strategy for a recent event I am excited about introducing you […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Let’s Get Engaged

    So today, I have been working on an exciting free event which will be held on the morning of the April 17th called ‘Let’s Get Engaged’. This will suit anyone who is a brave, caring leader of an SME or HR professional with engagement on their agenda. Together we are going to talk about what […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Kindness

    There is something special about a leader who naturally demonstrates kindness. Sometimes it is small unexpected gesture like a thank you card, a small gift or some kind words. I still remember to this day two leaders sending me well done cards as I achieved a sales milestone as a new sales recruit at Mars […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Engaging Conversations

    Today my mind is on pruning back a massive hedge in my garden before spring sets in. If I had regularly maintained it each year and effectively chipped away at it then it would not now be a tangled 10 foot high mass and an enormous job to bring it back under control. This reminds […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Engaging Exhibitor or Exhibition Lemon?

    Have you ever manned an exhibition stand and felt a bit of a lemon? Completely out of your comfort zone? Last week, having at short notice been kindly offered the opportunity to share a space on an exhibition stand and dip our toe into exhibitions at The Best You at Olympia I found myself hitting […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Engaging Leaders Measure Engagement

      I was talking today with Engagement Multiplier whose purpose is to enable 100 million people to become more measurably engaged. We love their engagement tool because if you can measure engagement then you can do something about it. A number of our clients are now trialing this and loving the metrics and anonymous dialogue […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – Are you a leader of distinction?

      This week I was speaking to Al Cole who is interviewing me for his show ‘People of Distinction’ that airs on CBS Radio in the United States. It got me wondering what does it take to truly be a person of distinction? Where we got to in our conversation was that people of distinction […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – ‘Employee Engagement Book Club’ – 2

    I recently interviewed my friend David Long CEO and Founder of My Employees on the Business Elevation show for the second time. My Employees for 30 years have provided engagement and reputation services from their base in North Carolina. David has been someone I have spoken about in my keynotes on ‘How to Be An […]

  • The Engaging Leader Diary – ‘Family Values’ – 1′

    If we want to succeed in life the success of our work will one day be measured by the impact we had on the lives of others. In this diary post, I want to share some of the lessons and ideas that we learn as leaders during the journey that is life. Today’s point is […]

  • The World Dodgeball Association Story with Mark Croston

    Considering launching a big project? Feel slightly overwhelmed? In 2013, previous London Skolars Rugby director, Mark Croston, was one of the two founding members of World Dodgeball’s governing body, leading the incorporation process and development of the association as the Official World Governing Body, with recognition from the International Olympic Committee, Sport Accord/GAISF and each […]

  • Engaging your Employees with David Long

    Ask yourself how many potential star employees walk away from your business after just 3 months? How many of your employees are unmotivated when they come to work? How does that affect the service your customers receive? I will be talking to friend of the Business Elevation show David Long Founder/CEO of MyEmployees, a firm […]

  • Strategy For Life & Business with Adam Harris & Robert Craven

    There never seems to be enough hours in the day to take care of daily business and work towards your goals, let alone your life goals! The busier you are, the more you need a compass to keep you on track. You lead and manage others, but now it’s time to lead yourself! Robert Craven […]

  • Let’s Get Engaged! Raising engagement levels in your organisation

    Join us on April 17th 2018 at 9.30am until 12.30pm where will to discuss the hottest buzzword in the business world these days – engagement. With surveys repeatedly showing that over 80 percent of employees are not engaged in their jobs and UK business having one of the poorest engagement levels in the G12, scope for performance improvement […]

  • Transformational Coaching – The 7 Keys To Releasing Potential & Raising Performance

    Do you lead or manage people? If so an essential part of your role will be to raise performance by releasing the full potential of your team. During this interview we learned precisely how to do this with my guest Peter Milligan. We discussed Peter’s 7 keys to releasing potential and raising performance. If you’re […]

  • Chris Cooper Partner with Engagement Multiplier

    We make no secret that engagement is the number 1 passion for Chris Cooper, Business Elevation. With surveys repeatedly showing that over 80 percent of employees are not engaged in their jobs and UK businesses having one of the poorest engagement levels in the G12, scope for performance improvement is astonishing. Organizations need engaged team […]

  • Top 3 Interviews of 2017 on The Business Elevation Show

    2017 was another hugely successful year for The Business Elevation, with some fantastic interviews held with some of the top thought-leaders in the world! Below are the 3 most popular interviews from the year – as always, they are available to listen to 24/7 by accessing the free archives!   Future Stewards – expanding leadership […]

  • Top 3 Shows of 2017: Win More Business with guest Phil M Jones

    Over the next three weeks, we will be airing the Top Three Interviews of 2017 on The Business Elevation Show. The second is with guest with Phil M Jones. Would you like to win more business? Are you letting countless opportunities pass you by due to a fear of being too pushy? Whether you are a sales […]

  • The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone

    Introverts aren’t comfortable with traditional tactics like aggressively pushing a product or talking over a customer’s objections. However, sales is a skill anyone can learn and master–and introverts are especially good at it once they learn how to leverage their natural strengths. Called “the real deal” by Forbes, Matthew Pollard, CSP, is an internationally-recognized authority in […]

  • Courses and Programmes

    We offer a variety of tried and tested short courses and programmes from 45 minute keynotes to full day events. These can also be built up into larger bespoke client events. Here are links to several events that we hold regulary for clients: Employee Engagement Programme Engagement Starts With You The Engaging Communicator The Power […]

  • How Do You Attract & Retain Productive Talent?

    The one question on the lips of so many business leaders and owners today is –  How do I attract and retain productive talent? I am delighted to introduce you to the man who can help. Stefan Wissenbach is very passionate about the impact of engagement on businesses. He is founder of – a […]

  • Special Encore Show: Dealing With Chaos & Complexity with Marc Amerigo

    How do you best deal with highly chaotic and complex situations in your business? Marc Amerigo is a leading expert in this field after 25 years of some quite amazing achievements in business and sport. From his experience he has consolidated his approach into ‘The Brainshift method’. He will share the process he used to break […]

  • LET’S GET ENGAGED – 25th October Leicester Business Festival Invitation

    Want to attract and retain productive staff? Looking to increase morale, productivity and profitabiity? We’re delighted to have the opportunity at this year’s Leicester Business Festival, to discuss the hottest buzzword in the business world these days – engagement. With surveys repeatedly showing that over 80 percent of employees are not engaged in their jobs, […]

  • My Olympic Life with Anita DeFrantz

    Would you like to make a real difference in the world? My guest Anita DeFranz was named by Newsweek as ‘One of the 150 Women Who Shake the World’ by French Magazine Le’Equipe as one of ’10 Women Who Changed Sport’ and The Sporting News as ‘One of The 100 Most Powerful People In Sport’. […]

  • Disruptive Marketing with Geoff Colon

    Now that 75 percent of screen time is spent on connected devices, digital strategies have moved front and centre of most marketing plans. But what if that’s not enough? What if most people ignore company messages? Geoffrey Colon is a compelling voice at the intersection of marketing, tech, and popular culture. DJ, data punk, podcaster and […]

  • Disruptive Procurement In Action with Jeremy Bowley

    We often talk about sales on this show. However, if you want to increase profit you also need to consider your costs. My guest Jeremy Bowley has a passion for procurement and has been responsible for delivering procurement process improvement into many successful companies. An experienced Chief Procurement Officer with a strong track record in […]

  • 7 Keys To Accelerate Your Executive Speaking Skills with Steve Trister

    Winston Churchill once said “Of all the talents bestowed upon men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory. He who enjoys it wields the power more durable than that of a great king…“. As an executive, are you making the most of your speaking skills? Steve Trister has been a public speaking & […]

  • Special Encore Show: Draw To Win – How to lead, sell and innovate with your mind with Dan Roam

    Are you really harnessing the power of imagery in your business? Today about 90 percent of everything shared online is  visual—selfies, GIFs, smartphone videos, and more. This explosion of communication through pictures isn’t a millennial-driven fad; it’s as natural as those lines first drawn by cavemen, Just turbo-charged by the latest technology. Dan Roam is […]

  • Freelancing – find higher paying projects and work less with little stress with Matt Inglot and Chris Cooper

    Are you a freelancer and want to find higher paying projects, while working less? An with less stress? My guest on this show is Matt Inglot the creator of who helps freelance designers,  developers, marketers and consultants to win clients and build a dream lifestyle through freelancing. Matt’s expertise comes from running a web […]

  • Controlling Behaviour to Achieve Your Goals with Mette Bloch

    Do you ever get stopped when trying to get the things you want to done? My guest and good friend Mette Bloch was able to apply strategies to control her behaviour and win two World Championship gold medals in single sculls rowing, progressing from eighth in the world to first. Mette is an entrepreneur and […]

  • High Performing Teams with Chris Cooper and John Jennings

    High Performing Teams make the difference between success and failure. They make the difference between whether a company can adapt to the many threats, opportunities and challenges in today’s modern world. During this interview host Chris Cooper will be interviewed by and in deep discussion with employee engagement,  leadership and team development expert John Jennings. […]

  • Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organisations

    Are past successful skills and leadership strategies insufficient to master the obstacles businesses currently face? My guest Maureen Metcalf says that key executives must continually evolve to manage increasingly complex and volatile conditions—yet they rarely do. Are your key executives ill-equipped to navigate the escalating rate of change your organization faces? During this show I […]

  • Just Say Yes! Launching Your Dream Business with Jim Palmer and Chris Cooper

    How would you like to build your dream business and acquire the lifestyle and business that you deserve? My guest Jim Palmer is a marketing and business building expert and in demand coach. He is the founder of the Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program. He hosts Dream Business Coach TV, […]

  • Inspiration from ‘The Big House’

    It is a wonderful feeling to be able to add value to others and sometimes with pleasure we occasionally support charities or individuals that connect with us. Recently. Chris had the opportunity to talk about ‘The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not’ at ‘The Big House’ in London. The […]

  • Kindness – Value & Practice In The Real World With Nicholas Haines

    In life and business we frequently experience both the presence and absence of kindness. During this show I will be interviewing Nicholas Haines the creator of The Vitality Test. Nicholas describes himself as a Kindness Ambassador & Life Architect: Someone that is dedicated to spreading kindness throughout the world while supporting individuals and organisations to […]

  • Interview with Chris Cooper on The Power To Get Things Done on Maureen Metcalf’s Innovative Leaders Show

    We are delighted was Chris interviewed on Maureen Metcalf’s ‘Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations’ radio show live on Tuesday 20th June. Here is the link if you would like to listen –   Here is a short summary of the interview: So why is getting things done so important? Well it is to do with […]

  • Secrets of Successful Business Mentoring

    Few businesses achieve significant growth without help from a business mentor or mentors. This interview is for anyone seeking to understand what business mentors know about business growth or anyone keen to be of greater service as a business mentor. My guest Richard Pitt has had an extensive background in the insurance industry and today […]

  • Powerful Lessons from 250 unique episodes of the Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper & Tracey Wright

    Imagine having the privilege to host 250 hours of unique interviews with high performing business, thought leaders and high achievers from around the world. Would you have some valuable messages to share?  With occasional repeat shows ‘The Business Elevation Show’ has now aired an incredible 300 times including 250 completely unique shows!  During this show […]

  • Busting the Myths of Category Management

    Do you offer a range of different products and services? If so do you manage them very effectively as business units and customise them to satisfy your customer needs? During this interview, I will be talking to two Category Management and Marketing experts Mike Dickson and Lynne Prescott. Mike has a wealth of experience across […]

  • The Good, The Bad and the…Beautiful

    We might be based in Leicestershire, but business opportunities this month have come from as far afield as New Zealand and Sweden. There’s a growing attraction and realisation that investing in developing yourself, your people and your clients, is a smart plan. We’ve been asked to deliver an online coaching programme by one of the […]

  • Special Encore Show: How Experts Build Empires with Janet Switzer

    Ever wondered why some entrepreneurs become leading experts in their field with all the fame, fortune and opportunity that goes with it — while others struggle to get by?  Why some CEOs and business-people get book deals, and speaking tours, and spokesperson contracts — while others wait – perhaps years – just to get recognized? […]

  • One Planet Leaders – The Business Imperative For Sustainability

    Most leaders recognize that without a sustainable planet we are setting up future generations to fail.  Some say the world is on a knife edge. However, how do you contribute to this essential global issue when you have short term business improvement and growth or even political votes on your mind? On this show, I […]

  • Dare To Be Different – More Customers, More Revenue, More Growth

    If you own or run a business then you know that to drive business growth you need to attract, keep and engage more customers. Every day your customers are faced with more and more choices which means that every day those same customers need to reminded Why You? Why should they do – or continue […]

  • Lessons of a Business Ranger – Leadership Inspiration From The African Wilderness

    What can we learn about leadership from elephants, leopards and lions and their parallels to the business world? I am delighted to welcome on to this week’s show Kerstin Plehwe, an entrepreneur, speaker & bestselling author born in Munich, Germany. Kerstin is an international business expert and thought leader who has worked with top politicians, […]

  • The Leadership Gap with Lolly Daskal

    Over time, every executive reaches a point when their performance suffers and failure persists. Very few understand why or how to prevent it. This week’s guest, Lolly Daskal, is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies. As founder […]

  • The Business of Sport with Wasim Khan MBE and Chris Cooper

    What can we learn about elevating our businesses from the Business of Sport? During this show, I am delighted to be talking to Wasim Khan MBE the CEO of Leicestershire County Cricket Club who was the first British born Pakistani to become a professional cricketer in England. We will learn how Wasim, who from humble […]

  • Special Encore Show: Corporate Executive Presence with Rob Brown

    Talent and technical expertise will only take your career so far. Corporate Executive Presence (CEP) takes you to the top! Call it executive swagger, corporate charisma, personal impact or professional gravitas; your career and leadership success depends on your ability to influence others, radiate confidence and exert authority. Thankfully, much of this is coachable, and […]

  • The Business Elevation Show – March Round-Up

    Reach: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone & Rise To The Challenge with Andy Molinksy What often sets successful people apart is their willingness to do things most of us fear. What’s more, we have the false notion that successful people like to do these things, when the truth is that successful people have simply found […]

  • The Magic of Engagement with Chris Cooper interviewed by Deri Llewellyn-Davies

    How do you build a really engaging company that stands out from the competition? During this interview, author of Strategy on a Page, renowned global entrepreneur and speaker, Deri Llewellyn-Davies, will turn the table on show host Chris Cooper by interviewing him on ‘The Magic of Engagement’. This time Chris will be in the hot […]

  • Getting to “Yes And”: The Art Of Business Improv with Bob Kulhan

    Amidst the deluge of advice for businesspeople, there lies an overlooked tool, a key to thriving in today’s fast-paced, unpredictable environment: improvisation! Bob Kulhan is the Founder, President & CEO of Business Improv®, a world-class leader in creating experiential training & development programs for corporations of all scopes & sizes. Kulhan serves as an Adjunct […]

  • Empowering The Quality Of Your Life with Craig Goldblatt

    When we reach the end of our lives and we look back, will we be able to say that we have given it everything? Have we lived a life of real meaning and depth? Craig Goldblatt, an Inspirational Speaker with 15 years experience has spoken at over 600 keynote presentations around the world and is […]

  • Visibility Marketing: The No-Holds-Barred Truth about what it takes to Grab Attention, Build Your Brand and Win New Business with David Avrin

    The landscape is littered with the corpses of great products and strong companies that died because of bad marketing. Why do so many fail so miserably at differentiation? Why do high-priced ad agencies and marketing firms keep spitting out stupid campaigns? One of the most in-demand Business Marketing/Branding Keynote Speakers in the world today, David […]

  • Reach: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone & Rise To The Challenge with Andy Molinksy

    What often sets successful people apart is their willingness to do things most of us fear. What’s more, we have the false notion that successful people like to do these things, when the truth is that successful people have simply found their own way to do them. Andy Molinsky is a Professor at Brandeis University’s […]

  • The Business Elevation Show – January Round Up

    Keep Stepping! Essential ways to lead yourself and others through challenge and change with Joy Marsden At some point, in both our professional and personal lives, we will be faced with possible changes and challenges. How can we navigate through these? Joy Marsden says we need to Keep Stepping! Joy has over 20 years business […]

  • Building Business In Africa with Laila Macharia

    So how do you build a successful company in Africa while contributing to the development of this beautiful and diverse content? While in Kenya last year, I met an inspirational business leader called Laila Macharia. A Stanford and Cornell law graduate, Laila left behind an exciting life in New York city to make a difference […]

  • Am I an Engaging Leader?

      Business leaders are quite open about the most challenging part of their job – managing, leading and engaging their people. Even some of the most prominent leaders, who have made extraordinary contributions to business, have talked openly about their struggles as the CEO – the mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned. Take the […]

  • The 5 Principles for Trusted Selling with guest Nicci Bonfanti – 13th January 2017

    Ever questioned the authenticity of sales? Would you like to generate more sales the trusted way? My guest Nicci Bonfanti helps put the soul back into selling. She helps female business owners, in particular, find their Inner Sales Superhero so they can find their own way of selling with authenticity, integrity and alignment. Through her […]

  • Draw To Win – How to lead, sell and innovate with your mind with Dan Roam – 16th December 2016

    Are you really harnessing the power of imagery in your business? Today about 90 percent of everything shared online is  visual—selfies, GIFs, smartphone videos, and more. This explosion of communication through pictures isn’t a millennial-driven fad; it’s as natural as those lines first drawn by cavemen, Just turbo-charged by the latest technology. Dan Roam is […]

  • How to Run and Attend Great Events with Fiona Duncan – 9th December 2016

    Organising and running your own event can be a daunting and stressful experience. With so much to think about it can be hard to know where to start, let alone ensuring the event is successful! Fiona Duncan has been running events for over 10 years and now runs possibly the most successful business network in […]

  • The Business Elevation Show – November Round Up

    Special Encore Show: REACHING NEW HEIGHTS – why and how to reach out for new challenges with Cathy O’Dowd Are you looking to reach new heights of achievement and wondering how to get the best out of yourself and others on your journey? Or perhaps you have already achieved everything you set out to do […]

  • A Christmas gift to help your loved ones achieve more :)

    If you are thinking about Christmas gifts at the moment here is an idea for a stocking filler. Do you know anyone with a lot on their plate who struggles to get the important things done? The Power to Get Things Done teaches you how to consistently turn good intentions into action so that you […]

  • Smartr Living with Jason Criddle – 18th November 2016

    Ever considered whether there is a Smarter way to living? In a fast paced world, with new information constantly being presented to us, how can we grow and evolve as entrepreneurs and business-minded people, whilst keeping up the pace? Jason Criddle was the CEO of Legacy Status Investments before starting The Smartr App Company in […]

  • Elevate Your People, Elevate Your Results

    I am often asked ‘What Do You Do’ and how do you help in elevating business performance? Within Chris Cooper Business Elevation we break this down into three core components: 1. We assist in Developing Engaging Leaders: Why? Because Leaders who are both engaging and engaged will be more capable at delivering quality business results. […]

  • Latest News – Kenya, Book deals, Match of the Day Appearance …

          We wanted to share some of the great things that have been happening over the last quarter. 1. ‘The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not’ book sales continue to positively surprise with deals being struck to publish it in Korea and Japan. One initiative resulting from […]

  • The Business Elevation Show – September Round Up

    The Sustainable Leader with Elisabet Vinberg Hearn – 2nd September 2016 In today’s world, sustainability is at the forefront of many leader’s minds. But how can that be translated into the way we lead our businesses? After 13 years with American Express leading an international cultural change initiative, Elisabet Vinberg Hearn started leadership consultancy Think […]

  • Preparing Your Business for Sale with Tim Luscombe – 28th October 2016

    Would you like to one day sell your business? Or set up a new business that when the time is right, you could sell? If so, you will need to think carefully about designing it in such a way that it becomes a valuable concern that someone will want to purchase. During this interview, we […]

  • Double Your Sales, Profits and Time Off with Dan Kuschell – 21st October 2016

    So what are the keys to doubling your sales, profits and time off? My guest Dan Kuschell has started and built 11 companies, his first in 1992 at the age of only 22. As an expert at building and growing companies he has become a regular guest on radio and TV shows, including NBC, Spike […]

  • Shift Your Brilliance with Simon T Bailey – 14th October 2016

    Business change is moving at the speed of light and to keep pace your organization needs you to be your own career architect. But what is driving this line of thinking? Renowned speaker & author Simon T. Bailey is the leader of the “brilliance” movement – helping more than 1 million people find their brilliance, […]

  • Building Engaging Cultures with Cathy Brown – 30th September 2016

    Are your people really giving their best? Possibly the most fundamental issue impacting productivity today is a lack of engagement. This is such an issue that within my own business we are determined to help address the problem. I am therefore absolutely delighted to welcome ‘Engage For Success’ who have created the voluntary movement promoting […]

  • 6 Business Elevation Lessons inspired by Leicester City Football Club by Chris Cooper

    Looking to elevate your business to the next level? Let’s consider one of the most newsworthy success stories of the last year. During the 2015/16 Premier League football season, title no hopers Leicester City overcame 5000/1 odds to win one of the most prestigious sporting trophies in the world. As a season ticket holder. my […]

  • The Business Elevation Show – August Round Up

    Special Encore Show: Employee Engagement with Chris Cooper and John Jennings – 5th August 2016 Employee engagement is one of the hot topics of business performance improvement today. In an international survey country employee engagement levels were between  8% to 29% of the average workforce with the remainder ‘disengaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’. When every indicator […]

  • 8 Questions to Build Employee Engagement

    According to research engaged employees deliver 43% more revenue than disengaged. An engaged workforce means happier employees leading to happier customers and increased revenue. Here are 7 key thoughts to help build engagement in your business: 1. Do your top team really understand engagement and build it into their plans? 2. Does your vision speak […]

  • Chris Cooper on Kenyan Leadership Quest 9th -16th Sept

    After a tremendous interview with Lindsay Levin, founder of Leaders Quest, Chris has been invited to participate in a Leaders Quest event in Nairobi from 9th September. Potentially the start of an exciting collaboration. Chris’s agenda includes meeting and learning from leaders who are making a big contribution to Kenyan society. This may prove to […]

  • Kidnapped Penguins at the University of Leicester MBA Summer School

    From tales of kidnapped penguins to stories about eagles and ducks, the team from Chris Cooper Business Elevation ensured that the international student cohort at the University of Leicester’s August 2016 Summer School enjoyed a great learning experience. We have have become regular contributors to both the Alumni and MBA programmes at the University Summer […]

  • Podcasting & Online Radio with Eamonn O’Brien & Chris Cooper – 9th September 2016

    With the technological revolution, podcast and on-line radio have become an increasingly popular way to elevate your business, add more value, build connections, communication skills, learn from experts and elevate your brand. My guest Eamonn O’Brien from Ireland has for several years hosted his own successful podcast show ‘The Reluctant Speakers Club’. Eamonn is also […]

  • The Sustainable Leader with Elisabet Vinberg Hearn – 2nd September 2016

    In today’s world, sustainability is at the forefront of many leader’s minds. But how can that be translated into the way we lead our businesses? After 13 years with American Express leading an international cultural change initiative, Elisabet Vinberg Hearn started leadership consultancy Think Solutions in 2001 specialising in Winning Teams and Future/Sustainable Leadership. She […]

  • Stand Out with Dorie Clark – 19th August 2016

    So how do you create a breakthrough idea and then generate a following around it? Recently, we had some great insight from marketing expert David Newman on Thought Leadership Marketing. However, I wanted build on this show and welcome Dorie Clark, author of ‘Stand Out’ which was named as the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 […]

  • Special Encore Show: Re-thinking Your Next Quarter Century: Reinventing Yourself and Your Organization to Create Continuous Growth and Relevance with Jared Nichols – 12th August 2016

    The rate of change we see in the world today is unprecedented: New innovations, products & services fade to irrelevance more quickly than ever before. The constant bombardment of the vast array of information now available can easily make us, as leaders & entrepreneurs, feel overwhelmed. We know we must change, constantly and quickly, but […]

  • Special Encore Show: Employee Engagement with Chris Cooper and John Jennings – 5th August 2016

    Employee engagement is one of the hot topics of business performance improvement today. In an international survey country employee engagement levels were between  8% to 29% of the average workforce with the remainder ‘disengaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’. When every indicator suggesting that exceptional performance gains occur with an engaged workforce, why is this so difficult […]

  • Guerrilla Publicity = More Sales with guest Jill Lublin – 29th July 2016

    If you want to be the #1 influencer in your industry, you’ve got to get bigger media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, I will be discussing with guest Jill Lublin her simple strategies to go from unknown to newsworthy.  Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, […]

  • Special Encore Show: Listen Differently® with Stephanie Winters & Chris Cooper – 15th July 2016

    Effective listening produces change and creates possibilities. It is one of those skills that many people in business undervalue at their peril! My guest Stephanie Winters is an expert at illustrating the power of listening and helping us to explore ways to Listen Differently®. She has performed and recorded with various musicians including Ellie Goulding, Richie […]

  • A Brexit Message to Our EU and International Friends

    To our EU and International friends. I and many of my friends and colleagues were proud to be part of the EU. The vote to leave the EU is not a reflection on you but a reflection that the referendum took a snapshot of how British people felt towards our own politicians, their personal circumstances […]

  • How to Position Yourself with guest Mark Levy and Chris Cooper – 24th June 2016

    Would you like to learn how to best position yourself and have influence in your marketplace? My guest Mark Levy, says that your marketplace position drives all your initiatives. It’s your point of differentiation, your competitive advantage. It’s why clients choose you instead of a firm that’s bigger, faster, closer, and cheaper. So how do […]

  • Confidence on Camera with guest Lottie Hearn – 17th June 2016

    How confident and effective are you on camera? Smartphones and webcams now enable anyone to connect face to face across the world for business and personal promotion. But how well do you present on screen? During this interview, I will be talking to Lottie Hearn about overcoming your fears, learning what works for you and […]

  • Listen Differently® with Stephanie Winters and Chris Cooper – 3rd June 2016

    Effective listening produces change and creates possibilities. It is one of those skills that many people in business undervalue at their peril! My guest Stephanie Winters is an expert at illustrating the power of listening and helping us to explore ways to Listen Differently®. She has performed and recorded with various musicians including Ellie Goulding, Richie […]

  • The Business Elevation Show – March Round-Up

          Selling with Noble Purpose with Lisa Earle McLeod – 11th March 2016 Are you achieving exceptional sales numbers? If not, then it may well be that you are not selling with a noble sales purpose. Whether you are an executive, manager or aspirational sales or business leader this show will explain how […]

  • John Jennings and Nick Wain have joined Chris Cooper

    I am delighted that both John Jennings (Associate Director) and Nick Wain (Business Elevation Associate) are now working within the Chris Cooper brand. John and Chris worked together on developing and delivering an employee engagement programme for The University of Leicester International MBA Programme.  Such was the feedback and enjoyment of the experience that they […]

  • The productivity puzzle

    The poor performance of UK plc in terms of productivity levels has been much in the news over the last 12-18 months. This noise reached something of a crescendo over recent weeks when the Chancellor of the Exchequer appeared to blame much of the UK’s slowing growth and dodgy economic outlook on poor productivity. So, […]

  • Why Pilots Fail and Managers Make Mistakes With Peter Brandl – 29th April 2016

    During this interview we will be exploring the parallels between aviation and corporations and how human failure follows a dire logic. Whether it be a disastrous plane accident or a bank accidentally giving away $320 million to an insolvent US company! With my guest Peter Brandl we will be looking at when it is time […]

  • Giving organisations the power to fight off unicorns and survive and thrive with Gareth Bullen & Jamil Ahmed – 8th April 2016

    So what is intrapreneurship and how can it improve your business performance and stop talented people leaving your organisation? My guests are business transformation expert Gareth Bullen and the UK thought leader on Intrapreneurship, Jamil Ahmed who work together at the Centre for Enterprise, helping organisations increase engagement, performance, customer service and innovation through building […]

  • Navigating the New Business Paradigm with Peter Comrie – 1st April 2016

    Business is certainly changing at a pace today and one of the big questions I have been asked on several occasions is – how do we navigate it? I am therefore delighted to welcome Peter Comrie to the show. Peter is an entrepreneur, lecturer, scholar & specialist in human dynamics. When I first spoke to […]

  • Thought Leadership Marketing with David Newman – 18th March 2016

    Are you aspiring to be or are already a seasoned thought leader in your field? If so how should you be really effectively marketing yourself? My guest David Newman knows how. He is author of the Amazon #1 best seller ‘Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits & Crush Your Competition’. […]

  • The Business Elevation Radio Show – February Round-Up

    Special Encore Show: The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments with Jeff B Cohen (Beverley Hills attorney and former child actor) During this show, we will be discussing a no-nonsense methodology for negotiating deals, managing your time and handling crisis, all at the highest level. My guest is Jeff B Cohen one of the entertainment industry’s most beloved […]

  • Selling with Noble Purpose with Lisa Earle McLeod – 11th March 2016

    Are you achieving exceptional sales numbers? If not, then it may well be that you are not selling with a noble sales purpose. Whether you are an executive, manager or aspirational sales or business leader this show will explain how organizations driven by a Noble Purpose have outperformed the market by over 350% and what […]

  • The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age Of Disruption with Terence Mauri

    How is it that some leaders are able to enter a marketplace and completely disrupt it? Take my soccer team Leicester City: last year bottom of the premier league and fighting for survival. 12 months later with great leadership, they might do the unthinkable and actually win it!  The story of their star striker now […]

  • Special Encore Show: The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments with Jeff B Cohen (Beverley Hills attorney and former child actor) – 5th February 2016

    During this show, we will be discussing a no-nonsense methodology for negotiating deals, managing your time and handling crisis, all at the highest level. My guest is Jeff B Cohen one of the entertainment industry’s most beloved success stories, prominent transactional attorney and former child actor (he played Chunk in the Richard Donner/Steven Spielberg movie […]

  • Re-thinking Your Next Quarter Century: Reinventing Yourself and Your Organization to Create Continuous Growth and Relevance with Jared Nichols – 22nd January 2016

    The rate of change we see in the world today is unprecedented: New innovations, products & services fade to irrelevance more quickly than ever before. The constant bombardment of the vast array of information now available can easily make us, as leaders & entrepreneurs, feel overwhelmed. We know we must change, constantly and quickly, but […]

  • Sustainability with Anthony Day – 15th January 2016

    Sustainability is such an important part of the business agenda today. It is no good to just being giving the impression that you are doing good. People today look to trade and work for organizations with integrity. As we care about the environment and business ‘doing good’ on this show I am really keen we […]

  • Fiercely Loyal – How High Performing Companies Develop & Retain Top Talent with Dov Baron

    How do you keep your Top Talent? According to Dov Baron, finding and keeping extraordinary talent will determine which organizations thrive and which fade. Don’t believe it? Then consider that the average company spends 1.5 to 2 x the annual salary of an employee in training and development. Meanwhile, the average employee is only looking […]

  • Book Reviews

    ‘”This book contains a ton of practical and easy-to-implement techniques and strategies for getting yourself to do whatever needs to be done” – Jack Canfield, co-author of “The Success PrinciplesTM” and the best selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul®” Series.   “For me personally, the measure of a great book is whether it inspires me to make […]

  • Be A Change Champion with Steven Gaffney

    The best organizations make decisions and move forward. They are not constrained by negativity, naysayers, change blockers, or “perfectionitis.”According to my guest, Steven Gaffney, they move through their change plans with velocity, achieve goals and reap the benefits. In doing so, they generate a positive news cycle that helps to power their change implementation. Steven […]

  • What Smart Leaders Know About Diversity with Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris

    What do smart leaders know about diversity that sets them apart? Why is it that diversity and inclusion are such hot topics today? During this show I will be talking to Dr Suzanne Doyle Morris the CEO and founder of the InclusIQ Institute which creates playful yet thought provoking tools for inclusive leadership and reducing […]

  • 5 Productivity-Boosting Things You Should Be Doing During Your Morning Commute

    I’m delighted to have an article featured on the popular website, Working Mother, this month on productivity boosting during the morning commute. The article looks at things such as intentions, strategies, work loads and making the most of available media, and is a small sample of what to expect from my new book, co-written with […]

  • The Business Elevation Radio Show – October Round-Up

    Building a Culture of Innovation with Cris Beswick & Jo Geraghty In a world of hyper competition, unprecedented challenges and constant disruption the need for innovation has never been higher on the strategic agenda. But the majority of CEOs are dissatisfied with their innovation capability and performance. So, how do you turn rhetoric into innovation-led […]

  • The Business Elevation Radio Show – September Round-Up

    The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments with Jeff B Cohen (Beverley Hills attorney and former child actor) During this show, we will be discussing a no-nonsense methodology for negotiating deals, managing your time and handling crisis, all at the highest level. My guest is Jeff B Cohen one of the entertainment industry’s most beloved success stories, prominent […]

  • Pink Bucket Thinking with Tony Burgess

    Does your thinking ever get in the way of your progress?  Join us for a very inspirational interview with Tony Burgess, who was first introduced to me as ‘The Pink Bucket Thinking Expert and thoroughly nice guy who has helped many people to transform their lives’. When I read several years later that Tony’s selflessness […]

  • Developing Your Giving Strategy With Kris Putnam-Walkerly

    With so many charities and concerns to support today, how do you best determine your strategy for giving? How do you ensure that your giving transforms those issues that really matter to you, leaving you with a wonderful feeling about the legacy you are delivering? Rather than a drip feed of transactions with unclear impact. […]

  • THINKING the high performance way! With Andy Gilbert

    How would you like to develop your thinking so that your performance stands out from the crowd? If you would, then you need to listen to this show. I first met my guest Andy Gilbert 8 years ago and to be honest was in awe at the sharpness of his intellect. I still remember that […]

  • Information Products: How to create and market your own with Peter Thomson

    Do you have your own information products? Would you like to know how to effectively create and sell them on-line? My guest Peter Thomson is one of the UK’s leading strategists on business and personal growth. Having been personally inspired over many years by his monthly ‘Achievers Edge’ series it is an absolute privilege to […]

  • Inspire. Engage. Contribute. Service and Social Responsibility with Sue Stephenson

    The Ritz-Carlton is acknowledged worldwide for its extraordinary customer service. The company’s culture of service excellence also extends to the work environment and, as importantly, beyond the boundaries of the workplace into the community. From 2001, my guest Sue Stephenson was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and, in 2007, assumed leadership of The Ritz-Carlton social […]

  • F.A.S.T business success principles with Gordon Tredgold

    During this show we will be talking about F.A.S.T, a revolutionary approach to leadership that simplifies what we need to do to be successful. This approach has been used to turnaround failing projects, under-performing departments, money-losing companies and to help leaders to accelerate growth and profitability. Join me with my guest Gordon Tredgold, who is […]

  • Building a Culture of Innovation with Cris Beswick & Jo Geraghty

    In a world of hyper competition, unprecedented challenges and constant disruption the need for innovation has never been higher on the strategic agenda. But the majority of CEOs are dissatisfied with their innovation capability and performance. So, how do you turn rhetoric into innovation-led action and behaviour? How do you build a culture of innovation? […]

  • Publish a book to elevate your business with Sue Richardson

    So you have the desire to write a book? Or perhaps you have written before and want to do an even better job next time around? But how do you best write a book? How do you then get your hard work published? And how do you elevate your business by reaching the audience who […]

  • Strategies for Growth with Gavin Preston

    I recently had the privilege of sitting in a large packed room of delegates at one of Gavin Preston’s ‘Strategies for Growth’ seminars in Whitehall in the very heart of London. Two things struck me. Firstly, how appropriate a location – Gavin was able to get to the very heart of the challenges that most […]

  • Engagement Starts With You with Chris Cooper

    How do you become a really engaging leader or manager? Today, most leaders appreciate the importance of ‘Employee Engagement’ to productivity. Yet often don’t consider how engaging they are personally. When 35% of people would forgo a major pay rise to see their boss fired, then perhaps they should! Chris Cooper will share wisdom and […]

  • The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments with Jeff B Cohen (Beverley Hills attorney and former child actor)

    During this show, we will be discussing a no-nonsense methodology for negotiating deals, managing your time and handling crisis, all at the highest level. My guest is Jeff B Cohen one of the entertainment industry’s most beloved success stories, prominent transactional attorney and former child actor (he played Chunk in the Richard Donner/Steven Spielberg movie […]

  • Legacy – To leave a legacy you must live a legacy with Neil Dorward

    There is one thing in life that is just inevitable – we are all going to die.However, the thought of your death and the legacy you wish to leave behind can be a hugely motivating driver for business and life success. Making the most of everyday as though it were your last can help you […]

  • 9 Steps to Engagement (Engagement Starts With You)

      Here is a summary of key points about ‘Engagement Starts with You’. It should be particularly helpful as a summary for those International MBA students and graduates who attended my ‘ENGAGEMENT STARTS WITH YOU’ lecture at the University of Leicester. Followed by a two day ‘Employee Engagement’ workshop. Also, on the 3rd September delegates […]

  • Permission Granted with Patty Aubery

    How do you transform your dreams into reality, irrespective of where you come from? My guest Patty Aubery will tell you that permission is granted! During this show we will discuss some key principles of building a very successful life and career from someone who has done just that. Patty went from PA to being […]

  • Strategic Leadership and Engagement with John Boggs

    Why is it that some organizations like the US Marine Corps can gain consistently strong results in highly complex operations with a highly diverse work force.  During this show we are going to explore lessons from military high level strategic leadership and people engagement which can translate directly relate to enhancing performance in the business […]

  • Elevation Corner – 7 Personal Elevation Tips to Practice while you are on holiday

    Holidays are a good time to start to change habits and reflect on the past year. Here are some ideas to help you have a more relaxed, enjoyable and more constructive holiday. 1. Take a break from complaints and excuses Every time you find yourself wanting to complain or make an excuse change your perception […]

  • The Mindful Leader with Michael Carroll

    A new generation of business leaders is turning to mindfulness as a cutting-edge leadership tool and research suggests that such a practice can help us gain clarity, reduce stress, optimize performance, and develop a greater sense of well-being. I am delighted to welcome back Michael Carroll the author of Awake at Work, The Mindful Leader […]

  • Million Dollar Web Presence with Chad Barr

    Hidden among the chaos and hype, there are secrets to success on the web. Globally renowned internet expert Chad Barr is joining me to reveal them – and show you how to use them to amplify your web presence and profits. Using the unmatched reach of the web, entrepreneurs are empowered to take a more […]

  • Special Encore Show: From ‘stupid’ to The Castle Man with Roger Masterson

    Have you ever convinced yourself that your opportunities are limited when in reality anything is possible! My guest on this show Roger Masterson once believed he was ‘stupid’, How wrong could he be? Today he is a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of Celtic Castles, the award winning online castle-booking company, based in the […]

  • Restless Executive to Courageous Leader with Jo Simpson

    Are you a Restless Executive? During this show I will be talking to Jo Simpson about the lessons from her new book ‘The Restless Executive – Reclaim your values, Love what you do & Lead with purpose’; A must for anyone wishing to join the enlightened leaders of today’s new business paradigm.  Jo is a […]

  • Elevation Corner – Ideas to Elevate You and Your Business – June 2015 by Chris Cooper

      This is the post where I share some of the key elevating ideas from my interviews, conversations and thoughts each month. 1. Don’t get sucked into thinking you are getting too old! I recently had a wonderful conversation with Patty Aubrey the inspirational President of Jack Canfield’s organization. You may remember, I interviewed Jack […]

  • Social Entrepreneurship – leading businesses for good with Liam Black

    What is social entrepreneurship and how do you best lead a socially responsible business? My guest Liam Black would say be Visionary, be bold, take risks, stay humble, get clear teams and mentors round you, gather evidence, get clear about money, look after yourself, work hard and Get plenty of sleep! In this show we […]

  • Meeting Magic – Leveraging the power of meetings with Katherine Woods

    How much of your time is spent meeting with people? How effective are these meetings? What business impact is driven from people meeting in your organisation? During this show we will explore how to leverage the power of meeting in your organisation. My guest Katherine Woods, co-founded Meeting Magic in 1999. Since then she has […]

  • Non-Stop Sales Boom with guest Colleen Francis

    Feast or famine, boom or bust – it’s a pattern that too many sales organizations regard as a necessary evil. And that is wrong. If you want a long-term career, you need to get off the roller-coaster of inconsistent results. Instead of frantic scrambles to meet quotas, you can create a strong year round record […]

  • Special Encore Show: Fearless at work with guest Michael Carroll

    Does this resonate with you? “Work is such a critical part of our life and yet we often struggle with – and feel overwhelmed by – the numerous challenges it presents us. Whether it’s job insecurity, making peace with or leaving an unfulfilling job, or dealing with office conflicts, we often experience fear and a […]

  • Business Elevation Ideas For You (May 2015)

    Since my ‘Elevatory ideas for the Spring’ article I have interviewed Janet Switzer (How to Build a Business Empire), Laura Ellis (Decision Making), Patrick Rettig (Turnaround), Martin Parker (Alternative Organizations) and Geoff Ramm (Celebrity Service). During these interviews there have been a lot of insights and personal reflection. So let me share some of them […]

  • Connection and Influence – Lessons from Politics, Hostage Negotiation and Speaking

    Do you agree that the ability to connect, engage and influence are essential skills to thriving in today’s business environment? However, if you want to fine tune your skills there a few better to learn from than those who have done it at the highest level.  Some arena’s such as political campaigning, professional speaking and […]

  • Celebrity Service – from Good to Amazing with Geoff Ramm

    Want to stand out from your competitors? You know your customer service is good, but then along comes Celebrity Service. During this show we are going to be discussing the unseen gap between Good and Amazing. From room service in South Africa, visiting a toy shop in London, to trying on clothes in New York, […]

  • Alternative Business – Outlaws, Crime and Culture with Martin Parker

    What can we learn from alternative businesses such as outlaws and criminal gangs when it comes to doing good business today? Why do we admire charismatic villains while mistrusting organizations and political leaders? What can this teach us about the way we should do business today? My guest Martin Parker is the Professor of Organisation […]

  • News Update: Neil Laughton and Deri Llewellyn-Davies from Everest

      I introduced two adventurous friends and former radio show guests  Neil Laughton and Deri Llewellyn-Davies in 2013. The consequence was a very elevating attempt to break a World Record for the Highest Dinner Party to raise funds for Community Action Nepal.Their timing, however, proved to be unfortunate and they are currently safe but as […]

  • Turnaround Your Business, Turnaround Your Life with Patrick Rettig

    It is a fact that many businesses fail and the consequences can include an extraordinary amount of pressure for those involved. So what must we be aware of to avoid it happening to us? And what are the keys to turning your business around when it is struggling? My guest Patrick Rettig has, for over […]

  • Better Decisions, Better Business with Laura Ellis

    I recently interviewed my guest and client Laura Ellis on her very first Voice America radio show “Because There’s More” and realised that she was on to something. A short notice postponement occurred and I jumped at the chance for her share her message with you. When you fully appreciate the consequences of decision making […]

  • How Experts Build Empires with Janet Switzer

    Ever wondered why some entrepreneurs become leading experts in their field with all the fame, fortune and opportunity that goes with it — while others struggle to get by?  Why some CEOs and business-people get book deals, and speaking tours, and spokesperson contracts — while others wait – perhaps years – just to get recognized? […]

  • Encore Show – Own the stage: Secrets from a world champion coach with Darren Lacroix

    How well do you speak under pressure? What if it was easier – What if you knew the secrets of the World Champion Speakers? On August 25th, out of 25,000 contestants from 14 countries, Darren LaCroix was crowned the 2001 World Champion of Public speaking. As a result of winning Darren has presented to Toastmasters […]

  • Encore Show: How To Sell In Business Today with Frank Furness

    With advances in neuroscience, technology, globalization and shifts in attitudes the way we sell must move with the times.  During this special Encore Show we will look at how you need to adapt your traditional selling approach, how to get your non sales teams to also sell for you and look at key areas to […]

  • 10 Business Elevating Ideas for the Spring

    Here are 10 elevating business Ideas from my shows, reading and Elevation group during March. 1. Are You Multiplying? There are Subtractors, Adders and Multipliers in business. Multipliers do things which have a ripple effect. Which are you and if the latter should you be multiplying more? (Roger Masterson) 2. Business By Walking About – […]

  • 10 Leadership Behaviours from Best In Class Organisations with Adrian Simpson

    What are the 10 key behaviours that top Leaders in best in class organisations demonstrate? We have talked about leadership on this show many times but I am not sure we have had anyone who has talked to more leaders from the highest performing companies in the world than my guest Adrian Simpson. Adrian has […]

  • ‘The Elevation Programme’ (make 2015/16 your best business year)

        Would you like to raise the performance of your business or take the steps to transform a new vision into a reality in 2015/16? If so, would you like Chris to help you and hold you accountable for your progress while providing a wealth of resources and potentially connections to help you flourish? […]

  • Empowerment with Rob Holcroft

    How empowered are you and your people? During this show we are going to explore empowerment and some of the key elements that can make a difference between success and failure in business and in life. My guest this week is Rob Holcroft, a leadership development coach, author and a qualified teacher with an MA […]

  • The Success Principles with Jack Canfield & Amanda Brown

    Do you want to embody the principles of success and see extraordinary results as a consequence? If so this show is essential listening. My guests include the legendary Jack Canfield the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul®series, who is also affectionately known as America’s #1 Success Coach. Also, business pioneer Amanda Brown […]

  • Mastering Your Market with Paul Charity – 6th March 2015

    Pinpointing your target market can be a challenge, let alone learning how to master it! I personally invited my guest Paul Charity to join me on this show as I am an impressed recipient of his work. I first found out about Paul when a highly respected industry professional forwarded his newsletter and said ‘this […]

  • From ‘stupid’ to The Castle Man with Roger Masterson – 27th February 2015

    Have you ever convinced yourself that your opportunities are limited when in reality anything is possible! My guest on this show Roger Masterson once believed he was ‘stupid’, How wrong could he be? Today he is a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of Celtic Castles, the award winning online castle-booking company, based in the […]

  • 7 Elevating Ideas

      Here are 7 elevating ideas picked up from my activities over the last month. 1. Increase your engagement with people by adding more appropriate stories into your communication. Use stories and avoid jokes as people are expecting the latter to be funny and they can fall flat! There is less expectation from a story. […]

  • Powerful Sales Presentations with Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE

    Would you like to improve the results from your sales Presentations? In this show, I am delighted to welcome Patricia Fripp CSP,CPAE to help us learn the mistakes made in sales presentations and how to avoid them. Also how to improve your conversational presentation outline, the quality of your questions, the power of your client […]

  • The Diversity Advantage with Lenora Billings-Harris – Friday 13th February 2015

    Do you really understand how to make diversity an advantage in your workplace? As my guest Lenora Billings-Harris says ‘a diverse workforce can assist organizations in their efforts to penetrate emerging markets, attract and retain the best talent, improve customer relations, and reduce employee complaints and grievances. All of these challenges and opportunities have strong […]

  • What my dog taught me about leadership!

      I wrote a short article this month on what I had learned from being a dog owner. It was for a book called ’50 Shades of Leadership’ to be published by Lesley Hunter.  Hope you can guess which one is Barney :). Here is my article: A leadership tip inspired by my dog Barney […]

  • Be Remarkable! And Profit!

    This month, I want to talk about elevating your business, your people and yourself by doing things that can label you and your business as remarkable. 1. Choose to be REMARKABLE  – Why not make a choice to get better and better such that you ultimately become remarkable and stand out against your competition, rather […]

  • Succeed on the Phone with Telephone Assassin Anthony Stears – 23rd January 2015

    Would you like to get even better at communicating over the telephone? Anthony Stears, AKA ‘The Telephone Assassin’ is on a mission to get businesses talking again and to stop people from hiding behind their emails and social media! On this week’s show, Anthony will help us to learn the importance of telephone etiquette, how […]

  • Built to lead: Become a top 10% manager with David Long – 9th January 2015

    We’ve always heard “Work hard, watch your numbers & you’ll be a successful manager”. But is that actually the way to get to the top? Expert David Long says that if you follow that advice you’ll get fired! David Long is Founder/CEO of MyEmployees, a 25 year-old firm in the Top 1% Worldwide in the […]

  • Insights for Elevating Your Relationships (and Results) in 2015

      Inspired this month by interviews with  Matt Bird, Nigel Risner and Shawn Casemore, lunch with Adrienne Lawler today and studying ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell with my ‘TEP’ Group, I thought I would summarise some key relationship ideas to help you elevate your business and opportunities in 2015. And perhaps one in particular might […]

  • Special Encore Show: ‘Charisma’ with Nikki Owen – 2nd January 2015

    Did you know that charismatic people are more successful, happier and healthier? Have you ever wondered what it is and how you can develop your own charisma? Whatever your views prepare to hear a rather controversial perspective from Nikki Owen, Charisma Expert who adopts an ‘alternative’ perspective to enhancing authentic charisma. Harvard Business Review and […]

  • Special Encore Show – Career Success with Hilary Wilson – 26th December 2014

    Are you wishing to advance your career? Or help others advance their careers? Perhaps you have children or family members who could also benefit from some words of wisdom? I remember when I was building my career in the corporate world. I don’t think I ever had clear guidance on exactly how to do it. I […]

  • The Impact Code with Nigel Risner – 5th December 2014

    Are you looking to make a greater impact in business and life? If so there are few people better to make you sit up and listen with their compelling and exciting philosophy than my guest on this show Nigel Risner. During this interview we will be discussing some of the key principles of his very […]

  • Stephen Sutton Awarded Posthumous MBE (and Interview Link)

    The Queen showed today that she is no procrastinator by awarding Stephen Sutton a posthumous MBE. So deserved! I will never forget getting to know and then interviewing Stephen Sutton with friend Mike Pagan. Stephen only lived a few more days and went on to elevate the Teenage Cancer Trust’s funds by over £5m. To […]

  • The Global Impact Summit Nov 2014

    I just had to let you know about an incredible way to help you elevate your business to a new level in 2015. I’ll be speaking as one of the thought leaders for the Global Impact Summit kicking off 10 November 2014 over 15 inspiring days, live and online, delivered to you on mobile, on […]

  • How To Sell In Business Today with Frank Furness – 7th November 2014

    With advances in neuroscience, technology, globalization and shifts in attitudes the way we sell must move with the times.  During this show we will look at how you need to adapt your traditional selling approach, how to get your non sales teams to also sell for you and look at key areas to improve your […]

  • Elevate Your Business – lessons from online Radio Part 1

        Would you like to elevate yourself or your business to a new level? I recently had the pleasure to speak at the Professional Speaking Association’s Mega Convention in London about ‘How to Elevate Yourself via on-line radio’. It was a real honour to be amongst an incredible line up of top international speakers. In […]

  • WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business with Roger Harrop

    PLEASE NOTE THIS WEEK’S SHOW WILL AIR AT 3PM GMT/8AM PST THIS SHOW IS NOW AVAILABLE TO LISTEN TO FROM THE FREE ARCHIVES. JUST CLICK HERE! These really are the most exciting times for business! Nothing is a given anymore. Technology is moving at an incredible speed & the winners are keeping it simple – […]

  • Mega Convention Professional Speaking Association 12th Oct, London

      ”Elevating Your Business through Podcast and Radio with Chris Cooper”. Taking your business to the next level can be tough. It wasn’t until Chris discovered weekly radio hosting and stuck at it through thick and thin that his business elevated to a completely new level.  During this 30 minute talk Chris will share how […]

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Reciprocity and Collaboration: A New Paradigm for Business and Humanity – with Jyoti Ma

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Jyoti Ma, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and visionary leader. With a deep commitment to honoring the Earth and all peoples, Jyoti Ma has spearheaded transformative projects that embody sacred wisdom and foster interconnectedness. As the Grandmother Vision Keeper of the Center for Sacred Studies, co-founder of Kayumari, […]

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