Creating Global Digital Empires® with guest Chad Barr

How do you turn your content into a global digital empire? Do you struggle with how to effectively manifest and leverage your thoughts, insights and wisdom? Chad Barr was a standout guest back in 2015 when we talked about creating million dollar web presence. A much listened to show and a very engaging communicator, I am delighted to welcome him back to share with us how to create a global digital empire. From over 7 years of hosting this show, I am yet to meet an expert who understands better how to leverage the web to transform business and establish a very powerful web presence. No surprise then that his firm, the Chad Barr Group, is one of the leading strategic Internet development organizations in the world. Do join us if you wish to expand your thought leadership to help you to transform your business. I would recommend you listen to this show with pen and paper or a keyboard at hand. It is highly likely to be a very valuable use of your time.

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More about Chad Barr:

Chad Barr is an Internet marketing strategist with over 25 years of experience transforming businesses through technology innovation. Born in Israel, Chad arrived in the USA age 22. He founded CB Software Systems, in 1987, and quickly became a globally sought-after software developer, mentor, and strategist. Today, Chad’s work as president of the Chad Barr Group spans multiple continents. Chad helps his clients leverage the web to transform their businesses and establish powerful web presence. His firm, the Chad Barr Group, is one of the leading strategic Internet development organizations in the world. Chad devotes his time to writing, coaching, consulting, speaking, and leading the Chad Barr Group. He has published hundreds of articles and several books. Chad revels in his latest role as grandfather to three wonderful grandchildren. A former professional guitarist, his grandchildren, think he is the coolest guitarist in the world.

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Chris Cooper brings insight, energy, dynamism and warmth to every interaction. I recently had the great pleasure of being his guest on The Business Elevation Show on Voice America and the experience was superb. This came as no surprise to me in that Chris is a leader in his field of developing engaging cultures, engaged leaders and teams. I recently invited Chris to speak at a meeting at the Fides Network in London and his engagement and impact with the audience left everyone feeling charged and positive, with the most fantastic written and verbal feedback from our members. Not only does Chris have an understanding of the dynamics of business, it is also his understanding of human nature and the key role this plays in driving business success that sets him apart. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris to others, looking to elevate levels of engagement both internally and externally.

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