Managing Your Boss with Chris Ruisi

How good is your relationship with your boss? My guest Chris Ruisi says that ‘to succeed in any organization you must get on well with your boss. Put the company first, your boss second and yourself third’. Chris is a nationally recognized US executive coach and leadership expert, professional speaker, global talk radio show host, and author who challenges business leaders to step up and play big. Chris was former president, COO and vice chairman of USLIFE Corporation and came highly recommended to me by two very trusted connections as an exceptionally wise and engaging guest. Join us we discuss the steps to becoming a more valuable asset in your company by building a very positive working relationship with your boss.

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More about Chris Ruisi:

Chris Ruisi is a nationally recognized executive coach & leadership expert, professional speaker, global talk radio show host, & author who challenges business leaders to step up & play big.

Chris draws from his experience as former president & COO of USLIFE Corporation & as a member of the office of the chairman & the board of directors, where he also served as vice chairman. Using this wealth of knowledge, he helps his clients develop the practical skills & solutions necessary to navigate the risks & demands of the current economic climate.

Chris combines his detailed insights into the areas of leadership, management, effective team building & motivation with real-life anecdotes to create humorous, inspiring, informative, & entertaining speaking programs.

Throughout his career Chris has received acclaim as a decisive, respected, & effective leader. He is recognized for his abilities as a rational problem solver who is able to keep cool & promote solution finding among others.

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John’s expertise in coaching, leadership and employee engagement is outstanding. I have worked closely with John since 2013 to support University of Leicester School of Business MBA candidates with their personal and professional development. This includes John using his expertise in shaping ideas, creating and executing projects briefs to transform leadership capabilities. John has used his wide ranging experience from the corporate sector, professional bodies, SMEs and HE to engage the audience. Feedback for John’s sessions has been very positive, highlighting that John’s use of current issues and his wide ranging professional experience brings the subject to life and enables his audience to apply the content to practice.

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