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You have come to this page as you have been invited to be a guest on the Business Elevation Show or would like to be considered for interview.

The Business Elevation Show Background

The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper has aired on Voice America, the world’s leading online radio platform each Friday at 8am to 9am PST since September 2011. The show airs live and is then available in a podcast format on the show website and iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Amazon Music and iHeart Radio.

To the end of March 2024, Chris had hosted 554 unique interviews with weekly accesses in excess of 30 countries (compared to a station average of just 7). During 2019, the show was the most listened to show on the Business network with 317,209 unique IP addresses accessing the show an average of 8 times during the year.

The intention is to provide a very special hour of engaging content that helps leaders and individuals to elevate their work, lives and wellbeing whilst contributing to a better world. Guests to date have included high achieving business executives, entrepreneurs, international keynote speakers, bestselling authors, world record holders, medallists and country sports captains, elite military personnel, Nasa scientists and entertainers.  Inspiring people with a unique perspective. An incredible network of guests who become part of the show family. Each guest bringing something different to a business and self- development orientated audience.

Appearance on the show has led to some guests winning major business contracts through to introductions from Chris through his extensive network that have led to multiple opportunities, charitable endeavours, and extreme adventures.

Some senior business leaders have found the interviews hugely valuable for the education of their teams and clients. One IT and Insurance company shared the content with their 1200 clients weekly to inspire them to grow their businesses. Chris aims to always provide great content that guests are proud of and can leverage amongst their networks. Chris also views the show as a way to help educate the world in doing ‘business for good’.

The show has also led to the development of ‘The Elevation Collective™ where exceptional guests from the show have been invited to join a community that is supporting each other to contribute to a better world.

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  1. If you would like to approach us about being a guest on the show please contact with your bio, the subject you wish to discuss and explanation as to why you would make a great guest. To be a guest on the show you must be highly accomplished in your field.
  2. If you have been selected to be a guest then Hazel will arrange an introductory call a minimum of 2 weeks before the show between you and Chris. Chris will explain the background, technicalities (interview is over Zoom) and plan a great show with you.
  3. Guests must provide a maximum 1500 character biography, portrait photo, the willingness to work together to produce a great show we are both proud of and agreement to promote it together.
  4. In the week prior to the interview Hazel will provide all marketing links and Chris an interview outline.
  5. Please ensure you use a quality microphone and sit in an area without background noise and have a strong broadband signal.
  6. The interview will also be captured on video and posted to YouTube therefore please take care with your background and dress as you feel comfortable.
  7. Once aired, the show can also be embedded into a website or downloaded and will move into the show archive and various podcasting platforms mentioned above where it will continue to receive regular listens.
  8. Guests who receive the most enquiries from the show promote well and have usually embedded it into their websites after airing. We have shows that aired 5 years ago and are still receiving 500 listens a month as they are embedded on the guests website.

Guest Experiences

“I am so honoured to have been interviewed by Chris on his Voice America top ranked radio show. He is one of the very best interviewers I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve been on 200+ shows. Chris has deep business expertise and wisdom. He is the real deal, authentic with a great sense of humour.”
– Judy Robinett – Start Up Funding Expert, Author of Crack the Funding Code, Speaker, National Media Guest

“Chris is way, way more than just an (outstanding) radio host; he truly understands his guest’s Hero’s Journey and seamlessly walks the audience through it by asking powerful questions to ultimately enable the quintessence of the message to emerge.”
– Nabil Doss – Expert in Influential Communication and the French Voice of Paramount Pictures Movie Trailers in Canada

“This show was the top of the pile of the last 200 interviews I have done. Exceptional rapport and brilliantly organised.”
– Dr Ivan Misner, the founder and chairman of the business networking organization BNI, called the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN and the “Networking Guru” by Entrepreneur magazine

“You are, by far, one of the Top 5 Interviewers I have encountered during more than 220 bookings/interviews I have done since launching my book, ‘Built to Lead’ in late 2014. I really enjoy our time together and hope to talk with you again in the future.”
– David Long – Founder and CEO of My Employees $12m engagement and recognition business North Carolina’

“My interview with Chris Cooper for his Business Elevation show is my most favourite of all time! Chris is a focused, genuine interviewer and conversationalist, and his unique purpose to bring professionals higher and deeper in their lives and work is the foundation for a stand-out experience for listeners and guests, too!”
– Libby Wagner – Poet, Author, and Speaker

To listen to the show, all the previous guests and recordings, please visit VoiceAmerica

To contact Hazel to arrange timings, provide bio and photo and general show questions, email

To contact Chris, email