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We have helped hundreds of leaders elevate results through our coaching services. We support with:

1. Authenticity

We understand that authentic leadership isn’t always about following a specific mantra or text-book style. It’s about discovering your unique strengths, values, and purpose. We are dedicated to helping you discover your own authenticity, ensuring you lead with integrity and conviction.

2. Inspiration

Chris’s purpose in every conversation is to help you realise more of your potential. Inspiration lights a flame inside someone, motivation builds a fire underneath. We’re committed to inspiring and fuelling your flame for the leadership challenge, helping you to discover your purpose and lead with greater focus and energy. Also, providing accountability where needed. Chris has helped over 100 clients discover their personal purpose in life and some of the achievements they have had since this discovery have been jaw dropping.

Image of Chris Cooper at YellowYoYo event taken by photographer Jane Russell

3. Tailored to You

We craft customised strategies tailored to your specific needs, challenges, and aspirations. We work closely with you to identify your unique path to success including use of diagnostic tools such as Talent Dynamics as well as accountability.

4. Exceptional Results

Our work isn’t just theoretical; it’s results driven. We’re passionate about seeing our clients succeed and achieve tangible outcomes. With our guidance, you’ll experience measurable improvements in your leadership skills and organisational impact. Many of our clients have gone on to achieve considerable success and can pinpoint our elevation programmes and coaching as their turning point.

5. Continuous Learning

Leadership isn’t confined to the boardroom. It’s a holistic journey that encompasses personal development, emotional intelligence, and social impact. We’re dedicated to continuous learning and growth, and we inspire you to be too. We have an extensive library of resources to help you on your learning journey and incredible connections.

Where greater numbers of coaches are required, we have access to exceptional coaches that we can bring in to support initiatives.

Join us on this transformative journey, with one of the most researched and experienced coaches in the UK.

Chris Cooper with a very happy group of smiling young people after speaking to them in London

Exceptional teams elevate when they access their full energetic flow and move forward together with purpose and vision. Our Team Development approach is designed to transform your teams into a high-performing, cohesive unit that is passionate about achieving shared goals as one. We deliver an extensive range of tailored workshops and training programmes each year.

Image of a Barrett Cultural Values Assessment score graph of 71%

Cultural transformation is a passion. When you get the chance ask Chris about his own story that inspired him to improve lives and performance through cultural transformation. Our approach revolves around the four essential enablers of an employee-centric culture: Strategic Narrative, Engaging Leadership and Management, Employee Voice, and Organizational Integrity.

Professional Speaker Chris Cooper speaking on stage

Do you require an inspirational speaker, host, or workshop to elevate your next event? If so we would be very happy to help you, whether face to face or online in the UK or internationally.

Elevation Collective Photo with lots of very smiling faces left to right Sue Richardson, Judy Piatkus, Steven Morris, Bryan Wright, Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, Barnaby Wynter, Libby Wagner, Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Wendy Keller, Chris Cooper and John Jennings at the Elevation Collective Harvest Event at the De Vere Beaumont Windsor in September 2023

Are you an exceptional, heartfelt leader driven to contribute to a better world? The Elevation Collective is a growing international community of carefully selected, passionate and wise individuals committed to discovering and turning purposeful dreams into reality. Together, we’ve cultivated an oasis of positive energy, inspiration, creativity, wise counsel, friendship, and connections that are making a positive ripple in the world.

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