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Below is a latest show listing with links to access recent interviews on Voice America including where available videos on our YouTube channel. There is also a list and links to 2023 shows. For access to all interviews going back to 2011, these can be obtained by going to the following podcast channels:
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Join us for a deep conversation with Christopher Marquis, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at the University of Cambridge, as we explore his latest thought-provoking book, “The Profiteers: How Business Privatizes Profits and Socializes Costs”.

Learn how to drive a shift towards a more equitable and sustainable future in the business world

Peter Kelly-Detwiler is an international expert on energy and systemic Climate Change. As a member of the Elevation Collective community this interview follows an invitation only event I hosted on 2nd April 2024 where Peter was the main speaker.

Listen now to elevate your climate change wisdom and learn how to contribute to the solutions.

We discuss visionary leadership with globally renowned thought leader, author, C-suite coach and former trawler fishing CEO, Dr. Oleg Konovalov.  We explore visionary leadership, uncovering the strategies and principles that distinguish true visionaries in today’s dynamic business landscape. Valuable if you wish to elevate your understanding of leadership and ignite your own visionary journey.

Lewis Crompton, was taught by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and then headhunted to teach for them. Lewis has been trading financial markets for over 10 years and has taught thousands of people how to stay safe and get profitable through trading. We discuss how to establish financial security and freedom by trading.

Stuart McFaul, founder of Stuart McFaul Associates, a San Francisco-based marketing agency has propelled over 250 companies to successful IPOs or buyouts, with a total market valuation exceeding $3 billion and ROIs as high as 23,000%. Stuart’s pioneering programs, include one enshrined in the Smithsonian Archives. We discuss the future of marketing and why we must develop more empathy and authentic wisdom in our approaches.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 555 on Reciprocity & Collaboration with Chris Cooper and Jyoti Ma

An enlightening conversation with Jyoti Ma, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and visionary leader. With a deep commitment to honouring the Earth and all peoples, Jyoti Ma has spearheaded transformative projects that embody sacred wisdom and foster interconnectedness.

In this interview, we explore her insights on spirituality, community building, environmental stewardship, and the urgent need for collective action in service of a more harmonious and interconnected world.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 554 on Neuroscience Unveiled: Understanding Yourself and Others with Chris Cooper and Chantel Prat

Chantel Prat is a Neuroscientist, Professor, author and speaker and takes us on a captivating journey into the depths of the human mind as we delve into the fascinating world of neuroscience.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 552 on Go For Stupid with Chris Cooper and Steve Sims

A fascinating conversation with Steve Sims, dubbed “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Steve was the Founder of luxury concierge business Bluefish and best selling author. Here we discuss how to transform your wildest dreams into reality?

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 551 on The Evolutionary Leadership of Men with Chris Cooper and guests Sergio Montiel and Manuel Manga

My guests Sergio Montiel and Manuel Manga, are two trailblazers in the realm of evolutionary leadership. Together, we discuss the intricacies of male leadership, from the impact of cultural evolution to the role of ontological design in shaping sustainable leaders. With Sergio from Mexico and Manuel originally from Columbia it was great to have a South American perspective on the show.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 550 on Harness Your Energy, Grow Your Business with Chris Cooper and Neil Laughton

Neil Laughton the world record holding adventurer, entrepreneur, speaker, author and I discuss the essence of harnessing inner vitality and cultivating a dynamic flow of energy to elevate your business performance and enrich the well-being of your enterprise. Here Neil interviews Chris Cooper.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 549 on The Future Normal with Chris Cooper and guest Henry Coutinho-Mason

Henry Coutinho Mason the forward-thinking author behind “The Future Normal: How We Will Live, Work, & Thrive In The Next Decade”. Here we explore some of the the biggest ideas and instigators charting the course of our future.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 548 on Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent with Chris Cooper and Ben Wolf

Ben Wolf is the founder of Wolf’s Edge Integrators – the world’s premier Fractional COO firm. We discuss how Ben tackled a common challenge faced by numerous entrepreneurs: the complexity of scaling a business without the capital for a full-time, elite Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 547 on Step Up & Be An Angel: Impact with Kindness with Chris Cooper and guest Molly Bedingfield

Join us as we explore the heart of kindness by stepping up and being an angel with Molly Bedingfield, Founder and CEO of the Global Angels Foundation. Molly’s children include pop stars Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield. Molly exemplifies how leading with kindness can revolutionise our approach to personal growth, stakeholder engagement, and community support.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 546 on Conflict Resolution in Challenging Times with Chris Cooper and guest Jane Gunn

An enlightening conversation with Jane Gunn trained mediator, facilitator, and the Past President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and Professional Speaking Association. Our discussion will delve into the intricacies of conflict resolution, particularly in periods of change, challenge, and crisis and her new book about a mole called Maurice!

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 545 on Becoming Coachable with Chris Cooper and guests Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman

Join us for a compelling interview with Jacquelyn Lane and Scott Osman, leaders in executive coaching, discussing their new book, “Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership and Life”. There business 100 Coaches was formed with their colleague Marshall Goldsmith.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 544 on Awaken: The Path To Purpose, Inner Peace & Healing with Chris Cooper and guest Raj Sisodia

Raj Sisodia, is the distinguished author of “Awaken: The Path to Purpose, Inner Peace, and Healing.” Raj is an expert in conscious enterprise and co-founder of Conscious Capitalism Inc. During this conversation we unravel the principles of LIST (Love, Innocence, Simplicity, Truth) and discover how they can revolutionise our understanding of life and the world.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 543 on Journey To Healing with Chris Cooper and guest Tony McAleer

Tony McAleer, transformed from a leader in Canada’s Neo-Nazi movement to becoming an international speaker and author dedicated to combatting hate. Tony co-founded the organisation Life After Hate, which assists individuals in leaving White Supremacist movements, drawing from his own profound personal transformation.

He also authored “The Cure for Hate,” and advises police forces and governments internationally. This is a fascinating conversation into why people are drawn into hate groups and how to lead them out with compassion.

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 542 on Embracing Indigenous Wisdom For A Heart Centred World Chris Cooper and guest Shobana Kataria

Shobana Kataria, is a visionary entrepreneur and a bridge between modern business acumen and ancient indigenous wisdom. In this very enjoyable interview, Shobana invites us to re-examine the narratives that shape our world, urging us to ponder the critical question: “What’s mine to do in these times of radical change?” She advocates for a shift from ownership to custodianship, emphasising the role of businesses in serving the whole and fostering a legacy for future generations.


542 – Leading with the Earth in MInd with Simon Bailey (Expert in leadership and systemic change, founder LSP Leadership)

541 – Come Up for Air with Nick Sonnenberg (Founder of Leverage, Best selling author, inc columnist and a guest lecturer)

540 – Chris Cooper’s Masterclass of Insights with Chris Cooper (Founder of the Business Elevation Show)

539 – Mastering Your Voice: Leadership Presence with Arthur S Joseph (Founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute with A list celebrity clients)

538 – A Starbucks Blend of Service & Leadership with Howard Behar (Former President of North America and International President of Starbucks)

537 – Reawakening the Human Spirit with Lance Secretan (British/Canadian Business Author and leadership theory expert, former childhood celebrity actor)

536 – Impossible Unless… Decoding Decision Making with Dr Alan Barnard (Entrepreneur, strategist, and CEO of Goldratt Research Labs)

535 – Beyond the Comfort Zone with John Jennings (Leadership, engagement and cultural business expert) and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn (Three-times best-selling author on leadership and teams)

534 – The Overview Effect with Frank White (Space philosopher famous for the ‘Overview Effect’)

533 – The Reputation Gap with Peter Roper (Entrepreneur, Author and former National President of the Professional Speaking Association)

532- The Dark Triad with Dannielle Haig (Business psychology expert who has coached Prime Ministers)

531 – Lessons from The Battle for Kyiv with John Spencer (Award-winning scholar, professor, author, combat veteran, national security and military analyst, and internationally recognized advisor on urban warfare and military strategy)

530 – The Regenerative Leader with Giles Hutchins (visionary thought leader, author and regenerative coach)

529 – Elevate Your Communication with Podcasts with Tom Schwab (CEO of Interview Valet, a Military Veteran, digital entrepreneur and author)

528 – Emotions with Dr Jayne Gardner (Psychology and counselling expert)

527 – Overcoming bottlenecks in your life and business with Leah Fisch (Productivity Coach and Charity Founder in Columbia)

526 – The Race to Inspire with Shay Hoelscher (CEO and Owner of privé products, Porsche racing team owner and driver)

525 – Survive to Thrive with Paul Davis (business growth consultant, speaker, and personal advisor)

524 – Make Changes Not Excuses with Molly Harvey (Best selling author, speaker, and change management expert)

523 – Great Mentorship with Scott Jeffrey Miller (Franklyn Covey, Best-selling Author, Speaker and podcast host)

522 – Lead from the Heart with Mark C. Crowley (Author)

521 – What it Takes to Make It with Paul Meehan (Businessman)

520 – It Starts With Us with guest Deke Copenhaver (3x Mayor of Augusta, Georgia (2005-2014))

519 – Delusional Altruism with Kris Putnam-Walkerly (trusted advisor to the world’s leading philanthropists)

518 – Chat GPT Transforming Your Life and Business with Chad Barr (renowned internet strategist)

517 – Your Company Is Your Castle with Sandeep Chennakeshu (COO Uhnder, Columnist CEO World, Author)

516 – Scale Without Losing Your Soul with Simon D’Arcy (speaker, author, executive coach, Founder/CEO advisor, and partner at Evolution, a coaching, consulting and investment firm)

515 – The Power of Mindset with Ceil Stanford (International Woman of The Year 2023, coach, leader, business owner, entrepreneur and investor)

514 – The Death of Demographics with David Allison (human values expert, global researcher, and best-selling author)

513 – Succeed with Neurodiversity with Charlotte Valeur (Managing Director of Britvic)

512 – Unspoken Truths for Career Success with Tessa White (The Job Doctor, Influencer and Best Selling Author)

511 – Elevate Your Impact – The 500 Business Elevation Show Review with Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, Hilary Wilson, John Jennings, and Steven Morris

510 – Energy At Work with Rebecca Ahmed (Award-winning speaker, business consultant, and an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner)

509 – Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace with Paul Graham (Managing Director of soft drinks company, Britvic)

508 – Timeless Youth with Dr Jeff Crippen (Chiropractor, nutritionist, and coach)

507 – Franchise Your Freedom with David Weaver (Franchise expert and author)

506 – Emotional Source Code: Why do people do what they do? With Dov Baron (Founder and CEO of Dov Baron International, International Speaker and Author)

505 – Turn Your Book into a Client Generator with Wendy Keller (Founder of Keller Media an award-winning former journalist, renowned literary agent, author of 31 books, speaker, and book marketing consultant)

504 – The Soul of Family Business with Tom Hubler (Family Business Consultant and Author)

503 – The Nowhere Office with Julia Hobsbawm OBE (Award-winning writer, speaker, consultant and Bloomberg commentator and columnist about the future of work)

501 – The Art of Virtual Events with guest Liam Austin( Co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and a virtual event strategist)