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Elevating Your Team Performance

We believe that exceptional teams are built on a foundation of authenticity and fuelled by discovering their energy, flow, purpose, and vision. Our Team Development approach is designed to transform your group into a high-performing, cohesive unit that is truly passionate about achieving shared goals.

We love developing teams and over the years have delivered hundreds of team development programmes for clients.

1. Authentic Connection

We understand that genuine teamwork is about more than just skills; it’s about authentic connections and trust. Our approach fosters open and honest communication, allowing team members to connect on a deeper level and collaborate effectively.

2. Tailored

Every team is unique, and so are the challenges they face. We tailor our programmes to meet your team’s specific needs, addressing both strengths and areas for improvement to maximise your team’s effectiveness. Be it developing team dynamics through to emotionally intelligent training. We have the experience to build many different interventions and programmes. To understand team flow we often deliver Talent Dynamics workshops which is a tremendous way to understand the composition of your team and where further energy may be found and lost. We are one of Talent Dynamics most active partners having purchased over 1000 profile tests from them.

We are also often asked to facilitate company events. In the photograph here we introduced artist Louis Parsons to enable delegates to channel their creativity into a very engaging art workshop.

3. Fun

We learn more when we have fun and laughter. The intention is to ensure where possible that our team development faces into issues whilst also maintaining a sense of fun and humour.

4. Results

We measure success by the real-world impact your team achieves. Our results-oriented approach ensures that your team not only grows but also consistently delivers exceptional outcomes that align with your organisation’s goals. Many people go on to report that their lives have been changed for the better through these programmes.

Empower your team to reach new heights, collaborate authentically, and achieve remarkable results with our Team Development programmes.

The influencing programme was a fantastic experience and motivational for us all to learn and take value from this course. The programme was given an unprecedented 95% approval rate.
Alison Cassidy – Learning and Development Partner Barclays Wealth.

Image of a Barrett Cultural Values Assessment score graph of 71%

Cultural transformation is a passion. When you get the chance ask Chris about his own story that inspired him to improve lives and performance through cultural transformation. Our approach revolves around the four essential enablers of an employee-centric culture: Strategic Narrative, Engaging Leadership and Management, Employee Voice, and Organisational Integrity.

Professional Speaking Chris Cooper with hands up in stage

Do you require an inspirational speaker, host, or workshop to elevate your next event? If so, we would be very happy to help you, whether face to face or online in the UK or internationally.

Elevation Collective Photo with lots of very smiling faces left to right Sue Richardson, Judy Piatkus, Steven Morris, Bryan Wright, Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, Barnaby Wynter, Libby Wagner, Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Wendy Keller, Chris Cooper and John Jennings at the Elevation Collective Harvest Event at the De Vere Beaumont Windsor in September 2023

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