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The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper has aired on Voice America, the world’s leading online radio platform each Friday at 8am to 9am PST since September 2011. The show is live and then available in a podcast format on the show website and iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Amazon Music and iHeart Radio.

To the end of April 2024, Chris had hosted 557 unique interviews with weekly accesses in excess of 50 countries (compared to a station average of just 7). During 2019, the show was the most listened to show on the Business network with 317,209 unique IP addresses accessing the show an average of 8 times during the year. 

The intention is to provide a very special hour of engaging content that helps you to elevate your work, life and wellbeing whilst contributing to a better world. Guests to date have included high achieving business executives, entrepreneurs, international keynote speakers, bestselling authors, world record holders, medallists and country sports captains, elite military personnel, scientists, and entertainers. Inspiring people with a unique perspective, each guest brings something different to a business and self-development orientated audience.

Appearance on the show has led to some guests winning major business contracts through to introductions from Chris through his extensive network that have led to multiple opportunities, charitable endeavours, and even extreme adventures.

Some senior business leaders have found the interviews hugely valuable for the education of their teams and clients. One IT and Insurance company shared the content with their 1200 clients weekly to inspire them to grow their businesses. Chris also views the show as a way to inspire the world to do ‘business for good’.

The show has also led to the development of ‘The Elevation Collective™’ where exceptional guests from the show have been invited to join a community that is supporting each other to contribute to a better world.

Quite apart from an astounding wealth of insight, experience and knowledge across many fields, the deep and influential connections made come to the fore when helping clients to elevate the performance of themselves, their people and cultures.

Some Recent Interviews

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 554 on Neuroscience Unveiled: Understanding Yourself and Others with Chris Cooper and Chantel Prat

Neuroscience Expert Chantel Prat talks with me about how to understand yourself and others

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 552 on Go For Stupid with Chris Cooper and Steve Sims

An insightful and inspiring interview about how to achieve exceptional goals. In Steve’s case this included working with Elton John and Andrea Bocelli

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 550 on Harness Your Energy, Grow Your Business with Chris Cooper and Neil Laughton

Entrepreneur and Adventurer, Neil Laughton interviews Chris Cooper on how to grow your business by harnessing more energy

For episodes and guest information

Howard Behar former Starbucks International President and Chris Cooper interviewing him at The Elevation Collective Quarterly event in February 2024

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Chris Cooper podcasting on the bUsiness Elevation show with a mic

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