The Elevation Collective

What is the Elevation Collective?

A head and heart centred business and thought leadership mastermind and community called the “Elevation Collective”. 

In this growing community, each member has evidenced how much they care about elevating their personal and business leadership and contributing to a better world through insightful connection and collaboration.

The Background

During the pandemic, I reflected upon the incredible number of business and thought leaders I have connected with – today more than 400 guests and 500 interviews. Some of the guests are business leaders running exciting companies. I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs with innovative ventures, thought leaders and speakers on a huge array of subjects who are inspiring audiences around the world, consultants and coaches, psychologists and scientists.  Some have been leaders in the world of charity, movies, entertainment, sport, publishing, sustainability, tech, military, finance, education sectors and more.  I started to feel a growing sense of necessity to introduce some of these inspiring people to one another. I wondered how much good might result in the world if I brought some of them together? Could we work together to help this increasingly unsettled world?

So back in October 2020, I connected seven special people on Zoom. This was the first “Elevation Collective” meeting.  I remember feeling rather nervous! What would happen next…?  I will never forget that first event. I witnessed each guest feeling some degree of nervousness as they heard the stories of each other’ contributions . The accomplishments of those seven people ranged from introducing NLP to Europe and building a genomic research firm, from authoring multiple best-selling books to making major contributions to Nascar racing; from regenerative farming in the USA to executive coaching and consultancy across global corporations and NGO’s.  These people were extraordinary and very quickly connected with an authentic peer group of like minded people.

Any initial discomfort was replaced by deep, meaningful, and kind conversation. As one of my wonderfully inspiring show guests,  Dr Dravon James, once said to me ‘restless people need a place to call home’. It became clear that she was right! And the first Elevation Collective was a new place where exceptional people can come together to co-create and colloborate.

In the time since our first meeting, the first cohort has talked about their fears and aspirations. We have dealt with some deeply personal stuff and had breakthroughs.  Outside of the room, we supported each other’s book launches and projects and personal challenges. We created a ‘seat of magnificence’ where we gave each other support and honest feedback. Ideas were generated to add more value towards our work and its positive ripples. This extra energy and insight began to have impact into the outside world. Today, we are very close.  When others encounter this group, I’ve been told repeatedly that “the energy is something to behold.” The second collective commenced in September 2022 with an equally incredible membership of entrepreneurs and thought leaders and deep bonds are growing.

Does this sound like something you’ve been seeking in your life?

We are all striving to be the best version of ourselves and for those of us in the second half of our careers we feel the clock ticking. If we still plan to make a greater contribution, we need to get out of our own way.  As a species, it seems humans have prioritized having more, getting more, doing more, controlling more, and winning more over genuine collaboration, cooperation and caring. The Elevation Collective is an antidote to negative paradigms. We believe that we must help change this dynamic.  I only need to consider my garden in the Summer, burnt to a crisp after record UK temperatures or read the news to know that much is unwell in the world. A higher level of consciousness is needed.  Would you like to join us?

In co-creating this concept, it became clear within our collective that there was great value in building a wider community of experience, diversity, and kindness.

How does the Elevation Collective & community work?

In the time since that first scintillating Zoom call in October, 2020, I’ve realized that to grow our impact, we need to create dynamic, engaging cohorts.  I call these “collectives”. Each collective is an intimate gathering of just 6-8 extraordinary people.   We meet on a monthly virtual zoom call that I host and emcee. During and in between these monthly calls, we encourage and support each member of the collective in providing support, encouragement, friendship, energy, and insight to elevate personal leadership, consciousness and improve the success of initiatives independently or together. Collectives meet monthly for 2 hours.

Soon, I will be adding a quarterly online event option, where anyone in one of the collectives can meet and interact with the others. Members have also expressed a desire to meet in person and this is now in planning for 2023.

What could you get from the Elevation Collective?

  • A trusted collective that helps you create accountability so that you can realize more of your personal potential.
  • A peer group of like-minded leaders who will work together to forge a path that will sharpen your senses, expand your thinking, enlarge your presence in the world, and enhance your contributions.
  • A collaborative group that will amplify your potential for even better leadership, management, thinking and growth.
  • A group of like-minded and like-hearted leaders who together embolden one another to live to our highest purpose.

What is the investment?

The benefits of joining the Elevation Collective are as emotional, psychological and personally rewarding as they are financially beneficial to your business goals.  To gain access to your cohort in the Elevation Collective is only £695+VAT ($900 USD) per month. Each member is invited for just one year at first to see how beneficial it is to them, and how well they gel with their cohort.  It is the experience so far that members make vitally important connections that have both tangible and intangible benefits that far surpass their investment. (Pre-payment of the year in full earns you a 10% discount)

Your next step

New Elevation Collectives will form regularly and the next will commence in the second quarter of  2023.  There are some amazing people who have already committed to the next one and I have a growing list of interested members.

The next step is for us to have a conversation about your hopes and goals and what you’d like to get out of the Elevation Collective.  If we both believe that it is a match for you and your dreams, I will let you know when the next opening will be.  As someone I’ve interviewed and have come to admire and respect, you will have precedence over the general waitlist.

I look forward to hearing from you,

With Warm Regards,

  • TMarch 1 2024
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