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Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? An exceptional communicator who can inspire your audience to elevate their performance to new levels. Or alternatively an MC or facilitator?

Chris would describe himself as an inspirational speaker rather than a motivational speaker. Inspiration is about lighting a flame inside someone such that they feel empowered to act. Motivation is the traditional business paradigm of command and control whereby building a fire underneath someone they either act or they get burned! If we want to build loyalty particularly with new generations as leaders, we need to learn to become more inspirational.

How do we help?

1. Customized Inspirational Speeches

We understand that each organisation has unique challenges and goals, and Chris’s speeches are tailored to your specific context. By understanding your company’s ethos, challenges, and aspirations we craft messages that resonate with your people. This personalisation ensures that the speech is relevant, impactful, and aligns with your culture and objectives.

2. Authenticity

At the core of our speeches and workshops is the commitment to authenticity and storytelling. We are not just skilled orators; we are individuals with real stories and profound insights. This authenticity ensures that the speeches are not only inspirational but also relatable, fostering a deeper connection with the audience and encouraging a culture of open, honest communication within your organisation.

3. Ongoing Impact and Support

Our service extends beyond the speech itself. We believe in creating lasting impact, which is why we offer follow-up sessions, workshops, and continuous support to ensure the messages delivered are integrated into the daily life of your organisation. This ongoing engagement helps in cementing a culture of continuous improvement and elevated results.

Chris is a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and has spoken on many business topics. There are very few speakers in the world today who have done more research than Chris who has spent over 600 hours interviewing business and thought leaders from across the globe.

Chris Cooper speaking on stage

Chris Keynotes:

Unlocking the Power of Energy In Your Business

A client favourite at the moment. Are you and your people on the front foot when they arrive at work in a morning? Do you really access the full potential of your energy within your business to enable it to flourish and grow. Or do your processes, systems and behaviour restrict the flow of energy.

During this keynote or workshop you will learn:

  • How to access and elevate the energy in your business
  • How one company’s results and culture transformed with one simple exercise
  • How to increase the probability of recruiting people with the right energy for you
  • How to boost the energy from your teams
  • Building a narrative that truly elevates energy
Chris Cooper speaking in Brighton to c30 CEO's at Neil Laughton's (adventurer and serial entrepreneur) Business Support Group in Brighton

Chris also speaks about ‘Elevating Leadership for a Better World‘ as published in best seller ‘Play The Game’ and Chris’ co-authored book “The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)” published by Penguin Random House (New York).

As one of the most experienced podcasters in the world which led to the formation of the The Elevation Collective™, he also speaks about ‘How to Elevate Your Business Through Podcasting’.

Are you an exceptional, heartfelt leader driven to contribute to a better world? The Elevation Collective is a growing international community of carefully selected, passionate and wise individuals committed to discovering and turning purposeful dreams into reality. Together, we’ve cultivated an oasis of positive energy, inspiration, creativity, wise counsel, friendship, and connections that are making a positive ripple in the world.

Want to explore how we could help your business?