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Understanding Climate Change – Beyond the Headlines

Peter Kelly-Detwiler, following three decades in the electric energy industry, has emerged as a prominent global energy and systemic climate change strategist. Peter is renowned for his invaluable guidance to clients and investors and international conference audiences wishing to elevate their knowledge and wisdom. Peter has over 300 published articles to his credit and a published book, “The Energy Switch'”.

In this interview, we delved into the heart of the biggest challenge humanity currently faces : climate change. During the conversation he unravels the complex realities of climate change, offering a perspective that elevates our understanding beyond the headlines.

The interview follows a live on-line appearance by Peter at the Elevation Collective Quarterly event on the 2nd May 24. At the foot of this post you can also download the slides from Peter’s presentation to further deepen your knowledge.

Some Key Takeaways from the interview:

1. Corporate Responsibility: It’s not just politicians’ job to tackle climate challenges; corporations and individuals hold considerable influence and responsibility.

2. The impact of climate change is accelerating, and it’s not just about warmer days – it’s about our survival. It’s high time we prioritize our planet’s health over competition and tribalism.

3. Immediate Actions on Methane: Addressing methane emissions can rapidly decrease the warming potential and mitigate immediate climate risks.

4. Geopolitical Tensions: On a broader scale, climate instabilities like flooding, droughts, and unusual weather events lead to migration, political challenges, and even unrest. These issues particularly hit developing countries, creating global geopolitical tensions.

5. Connecting and spreading information: Peter stresses the importance of connecting people and spreading critical information quickly. This isn’t just about sharing data; it’s about fostering understanding across global communities.

6 Technological Leverage: The whole energy economy, whether you’re burning coal or whether you’re moving electricity or traction for a vehicle, it’s all about material science, it’s physics and it’s chemistry. And that’s where artificial intelligence can help. Technologies like AI are driving rapid changes, from creating new materials to improving energy efficiency. These advancements can potentially revolutionize how we address environmental crises.

You can listen to the Business Elevation interview with Peter and Chris Cooper here. Alternatively on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Tunein, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio (latter US only).

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