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February Event with Howard Behar, former Starbucks President

Howard Behar former Starbucks International President and Chris Cooper interviewing him at The Elevation Collective Quarterly event in February 2024

On the 26th February 2024, Chris interviewed the legendary former Starbucks International President Howard Behar in front of a select live on-line Elevation Collective audience. Under Howard’s stewardship, Starbucks grew from 300 people to 200,000 across the globe.

Howard introduced the principle that it was not about the coffee. Instead it was about serving your people. Another game changer was working with Jim Collins to determine a compelling purpose statement for Starbucks. This was:

Howard also shared the 6 principles that he lived his business life by …..

Also, interviewed were 9 times diamond award winning composers Paul and Magdalena Gawlic from Poland who shared some incredible music inspired by mystical poet Rumi.

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