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Go for Stupid

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 552 on Go For Stupid with Chris Cooper and Steve Sims

How do you go about achieving extraordinary goals that some people would call simply stupid? Steve Sims has been dubbed “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine and has demonstrated that you can turn your wildest dreams into reality. As the bestselling author of “BLUEFISHING – the art of making things happen” and “Go For Stupid – The Art of Achieving Ridiculous Goals,” Steve Sims has masterminded some of the most extraordinary experiences on the planet.

These have included working with Sir Elton John to orchestrating private dinners in Florence with Andrea Bocelli serenading. In this interview, we discuss his insights, strategies, and the mindset required to turn seemingly absurd goals into tangible achievements.

Chris really enjoyed this very plane speaking conversation about how to step outside your comfort comfort zone and embrace the power of audacious thinking. You can watch it here:

✨ **Key takeaways from this episode:**

– 🛠 **Mastering Communication**: In a digital era teeming with “Gotcha Society” and “cancel culture”, Steve argues for the essential need to foster stronger human connections and prioritize relationships over transactions.

– 💡 **Pursuing ‘Stupid’ Goals**: The philosophy of aiming for “playful dreams” and “ridiculous goals” is more than just whimsical advice; it’s a proven strategy for success that disrupts conventional thinking and achieves exceptional results.

– 🗣️ **Valour in Value**: In a skeptical society that questions every message, Steve emphasizes the significance of demonstrating tangible value in business, standing out through authenticity, and how that directly correlates with increased earnings and brand loyalty.

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