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The Elevation Collective™ Warsaw

Beautiful Old Town Warsaw at night

In April 2024, I visited Warsaw in Poland to explore opportunities with Polish members of the wider The Elevation Collective™ community. I took my youngest son Daniel who is also starting to help me in the business and we were looked after beautifully by Polish Composer Paul Gavlic, his multi-talented wife Magda (an incredible tour guide and host) and their very engaging business manager Robert Drodzewski. They so wanted us to understand Warsaw’s tragic history and the way it has risen from the rubble of World War 2.

We also had the opportunity to meet up with entrepreneur Janusz Przeoriak and hear about his incredible Bio Waste sustainability project at www.mPowerGreenTech.com for which he is seeking funding. It has the potential to have a huge positive environmental impact across the globe.

On our final evening, we experienced a very inspiring and challenging cultural event at the Kamenieca Theatr (Tenement Theatre) where 2500 Jewish children had been smuggled to safety from the basement during World War 2. The theatre is hugely popular in Warsaw, yet City of Warsaw officials are considering renting this cultural asset to a nightclub company causing much distress amongst the theatre community and loss of trust. The theatre was built from funds provided by actor and founder Emilian Kaminski and his theatre community.