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Jaina Mistry and Martin Clunes

Chris Cooper, Martin Clunes actor and speaker Jaina Mistry

For about 8 years, Chris has supported Jaina Mistry who lost her vision and half a lung to Steven Johnson syndrome. To be planning for University and then having such a terrible situation occur inspired Chris to gift mentoring support. Jaina once told Chris that upon losing her eye sight, she decided within 60 minutes to never let it hold her back again,

Jaina invited Chris and his wife Ruth to join her as she spoke to 750 people at Manchester cathedral recently both live and also on webcam across the globe. This was at a special Guide Dogs for the Blind event. She also introduced Chris and Ruth to actor and author Martin Clunes. Martin recently made a very successful ITV documentary about Jaina and her guide dog called ‘A Dog Called Laura’ which aired on national TV.