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The Evolutionary Leadership of Men

Banner of The Business Elevation Show Episode 551 on The Evolutionary Leadership of Men with Chris Cooper and guests Sergio Montiel and Manuel Manga

How do men need evolve to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing world?

My guests Sergio Montiel and Manuel Manga, are two trailblazers in the realm of evolutionary leadership. With over two decades of experience, Sergio has not only led top Latin American operations for a Canadian firm but also dedicated his life to nurturing leaders and movements that envision a responsible future. As a Senior Vice President and an esteemed educator, his work spans continents, fostering strategic foresight and authentic leadership. Meanwhile, Manuel Manga, the director of the Center for Evolutionary Leadership, brings a wealth of knowledge from working with global brands like The World Bank and UNDP. His commitment to creating a just and thriving world is rooted in his expertise in humanistic and social psychology. Together, we discuss the intricacies of male leadership, from the impact of cultural evolution to the role of ontological design in shaping sustainable leaders. This episode is a must-listen for anyone keen to understand the transformative paths men can embark upon to meet the demands of an ever-changing world with integrity, innovation, and a deep sense of global stewardship.

1. 👪 The importance of evolving consciously isn’t exclusive; it’s for men and women alike. It’s vital for the well-being and prosperity of all generations, especially for those parenting teens – a journey full of challenges and rewards.

2. 🧘 Personal mastery is more than a skill; it’s a lifeline in navigating the stormy seas of frustration and anger that come with life’s roles. Chris, Sergio, and Manuel urge us to master our emotions for healthier relationships.

3. 🤝 But we’re not alone in this. Community is our backbone – a safe haven for personal, cultural, and social growth. It’s time to weave conscious communities for a future with well-being and compassion.

4. 🙋‍♂️ Men, it’s time to step up! Our role in society’s positive shift cannot be overstated. The movement is gaining momentum, with groups forming in Latin America, the US, and Europe.

5. 🌌 As our world grows more complex, systems thinking becomes our lens to understand the web of cause and effect. It’s an invitation to evolve beyond conflict, to learn communication that comes from trust and heart.

6. 📣 Listen, engage, and create partnerships. The call to action from Chris, Sergio, and Manuel is clear: conversations can spark partnership, and partnership can ignite positive global change.